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See enough animation of the working principle of 33 sets of heat exchangers and reaction equipment!

Original title 33 sets of heat exchangers and reaction equipment working principle animation to see enough! Heat exchange equipment Single-stage adiabatic reactor The single-stage adiabatic reactor has simple structure and large production capacity However the disadvantage is that the temperature changes greatly during the reaction It is applicable to the exothermic reaction with little reaction heat nutsche filter dryer effect and the reaction process allows a wide range of temperature changes; it is also applicable to the process with large heat effect but not very sensitive to the reaction temperature or the process with very fast reaction rate Multistage adiabatic reactor Multi-stage adiabatic bed is divided into indirect heat exchange type and quench type (direct heat exchange type) according to the cooling or heating mode of reaction gas between stages U-tube heat exchanger This kind of heat exchanger is characterized in that the tube bundle can be freely extended and retracted so that thermal stress will not be generated due to the temperature difference between the tube and the shell and the thermal compensation performance is good; the tube pass is a double tube pass so that the flow path is long the flow rate is high and the heat transfer performance is good; the pressure 50l rotovap bearing capacity is strong; the tube bundle can be drawn out from the shell so that it is convenient for maintenance and cleaning; and the structure is simple and the cost is low However it is inconvenient to clean the inside of the tube and it is difficult to replace the tubes in the middle of the tube bundle Because the bending radius of the innermost tube should not be too small the TDH Even so there is still a certain concentration of catalyst in the dilute phase space In order to reduce the loss of catalyst the regenerator is equipped with two stages of cyclone separators in series jacketed glass reactor The diameter of the cyclone separator should not be too large Several sets of cyclone separators are installed in the regenerator with large coke burning load Their risers are connected to a gas collection chamber to guide the flue gas out of the regenerator

The air is supplied by an air distribution system arranged at the bottom of the pool Vertical multi-end incinerator Vertical pyrolysis incinerator is an environmentally friendly incinerator which belongs to the third generation of incinerators Compared with reciprocating grate incinerators and fluidized bed incinerators it has the characteristics of high incineration efficiency low tail gas emissions low dust emissions and low ignition loss The vertical pyrolysis incinerator can be used to treat municipal solid waste hospital special waste airport special waste and some industrial solid waste It is suitable for the treatment of garbage with low calorific value and high moisture in China Source Chemical 707 We declare that we are committed to protecting the copyright of the author Some works come from the Internet and cannot verify the true source If infringement is involved please contact us to delete it in time All disputes caused by reprinting this article from the public number to other platforms have nothing to do with this platform Support original welcome to contribute please send your article to the 1193793007@qqcom Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor toptiontech.com

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