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The Importance of a Proper Night’s Sleep

Spring mattress

In an ideal world, we all sleep at least eight hours a night, but the reality is different, and events we cannot control are likely to affect our physical and mental health significantly. We may not be able to control the time we wake up to go to work, but we can, for example, maintain the quality of our spring mattress or the temperature of the room we sleep in.

In addition, nowadays, we have options to buy a mattress online UK so we can enjoy the latest orthopedic technology shipped directly into the comfort of our own home. But have you ever wondered why sleep is so important and what happens if we neglect it for extended periods? In the following pages, we will try to explore these questions in detail.

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Sleep and Physical Health

Sometimes it's not just a simple productivity issue. No one can say for sure why we need to sleep, but what we do know in detail are the consequences we can pay if we neglect our sleep for an extended period of time. Type two diabetes, hypertension, cardiac, muscular, and hormonal problems have all been reported as a by-product of sleep deprivation.

Even our immune system can be affected by a chronic lack of sleep. Have you ever felt that you get sick more easily when you go through continuous stress that doesn't allow you to rest as much as you should? Then you're not alone, and it's not just in your head, as our ability to repel external pathogens is strongly affected by the tiredness of our body.

A quality mattress can be a solution to ensure your sleep is at an optimum level, and the ability to purchase a mattress online UK can be the boost you need to take the first step towards ensuring a long and restful night's sleep. But purchasing these items can't work wonders unless you first make changes to your sleep schedule. And how can you implement these changes?

How to Influence your Sleep Schedule

Firstly, our circadian rhythm has evolved to match the sun's movements. We should wake up at dawn and go to bed as early as possible after nightfall. Is this possible? For many reasons, the answer is most likely no. But a routine that gets us up earlier in the morning can help us have a deeper and more restful sleep. It might also be a good idea not to eat rich meals a few hours before bedtime. When you go to bed, your digestive system works at a reduced level, and a full stomach can prove problematic at night.

And one last thing you should keep in mind is the usage of mobile phones before bedtime. The blue light they give off tricks the brain into thinking it's still light outside and reduces our feeling of tiredness considerably. How often have you said you wanted to go to bed at a reasonable time only to realize hours later that you spent all that period on your phone? It's not a mistake; you've simply deluded your brain into thinking it's still daytime.

The Effect of Sleep on Mental Health

Just as lack of sleep can severely affect our physical health, it can also seriously impact our mental health. Less than eight hours of sleep a night for an extended period can lead to extra stress being placed on the body, which will develop into irritability, fatigue, or even depression. We have all spent hours in front of the computer in our youth only to go to school the next day. What was your state of mind then, and how well were you able to concentrate on the subjects presented by the teachers? It probably didn't go very well.

Productivity and the quality of our sleep go hand in hand, and poor productivity can lead to problems at work that affect us not just mentally but materially. Our children, for example, need even more hours of sleep than we do, and a chronic lack of sleep over the long term can have a devastating effect on their future physical or mental development.

Can Buying a Mattress Online UK Help?

It can help, as a quality spring mattress or an orthopedic foam mattress can represent an element that takes care of your spinal health. Still, they alone, unfortunately, cannot solve the problem entirely. Significant schedule changes are needed for you to get at least eight hours of sleep a night, and you will also need a change in habits so that the whole process of getting those eight hours of sleep no longer feels difficult. However, buying a mattress online UK can be a great place to start.

Should I Go for a Spring Mattress or Foam Mattress?

It depends on your preferences. A foam mattress can be an excellent option if you want quality back support that, at the same time, offers you great versatility in terms of the level of firmness you want. But at the same time, a spring mattress can prove to be a slightly cheaper alternative that also has the advantage of somewhat more adequate cooling. In the end, what matters most is your budget and what kind of features are essential to you. Do you want a medium firmness mattress that is easy to transport while also being really cheap? Then turn to a spring mattress. Want something denser that complements the latest orthopedic breakthroughs? Then you can choose a foam mattress online UK, delivered right to your door.


The Most Crucial Aspect

We can talk all we want about the importance of a proper spring mattress or choosing an ideal foam mattress online UK when you want to shop from the comfort of your home. Still, perhaps the most important aspect when talking about getting adequate hours of sleep is related to your discipline and motivation. It isn't easy, but you have to make a conscious effort to make your sleep situation improve, and you can't endlessly let external factors get in the way of proper rest.

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