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Who will compete with the League of Legends?

Relax a little and when Ruiz wants to fight back give him a big move and turn into an ice sculpture bald head! "Lao Zhou forget it help me get off the line" With a wry smile Da Luo said to Zhou Yan who was coming here In fact Zhou Yan also smelled the crisis of Da Luo but unfortunately he was a step slower people have been under the tower but can only watch Da Luo by the other two people's skills alive control to death Anyway the most profound impact of Lin Dong is that once Yu Luosheng and Shallow Dream played Hanbok King Group Yu Luosheng should use a robot and Shallow Dream is playing Izeril This is a very old combination Yu Luosheng likes to use all kinds of robot waves show his magic hook we have long been familiar with it At that time the other side was four people chasing Yu Luosheng and Shallow Dream in the middle of the road The other side's wooden speed was very fast and the Q skill bandage was obviously ready Yu Luosheng and Shallow Dream fled coltan ore processing back which must be left behind At first Lin Dong thought that Yu Luosheng would carry forward his style of assisting and sacrificing himself and use his body to help Shallow Dream is a player whose Portable gold trommel personal strength is famous in the whole world and those peak professional players who abuse the United States are even more unnecessary I remember when I won 26 consecutive games for Ronaldo Shallow Dream's personal strength seemed to be slightly better than Yu Luosheng's tin beneficiation plant 

 Boss do you think there is such a possibility He is actually one of the top professional players in the world and Shallow Dream is just his trumpet Maybe he will appear in the next stronger game after all he has only appeared in the United States before Lin Dong suddenly said I've thought about it I also Carbon in Pulp think it's more likely but I haven't found a top professional player to match him yet Yu Luosheng said He doesn't want to reveal his identity If he really plays for a team and we meet him it's really hard to play He knows our tactics very well and his personal strength is not worse than yours Lin Dong said Yu Luosheng felt that the possibility that Lin Dong said was impossible Shallow dream said that he was in China but there was no confirmation Lin Dong had checked his IP which obviously showed that it was not normal A lot of doubts but only one thing is that Yu Luosheng can be sure that is he has played so many games so far has not met a shallow dream if he is really a world professional player then at the moment of collision he can definitely smell him Some things not change an ID change an identity can be covered up! …… The assistant of the bok team is estimated to be going home and this wave of offensive failure is really too hurtful ore-magnetic-mining.com

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