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Sliding Wardrobe Doors: Yes or No?


Organizing and decorating a wardrobe is never easy, as there are so many things to consider: functionality, aesthetics, making the most out of every space available, finding personalized furniture to fit each corner and meet all your requirements, and making sure you never leave something out. Custom-made shelves, vanity tables, sliding wardrobe doors, oversized mirrors, and generous chandeliers to ensure proper lighting are only a few of the mandatory items on the shopping list for creating the most practical and smartly organized wardrobes.


Nowadays, wardrobes have reached the sizes of a regular room, given that people need and use so many things on a daily basis. Walk-in wardrobes are the newest trend that pleases even the most demanding homeowners, as there is never too much space to spare. If you want to know how to be sure you achieve the ideal wardrobe design, check out our clever decorating ideas.


Sliding Wardrobe Doors Help You Save Space


Opening your closet doors requires some space you sometimes don’t have, or you might be forced to move some furniture to make room for the doors to open. An intelligent alternative is sliding wardrobe doors that don’t take extra space to open so that you can install them even in the most restrained areas. These doors get installed on rails that guide them from left to right, allowing you to create a significant entrance point. Choosing a finishing color to match the walls or the rest of the furniture will create a feeling of uniformity, making the entire room look taller and more spacious.


Sliding wardrobe doors are functional at the entrance point and inside the closet. Instead of using regular doors to enclose the hangers or shoe areas, mount the sliding version that takes less space and is easier to maneuver. Slide them from side to side to gain access to each part inside.


Essential Details to Have in Mind When Designing the Wardrobe


When planning the shelves and drawers to accommodate all your items, it’s best to analyze your needs and priorities. Do you have a lot of clothes, or are you more of a capsule wardrobe lover? Do you own many pairs of shoes or perhaps many bags and wish to keep them on display? Maybe you want to create a laundry corner where you can quickly iron your clothes, or you want to design a make-up table where you will need plenty of natural light. Taking all these details into account will help you create the ideal wardrobe design that will be beautiful and practical.


Make Room for Everything

A poor wardrobe design can make all your efforts go to waste, so put all your focus into designing intelligent and functional furniture. Indeed, when walking into your closet, aesthetics also weigh heavily, but having everything within reach matters the most. Since you will dedicate an entire room for storing your clothing and personal belongings, you will want to fit everything in there without making it look overcrowded. Make good use of storage boxes, drawer compartments, willow baskets for accessories, and hangers that go over doors to keep things in place.

Turn It into a Luxurious Boutique

When walking inside the closet, you will enjoy the feeling of luxury, the same as you get when going into a chic boutique. Adorn the interior with plush seats or a fancy ottoman chair, place a generous mirror on the wall so you can admire yourself entirely, and display shoes, bags, and hats as if you were out shopping. You will see how pampered you will feel and how much you will appreciate coming in and picking your outfits.


Separate Folded Items


A must-follow rule in wardrobe design is to separate folded items from the hung ones. This way, you will keep everything tidy, and all your clothes will feel more airy and fresh, less prone to collecting mold and becoming dusty. You will also have less ironing on your hands.


Keep Things at Hand but Out of Sight


A wardrobe isn’t only designed for clothes and shoes, as the point is to store everything in the same room. It’s one thing to keep your stuff within reach and a different thing to have them all out on display, which is something you wouldn’t want in your wardrobe design. For this, you can conceal everything behind sliding wardrobe doors that are much easier to open and take up less space. Hide unnecessary objects behind closed doors and keep only the precious accessories in sight.


Go with Light Hues for Luminosity


Considering the space is enclosed, most likely without windows, make sure you create luminosity with the help of light colors. White is mainly preferred as it creates the feeling of enlargement, making the place feel less crowded. Natural materials give a luxurious feel and make the space airy and generous. Combine nature-inspired colors with white, beige, or creams, and avoid strong combinations that feel tiresome to watch.


Use Wall Space


After installing shelves and hanger bars, you might find a wall or a corner that remains empty. In this case, use the space well and mount hangers for accessories like hats, scarves, or jewelry. Place hampers under the hangers to fully maximize all the space you have available.


Store Shoes Efficiently


If you own many pairs, chances are you struggle to find intelligent ways to fit as many as possible in a single area of the wardrobe. Use small cubbies to hold two pairs of flats or plastic transparent boxes to quickly look at what’s inside. Place boots on tall shelves when out of season.


Mount Mirrors Anywhere You Can


Mirrors make incredible decorations for a wardrobe for two reasons: you surely need a mirror to gaze in while trying on different outfits, which can help make the space feel larger. A large mirror on the wall will give the impression that the room continues beneath the wall. Even better, mount mirrors on your sliding wardrobe doors to create an area where you can get ready right when you grab your clothes.


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