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Night _ Maoni _ txt Novel Paradise

Night _ Maoni _ txt Novel Paradise

In the imperial study the golden crown was thrown in the corner by Hu 1uan The emperor of the Tang Dynasty stared angrily at the picture of "fish leaping into the sea" written by himself in the early morning on the table His Drive in racking system face was full of unwillingness and regret He did not know that in the corner of the bookshelf someone secretly added the sentence "open the other side of the sky" for him Suddenly he raised his head and looked through the window in the direction of the imperial garden He frowned slowly and then relaxed slowly Finally he turned into a calm and relief He laughed at himself lightly and said "Maybe you are right" …… …… Somewhere in the palace a 40-year-old Taoist priest was feeling the pulse of the empress Suddenly he raised his eyebrows and scratched her plump wrist with his fingers in a very rude way He turned his head and looked behind him The empress frowned slightly wondering why the national teacher who had always been quiet and gentle had lost her temper so much The Taoist priest stared at that place Suddenly he stamped his feet and howled "I was wrong I was really wrong I should have advised Your Majesty to let the Xiao tree go earlier or just let him go to the Academy" "With the husband's ability with the Xiao tree's state of mind I will have one more peerless strong man in the Tang Dynasty these years Maybe I can even fight with the Southern Jin Dynasty It's a pity that it's a pity that it's more than ten years too late!" …… …… In a side lane of the Laundry Bureau Ning Que sat on a carriage and stared stubbornly at the eaves beasts in the distance as if they were going to come to life His face became paler and paler his heart beat faster and faster and suddenly all his feelings disappeared …… In front of the rosefinch gate of the palace The middle-aged man looked back at the stone animals on the eaves of the main hall and laughed loudly The laughter was very natural and unrestrained without a trace of miscellaneous thoughts The eaves animals seemed to understand the meaning conveyed by his laughter and returned to calm and serene In the midst of his natural and unrestrained laughter he fluttered out of the main gate of the imperial city After today the city of Chang'an has lost a leader named Feng Ting Lao Chao In this world there are many strong people who watch the lake fish and enter the realm of knowing the destiny of heaven …… (Note I first saw this sentence in the Guan Xian written by Chen

Fengxiao Another Yuyue at this time the sea Hua open the other side of the sky this is the sentence I saw on the Internet I do not know where the original source Chao Xiao Shu is certainly an important role I like it so he will definitely come back or appear another spoiler in advance the emperor is a good man he is not a strong man in the traditional sense I also like him Another tomorrow two days after eight thousand words to guarantee the bottom before the shelf to write more but because this time is not sleepy must sleep so the first chapter update may be late Finally please vote for the recommendation) Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian _ Tang Chapter 70 the Long Street of farewell Back in Lane 47 pushing open the door of the shop and entering the back house Ning Que took out the ebony matte waist card from his bosom and threw it casually on the bed as if he were throwing a piece of waste wood Full-text novels without advertisements are all here Sang Sang sat at the head of the bed with his two little feet stuffed in the warm quilt He was concentrating on mending his old coat He took a look at the waist tag on the quilt and picked it up curiously Pallet rack upright He squinted at the light from the transparent sky tiles on the roof for a long time and asked "Young master what is this" "Da Wei's card" "The dark guard is the one who can't see the light" Ning Que sat down at the table picked up the kettle and filled it with a few big mouthfuls Remembering that he had not even drunk a mouthful of tea when he entered the palace today he was somewhat depressed Knowing that Ning Que had an official identity and was holding the thickest thigh in the world as she had been sentenced last night Sang Sang smiled happily with her willow eyes but the focus of her concern for things was always more direct How much salary can you get every month Ning Que was stupefied He put down the teapot in his hand and recalled the previous conversation He hesitated and said "How can I have forty or fifty taels of silver" Sang Sang frowned thinly and his dark little face was full of dissatisfaction "Not as much as I imagined" he said Ning Que shook his head and said with a smile "We have two thousand taels of silver now so we should be more generous in doing things and speaking in the future"

” When Sang Sang heard this the dissatisfaction on his face suddenly disappeared He looked at him with a smile and waved his little hand He said "Young master after you left first the silver was sent over quietly" Ning Que was puzzled He went straight to the bedside and leaned beside the girl "Where did you put it" He asked curiously Sang Sang looked out mysteriously put down the needle eye work in his hand pinched the two corners of the waist bedding with two small hands opened a seam nervously and slightly raised his jaw to signal him to look inside Ning Que raised his eyebrows slightly and looked into the bedding in Pallet rack beams disbelief He saw a layer of silver beside Sang Sang's two thin legs Even if it was covered by the thick bedding only the extremely dim light could see the dazzling silver halo He opened his mouth slightly forcibly suppressed the movement in his heart and made a calm lesson "I have said" Ahem If you want to be more generous just two thousand taels of silver Look how excited and nervous you are I feel strange What are you doing in bed in broad daylight It turns out that you are worried about these things Don't you feel the panic of silver Sang Sang looked up at him with a small face and shook his head firmly and earnestly indicating that silver was not a thing at all Ning Que coughed twice again He fondly rubbed the girl's head and said "Two thousand taels of silver can still be covered by a quilt In the future your young master will earn eight thousand taels What will you do then" …… …… The spring in Chang'an is very beautiful The spring rain is falling from time to time and all the green leaves and tender flowers in the streets and alleys are born Whether you are standing in the threshold or standing in the pavilion you can see the eyeful of life The forty-seven alleys in Dongcheng seem to be alive with the growing spring After the Chunfeng Pavilion incident the Minister of the Ministry of the Interior was demoted and the Qing Transport Department was purged from top to bottom The land acquisition which had been going on for several months naturally came to an end The warehouse of the Qing Transport Department on the other side of the fence was as silent as a big tomb Although the Yulong Gang was forced onto the bright stage they did not forget to clean up the night of the whole city At this time no one dared to do anything to the street facing the small trees even at a glance omracking.com

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