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What to Consider When Buying a Sex Doll Torso?

POPTORSO has many different sex doll torsos to buy online to spice up your sex life. As you might expect, features, details, and overall quality vary widely! Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for a new sex toy.

Internal Textures - When it comes to torso sex dolls, there are usually not as many different internal textures as there are pacifiers. Still, different models may use ribs and bumps, while others may use tiny bumps and different tunnels, so it's always worth considering internal textures when choosing a doll torso. This way, you get as close to a realistic vagina as possible.

Number of Orifices - Most sex dolls will have two holes in the torso (except male sex doll torso). However, just having two openings does not automatically mean that they are separate canals.

Size — Size matters both in use and storage. Life-size sex doll torsos are obviously heavier than mini sex doll torsos, which helps keep the torso from moving in different positions. However, this extra weight can be a disadvantage in some positions, so you should consider weight and your favorite position before making a purchase.

tantaly cecilia Big Ass Sex Doll

Breasts - While there is some variation, breast size is usually proportional to the size of the sex doll's torso. If you're buying a mini sex doll torso, it's unrealistic to expect huge, undulating breasts. However, most sex doll torso breasts look realistic enough for any visual requirement.

Price — If you're looking for an inexpensive sex doll torso, you're going to have to sacrifice quality or size (sometimes both!) When shopping for a sex doll torso, you should try to find a balance between these two attributes.

Easy To Clean - In general, most sex doll torsos are not easy to clean. If the inner tunnel has only one entrance, your best bet is to use a flusher. If both inlets are connected together then you can simply run water through the tunnel as you clean it. Some models (like the Yeloly Gina) have an extra hole to help you clean/drain the sex doll torso.

Huge Ass Adult Torso Toy Tantaly Eva

How to choose the material of doll torso?

Silicone — Silicone is the preferred sex doll torso material. Feel like a real woman! As a non-porous material, it is fully sterilizable, which is the best way to combat bacterial growth. Silicone is also temperature resistant, which means your sex doll torso can enjoy a sexy shower with you! However, it doesn't feel as realistic as TPE/TPR and is more expensive.

Tantaly Britney BBW Sex Doll

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) - TPE is an affordable sex doll torso material. It's also porous, meaning it can't be sterilized, can hold moisture, and needs more processing (renewal powder) if you want your toys to last. However, TPE sex dolls feels and behaves more realistically than silicone, which may be important if you enjoy watching wobbly tits/butts.For example, Tantaly, our most realistic sex doll torso brand, is made of medical-grade TPE material, which is safe and reliable.

Tantaly Aurora BBW sex doll

TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) — TPR is very similar to TPE, and since it is a porous material, it requires the same aftercare. However, TPR looks more "shiny" than TPE.The cheapest medical grade TPR sex doll torso Yeloly is waiting for you.

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