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I'm Noah Brown. I like reading books and listening to music very much. I love listening to funky music while skating. Recently, I am learning to ride an electric skateboard, and I hope it can bring me different fun.

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Now that you know what an electric skateboard is, how do you ride it? If you already have riding exp…
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With the ever-growing popularity of electric bikes and scooters, it seems like we're living in a golden age of e-rides - and the electric skateboard is no exception. Typically powered by a remote control and a pair of motorized wheels or belts, e-boards enable users to ride with power and convenience. No need to kick and push your way through the city anymore - just set a speed on your remote, cruise to your destination, and tap your brakes with the push of a button.

Veymax Roadster X4 Electric Skateboard

If you're looking for a better way to scale uphill or a new e-board to amp up your commute, check out our best electric skateboard recommendations, along with shopping advice on the most important things to consider.

What to Consider?

An electric skateboard may feel like a hefty investment, so here's what to consider and search for to find the right one for you. Whatever model you go with, don't forget a helmet.


Consider grabbing a cruiser board if you plan to use an electric skateboard for commuting. These are typically lighter in weight than longboards and easier to carry and pack when traveling. Keep in mind, however, that cruisers aren't as stable as a ride as longboards at higher speeds.

You should also consider your body weight. Although an electric board may advertise a top speed of 30 mph, your mileage may vary depending on how much you weigh and the board's suggested load capacity. If you're over an electric skateboard's weight limit, you may be unable to reach its max speed or risk breaking breaking the board.


It's also worth considering the terrain you'll cover on your electric skateboard on. If you're riding over bumpy gravel and potholes, lean toward a flexible e-board - like our best overall pick - that can provide some shock absorption. These are typically made of plastic or aluminum. Stiffer boards, often made of maple, fiberglass, or a combination of both, are best on smoother pavement and asphalt.

Crash Plate of Electric Skateboard


A general rule of thumb: the lower wattage, the lower the power. High-wattage boards are best for rough terrain and even dirt, though they usually weigh and cost more than their lower counterparts. Higher wattage also helps with quickly climbing up steep hills.

Lower wattage means less power, but that could fare just fine if you need a reliable commuting vehicle.

Keep in mind that most boards designed for young kids usually have a single motor. However, the Veymax electric longboards are all dual motors, which can not only ensure that novices have enough long-term practice, but also provide riders with a slight off-road.


Just as body weight can affect performance and speed, it can also have a hand in an e-board's battery life. Many sellers claim to offer a battery pack that can last up to 8 miles on a single charge while powered on its medium or low-speed settings. However, because every rider is different and likely switches between speed settings and terrains on a single cruise, mileage heavily varies. It usually takes between 2 to 4 hours to charge an e-board's battery.

How We Selected?

We researched and compared dozens of electric skateboards using our expert knowledge of electric-powered rides, including bikes, hoverboards, and scooters, visit our electric skateboard blog for more details. We also consulted reviews from other professional critics, as well as beginner and expert users on message boards and social media. We considered electric skateboards that offered a variety of features, such as substantial battery life, power and wattage, plus quality wheels and trucks, accessible controllers, and high load capacities.

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An electric skateboard is a fast and compact form of transport that requires certain skills. Electric skateboards are designed for short trips around the city, walks, tricks. There are also off-road models. An electric motor is installed on the skateboard, allowing you to move at a maximum speed of 20-40 km / h.

The electric board is controlled by a wireless remote control via Bluetooth. An outdoor electric skateboard with remote control can easily be transported in the trunk of a car and public transport - it is no larger than a longboard in size!

The weight of the electric skateboard with a lithium-ion battery is 10-15 kg. They charge from a regular outlet. The battery installed in the body of the skateboard allows you to drive from 20 to 40 km.

5 advantages of electric skateboards:

Save Money: Insurance and fuel alone can add up quickly with a car. With an electric skateboard you can easily skate to anywhere you need to be, if it’s further away pairing a skateboard up with a quick train journey means you can get pretty much anywhere if Perth for less then what you pay for lunch.

Veymax Electric Skateboard

Ease of Use: Electric skateboards are both an easy introduction to skating and a new challenge for the seasoned pusher. The remote offers a choice of speed modes, meanings you can go as quick or as slow as you want, and once you’ve got the confidence you can attempting more advanced skills. The electric boards offer a way to carve and hill bomb without the need to find and ride the steepest hill in town. Who doesn’t want to bomb down a flat road at 40kph?

Enjoy The Ride: Carve, Bomb, Cruise or commute. Electric skateboards can do it all and more. Experience the thrill and joy of riding wherever and whenever you want all the while getting the fix you get from a decent swell.

Stay tuned for new products from Veymax Board

VeyMax is about to launch an new electric skateboard which is notably an improved version of the X3 Series model. It promises you enjoy the speed and stability while on the move.

It's a skateboard that will accompany you on ANY trip, on any road, even if it is not an all-terrain electric longboard either.

Easy to control, you will have a very intuitive remote control at your disposal to manage most of the functions of your electric skateboard.

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