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Drilling technology Daquan, this must be collected! _ Drill

According to the shape material structure and function of the workpiece the drill bit can be divided into many types such as high-speed steel drill bit (twist drill group drill flat drill) solid carbide drill bit indexable shallow hole drill deep hole drill trepanning drill and interchangeable head drill bit 2 Chip breaking and chip removal The cutting of the drill is carried out in a narrow hole and the mining dth bit chips must be discharged through the drill edge groove so the chip shape has a great influence on the cutting performance of the drill Common chip shapes include flaky chips tubular chips acicular chips conical spiral chips ribbon chips fan-shaped chips and powdery chips Key Chip Control in Drilling When the chip shape is not appropriate the following problems will arise The reason for the triangular hole is that the drill bit has two rotary centers during drilling and they vibrate at the frequency of exchanging once every 600 The main reason for the vibration is that the cutting resistance is unbalanced When the drill bit rotates for one turn the resistance is unbalanced during the second turn of cutting due to the poor roundness of the processed hole The last vibration is repeated again but the dth rock bit vibration phase has a certain deviation Cause rifling pattern to appear on that walls of the hole When the drilling depth reaches a certain degree the friction between the drill edge and the hole wall increases the vibration decreases the rifling disappears and the roundness becomes better dhd drill bit 

Avoid reducing the hardness of the drill bit; 2 Damages on the drill bit shall be (Especially the damage on the edge surface of the blade) is completely removed; 3 The drill pattern shall be symmetrical ; 4 Be careful not to damage the cutting edge during sharpening and remove the burrs after sharpening; 5 For cemented carbide drill bits The sharpening shape has a great influence on the performance of the drill The drill shape when leaving the factory is the best drill shape obtained through scientific design and repeated tests Therefore the original edge shape should be maintained when re-sharpening This article is from Momo's WeChat public account [UG NC Programming] You can get the tutorial after paying attention to it Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor wt-dthtools.com

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