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discount PVC Roofing

discount PVC Roofing PVC Corrugated Sheets Features: Green Environmentally Friendly Materials PVC corrugated sheets are user-friendly materials. No formaldehyde, plasticizers, asbestos or TVOC. Absolutely recyclable, fit in with green environmental protection issue. Waterproof, mildew proof and antibacterial With its non-water-absorbent plastic feature, PVC corrugated sheet is non-rusty and corrosion resistant. Traditional coated steel sheet is easily corrosion after several years of use, which leads screws stripped thread and roof leaking problem. Advantages of PVC foam corrugated sheets: Good Insulation Its unique closed-cell foam core design contributes to a low thermal conductivity, which leads an excellent heat insulation effect. Actual testing thickness 5mm PVC corrugated sheets, the Coefficient of Effective Thermal Conductivity data is 0.288W/m.k, compared with the traditional coated steel sheet data 7.428W/m.k, PVC corrugated sheets have slow heating and radiating conductivity and better thermal insulation effect. Application: Agricultural & horticultural greenhouses SGS Test Reportdiscount PVC Roofing website:http://www.prowangtw.com/pvc-roofing/

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