If you stay here Xu Zhong will always covet the blood of your inheritance and this army "Disengage" Why break away Small inflammation looks at Lin to move hey hey a smile that smile unexpectedly appears a little cunning Lin moved his eyes to narrow slightly and immediately raised his eyebrows slightly "It seems that you this guy are also playing half of the inheritance blood that Xu Zhong got" "That is my thing which can let him take advantage of in vain I endure this year for his war and so on is that day as long as I can get the other half of the inheritance of blood is able to achieve the perfection of death!" Xiao Yan stared at Lin Dong with scarlet tiger eyes and the smile at the corners of his mouth became extremely fierce "Eldest brother at the beginning our three brothers were forced by yuan Men to escape from Dongxuanyu like a lost dog At that time you and your second brother were fighting desperately with the three old dogs but I was just a burden I knew we would fight back one day but I needed strength!"! Next time I won't stand behind you and my second brother! "So I want to get back the essence and blood of the inheritance!" Lin Dong looked at Xiao Yan's scarlet tiger eyes and frowned slightly "No one thinks you're a burden" he said Immediately his voice paused and looked at Xiao Yan who smiled at him and said "But I'll help you" He could imagine how much suffering Xiaoyan had experienced alone in this beast war domain The latter survived here and faced no less danger than he did in the chaotic sea Now that he had finally been found he would naturally try his best to help him because they were brothers What is the strength of the demon handsome Xu Zhong Have you stepped into the wheel "No now he can only be regarded as the peak of the perfect realm of death Although he is only one step away from the realm of turning wheel he is not a strong person in the realm of turning wheel" Xiao Yan shook his head and said Lin moves to nod slightly such words it is to want to be easy a lot of after all turn round state and death Xuanjing perfect gap is really too big "That under Xu Zhong besides you there are eight generals 

 is only a small achievement in the mysterious realm of death Xiao Yan who knows him very well understands that the real combat effectiveness of the former can never be measured by superficial phenomena "This dark deep ghost amulet" Lin moved to take a look at the rune on Xiao Yan's arm this thing will obviously be a time bomb always let these generals fear My body is all right I am a mutant constitution this year this rune has been secretly eroded by me so it is only the only trouble is the rune of the other five people which is what they are most worried about Xiao Yan said Let me see Lin Dong stretched out his palm and touched the runes on Xiao Yan's arm A trace of black light came out of his fingertips and then went into the latter's body In the face of Lin Dong's actions Xiao Yan did not stop him at all Instead he let the strange energy that could turn his body upside down enter his body For Lin Dong he obviously has unconditional trust This exploration lasted for a long time before Lin Dongfang withdrew his palm hesitated a little and chuckled "I can crack this rune" To be continued Chapter one thousand and fifty-three talk Chapter one thousand and fifty-three "Big Brother can crack this dark ghost charm" When Xiao Yan heard this his face suddenly gushed with joy

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