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How to make bridge expansion joints? These on-site construction workers are already worried about losing their hair! _ Deck

Originally published as How to make bridge expansion joints These on-site construction workers are already worried about losing their hair! In order to meet the requirements of bridge deck deformation expansion joints are usually set between two beam ends between beam ends and abutments or at the hinge position of the bridge The expansion joint is required to be able to expand and contract freely firmly and reliably in two directions parallel and perpendicular to the axis of the bridge The vehicle shall run smoothly without sudden jump and noise It shall be able to prevent the personalised tailor tape infiltration and blockage of rainwater garbage and soil .

This type of expansion device is generally a structure formed by cutting the pavement with a cutting machine after the construction of the pavement (bridge deck) is completed and injecting caulking material into the notch which is only suitable for parts with small expansion amount (generally < 40 mm) The service life of the seamless expansion joint adhesive installed in strict accordance with the process requirements is about twice that of the general modified asphalt pavement Continuous expansion joint of bridge deck TST macadam elastic-plastic expansion joint TST adhesive usually does not become brittle at minus 40 C and does not flow at high temperatures up to 80 C in summer It can be used normally throughout the country Because of the high temperature adhesion characteristics of TST it can be firmly large print tape measure bonded Concrete's mix proportion water-cement ratio slump cement variety temperature relative humidity concrete's loading age load holding time and strength have great influence on concrete's shrinkage and creep retractable tape measure sewing Shrinkage and creep shall be considered for both reinforced and prestressed concrete bridges  The source of this WeChat content is Zhulong Forum Copyright belongs to the original author if it involves copyright issues please contact us we will be the first time to negotiate copyright issues or delete the content! This article is the original author's personal opinion which does not mean that this public number agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor tape-measure.com

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