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1.75mm! RM once again surpasses and proves itself _ movement _ balance _ thickness

ICHARD MILLE has never been disappointing The thickness of the watch case does titanium plate gr7 not seem to matter but it may become a burden for the wearer both visually and physically and ultra-thin watches emerge as the times require But ultra-thin is not just as simple as watch case lightening it has extremely stringent requirements for the movement after a long period of market choice only a few strong watch brands are still working tirelessly to break through and innovate In fact strictly speaking RICHARD MILLE is not an expert in the field of ultra-thin watches but this brand is born to refuse to lose either do nothing or do the best character so that they often break through the imagination of the limits of watches this RM UP-01 FERRARI wristwatch came out in the air It is the best evidence that RICHRAD MILLE has surpassed itself again Expand the full text Many people will find that its design is different from the previous watches at the first sight of the chart from the original vertical barrel type to the horizontal barrel type and behind this change in appearance there are many RICHARD MILLE "" Niubi "technologies Previously in order to achieve the ultimate ultra-thin other brands adopted the design of "using the case as the bottom plate of the movement" but this RM UP-01 FERRARI watch nickel titanium wire the case and the movement are completely independent the thickness of the whole  calculated to meet the resistance requirements of the test phase In order to ensure the ideal operation of the transmission mechanism the bottom plate and the bridge plate are also made of five-grade titanium alloy which ensures the perfect thinness without affecting the hardness From a technical point of view titanium sheet grade 5 the RM UP-01 FERRARI watch can be 005 mm thinner than 18 mm because RICHARD MILLE has innovated the escapement part and won a patent .

Traditional Swiss mechanical watches mostly use lever escapements with fork nails and balance plates inside which can prevent the anchor from slipping during the free movement of the balance wheel but the problem is that the structure of these two parts is vertical that is to say they need longitudinal space and can not reduce the thickness In order to reduce the thickness RICHARD MILLE has eliminated the fork nail and the small plate of the balance wheel and through the patented new escapement structure it has replaced these "anti-rollover" elements with the unprecedented use of a longer titanium exhaust tubing escapement RICHARD MILLE and Ferrari from the pursuit of high technology to the use of similar 6al4v titanium bar materials as well as the passion for their respective fields all of these are based on the common values of both sides courage to try assiduous study and excellence which also gives a competitive spirit to this cooperation project Is essential in an exciting adventure Wen | Xilin Design | Jili Figure | From the brand partly from the network More exciting content can be found on the official .

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