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Gu Zhenren

But if in the meantime I feel unable to write the words in the ideal standard I will still choose to retreat At that time this small goal can only be temporarily abandoned As for how long the retreat will last I don't know Anyway if you want to overcome the difficulties you have to satisfy yourself first If you feel good you support it If you don't support it we will never force it That's it Oh in addition there is a second watch tonight which is the addition of the new leader of the alliance Similarly it is also a finishing chapter Verse 88 Ghost you are poor! "Ah!"! Breathe!

The ghost roared and looked back and glared at the demon fairy Qi Jue Demon Immortal will calmly withdraw and Nail machine manufacturer immediately explode back to prevent the ghost from counterattacking You fool! The ghost's giant feet stepped on the ground and with a bang he finally stabilized his huge body Even though he had lived so long he was very angry at the moment Fang yuan was about to die in his hands but was interrupted by his teammates Qi Jue magic fairy floating high in the sky eyes firmly fixed on the ghost very alert He frowned first recalling the change of Fang yuan's expression before it was obvious that Fang yuan had deliberately designed to expose the flaw of the ghost Could it be that Fang yuan was really at the end of his tether at that moment No it's more likely a ghost trick distracting me In fact even if I have been deceived now that I have come to this point I can only continue to attack the ghost! Qi Jue Demon Fairy quickly strengthened his faith The heart-eating killing move was broken and the ghost was obviously eaten back Fang yuan took this opportunity hurriedly repair a heavy mountain fort not to mention anything else at least the hole is quickly disappeared While regrouping Fang yuan did not forget to attack with words "Ghost you don't have to be too angry" As a matter of fact I made a deal with him long before you died "You made a covenant"

It's impossible I've been spying on you and there's no sign of a covenant on your body! The ghost retorted with a sneer I will not be reborn soon and I will never trust any means of communication Ghost you lured me with heavy money but in fact Fang yuan had already done so And He is much more generous than you! Extinguished the magic fairy's voice did not fall and he pounced on it again Airway kills frequently and the offensive is like a storm enveloping the ghost giant Lu Weiyin and others looked at each other and were all overjoyed Wu Shuai and Qi Hai Lao Zu did not know about it but they were very excited when they saw Qi Jue Demon Immortal's counterattack At present the situation is deadlocked hanging on a line the spirit of the magic fairy suddenly betrayed the ghost when the ebb and flow immediately let the scene turn over! Lu Weiyin thought about it and suddenly said "After the war of fate I used the means of the Lord of the Promised Land to confirm that the ghost is not only free but also growing Nail machine supplier " Soon Baohuang Tianzhong spread the secret of the Supreme Immortal Orifice I secretly contacted the source above told him the information and wanted to join hands with him to deal with the ghost and the shadow But at first Fang yuan was just doubtful Soon after however Fang yuan contacted me on his own initiative and agreed to the alliance

Now it seems that he secretly contacted the spirit of the magic fairy relying on the spirit of the magic fairy to confirm my information Lu Weiyin is a descendant of the Promised Land and the Promised Land has been bringing order out of chaos all his life and does not deal with ghosts One of the purposes of Lu Weiyin's participation in the fatalistic war was to completely eradicate the ghost But at the end of the fatalistic war Lu Weiyin did not find the ghost of the ghost Lu Weiyin of course will not give up pay a huge price use the means of paradise calculate the state of the ghost but can not calculate his specific location Lu Weiyin thought of Fang yuan If the ghost wants to rise again it must eradicate Fang yuan Kill Fang yuan the ghost can not only get the supreme immortal fetus but also recapture its own realm Lu Weiyin used the means of the Promised Land and finally got in touch with Fang yuan Fang yuan was very wary of Lu Weiyin Fang yuan had been reborn and faintly knew that Lu Weiyin was not as fully supportive of heaven as he appeared to be and that he had his own purpose In addition during the fatalistic war Fang yuan invaded the heaven and never saw the ghost Therefore for Lu Weiyin's intelligence Fang yuan has actually believed three points Subsequently Bao Huang Tianzhong revealed the secret of Fang yuan's supreme immortal body and let Fang yuan believe three points After the rebirth of Qi Jue Demon Fairy Fang yuan secretly tried to contact Qi Jue Demon Fairy but unfortunately he never succeeded It happened that not long after Qi Jue Demon Fairy came to look for Qi Hai Lao Zu's trouble With the support of Qin Dingling Fang yuan on the surface repelled the Qi Jue Demon Immortal but in fact he secretly communicated with the Qi Jue Demon Immortal

In order to win the trust of Qi Jue Demon Fairy Fang yuan directly told him that Qi Hai Lao Zu was his disguise Qi Jue Demon Fairy got Fang yuan's big handle and immediately knew Fang yuan's sincerity to cooperate with him What Qi Jue Demon Immortal lacked most at that time was the understanding of today's magic fairy world Fang yuan threw himself into his favor and used all kinds of true biographies in his hands as chips to trade with Qi Jue Demon Fairy Extinguished the demon fairy was still on guard and refused to agree to make a covenant iron nail machine with Fang yuan fearing that Fang yuan would entrap him by means of channels he did not know Fang yuan also did not force and eventually reached an extremely loose difficult to restrict each other's underground alliance with the spirit of the magic fairy Fang yuan provided Qi Jue Demon Fairy with the true biography of the major schools while Qi Jue Demon Fairy gave Fang yuan the mystery of his airway rebirth Moreover according to Fang yuan's arrangement he began to sell airway immortal materials in Baohuang Tianzhong and buy various schools of inheritance Fang yuan got the mystery of the rebirth of Qi and immediately made a great breakthrough in Qigong fruit Therefore Qi Hai Lao Zu was able to solve the Qigong fruit

After that with the help of Heaven's Qigong fruit Fang yuan successfully created the air sea Fen Shen! In fact Fang yuan's airway attainments at the moment alone could not solve the Qigong problem so quickly Not long after Qi Jue Demon Fairy unexpectedly got the initiative contact of the ghost in Baohuangtian The demon fairy was greatly surprised and when he learned the purpose of the ghost he immediately understood Fang yuan's intention The alliance between Qi Jue Demon Fairy and Fang yuan is very loose and can be betrayed at will Qi Jue Demon Fairy naturally will not consider for Fang yuan but first withhold the news and negotiate with the ghost As a result he found that the price of the ghost could not be compared with that of Fang yuan 3shardware.com

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