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Echo Friendly Plastic Card

Echo Friendly Plastic Card Introduction With the rapid development of science and technology, various cards with intelligence and portability have been rapidly popularized and developed, which has also opened up a broad market for the electronic information industry. We can make all kinds of YMCK Eco Friendly Plastic Cards for you, including ordinary ID cards, barcode cards, magnetic stripe cards, IC cards, FRID cards, etc. These cards can store cardholder information in various forms, and with the continuous upgrading of products, the content of information is greatly increased and it is more convenient for encryption and anti-counterfeiting. Due to various advantages, our products are widely used in various fields such as business, logistics, finance, taxation, social security, hospitals, and so on. Features 1. Our YMCK Eco Friendly Plastic Card is screen printed for printing on specially shaped objects. 2. The printing ink has strong compatibility and high color reproduction, and the stability is also very good. 3. Double-sided printing improves the printing effect and efficiency, and the card is more beautiful. 4. Glossy lamination or matte lamination is a more variable product effect to meet different needs. 5. Our YMCK Eco Friendly Plastic Cards are environmentally friendly and will not do harm to your health.Echo Friendly Plastic Card website:http://www.razlons.com/plastic-card/echo-friendly-plastic-card/

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