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How To Fold T- shirts

T-shirts are one of the most popular clothes that everyone loves to wear. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, designs, and patterns making them versatile. However, how many of us have problems with how to fold t-shirts? If you’re one of those who has no idea how to best organize your t-shirt drawer then this article is for you. First, let’s answer some questions about how to fold t-shirts to save space. How many of us have extra t-shirts at home? How many of us don’t know how to organize them most effectively? How many of us simply toss them inside a drawer after wearing them and make a mess out of them every time we want to wear one? Millions! It’s not an exaggeration. With the popularity of t-shirts, people tend to buy more than they need just because they’re affordable and look good in them.

Well, I’m going to share with you how you can easily organize your t-shirt drawer with these ten methods of how to fold t-shirts. It’s a simple, easy guide that you can follow even if you’re a complete neat freak or a total klutz!

Here are 5 methods of how to fold shirts:

  1. The first is when you’ll fold the shirt in thirds to make it look like something you’d find at a department store. Begin by:
  2. Laying the shirt face down;
  3. Take the sleeves and tuck them into the top of the shirt;
  4. Then, fold the shirt in thirds, starting on the right side and working your way to the left; and
  5. Finally, fold the bottom half of the bottom half upward over the top half of the top half. When you turn the shirt over, it will resemble what you would find in a store.
  • The second and much faster method is simply begin by:
  • Folding the garment into fourths;
  • Then, after the sleeves have been collapsed, fold them in half from one side to the other, then top to bottom. This is a great method to organize your shirts in your bureau and keep many of them the same size, so they’re easier to pack and store.

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