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like water years, fleeting years.

Through the Overhead "Fast through is not the cannon fodder of cannon fodder" author: like water years, fleeting years.

When she woke up she found that someone was very rude to take her out of the sack throw her into a pool then wash her like a piglet and then put on a short suit It was the first time that the client had seen many of the same kind which made her feel a little excited But before she could say anything she was put on a board one by one into a hole and then as soon as the board tilted she fell down and at the same time a suction came from below She was sucked into warehousing storage solutions the mouth of a monster and died Died It's a horrible way to die to be eaten as food Yu Ying looked at the original owner's wish the client hoped not to be in that small courtyard hoped to see everything outside How to look at it This wish is really too humble Perhaps because the client's life is a bird imprisoned at birth there is no chance to fly high do not know what the truth only know the faint sound outside let her very strange Even the original owner did not think of revenge perhaps in her mind there is no concept of revenge See this strange client experience Yu Ying felt his temple jump how to look is trouble the original owner gave too little information But if you don't take this task are you going to take the five-star task

In any case a four-star task is definitely easier than a five-star one So Yu Ying decided to take the four-star task but when she took the task Yu Ying received a hint that the world could not use any assistance such as puppets This means that a one can not appear it can be said that Yu Ying saw this request immediately moved in the heart feeling that the so-called four-star task is not easy to complete the world really aroused Yu Ying's curiosity Before passing through Yu Ying decided to follow the system's reminder Then Yu Ying pressed the task to start so the metal voice of the tablet came Please choose the time to travel through the past Since push back racking system the original owner has no memory then Yu Ying must go to the very beginning so Yu Ying chose when the original owner was born it is better to explore what is going on When Yu Ying passed through the body should have just been born someone fished the newborn baby out of the basin and then wrapped the soft body in swaddling clothes Yu Ying knows that the reason for washing the newborn is that when the newborn is born there is amniotic fluid and blood on the body so where conditions permit the newborn baby should be cleaned a little I can't believe it's the same here Don't wait for Yu Ying to figure out what's going on Yu Ying suddenly heard a voice let Yu Ying all over the goose bumps come out even at this moment she has a kind of feeling that she fell into the cold pool Because Yu Ying heard the sound of someone's neck being broken so what does it mean Yu Ying knows very well in her heart Silence! Yu Ying only has these two words in her mind When the original owner was alive he was suffocating all his life He was probably sent to that place as soon as he was born So the person who dares to do this should be the one who has the right to do it in this family otherwise it will not be so easy to complete this kind of behavior warehouse storage racks As for the poor woman who had just become a mother she probably didn't think of all this She did not have the ability to protect the child she had given birth to after ten months of pregnancy and it seemed that she should not have any status at least there were not enough loyal people Just then someone came in with a child in her arms because Yu Ying heard the child crying No way!

Are they twins Yu Ying said in her heart Then a man's voice said "Send her away quickly" Send away! Sure enough it was sent away on purpose Then Yu Ying immediately felt that she was picked up and even felt that the person holding her was out of the room and the speed of movement was not slow Of course Yu Ying is a guess at this point After all newborns can't see clearly so they don't have the idea of opening their eyes at all But the newborn's ears are fine and he can hear Just then a voice was heard saying "Second Young Lady wants to see the child" So Yu Ying felt that the arm of the person holding the body was closed and then Yu Ying felt that a hand was covering her face could it be that she was thinking about the newborn crying so she covered her mouth In this way the cry will not go out Even Yu Ying heard that the person holding her was breathing a little faster probably nervous God damn it something's wrong If Yu Ying had not misheard the mother of this body should have wanted to see her Just then she heard the male voice say "Qixi take the young lady in to see the Second Young Lady" Shit! Yu Ying let out a foul language in her heart You wait for me I will come back Yu Ying said in her heart while capturing the characteristics here It's not good From farther and farther away a vague voice came from the distance However as a person who wears into the body of a newborn Yu Ying is now a mud Bodhisattva crossing the river Now she is heavy duty metal racks a newborn baby and may even be killed directly so she did nothing and went straight to sleep When Yu Ying wakes up again she should be in another place

At this moment Yu Ying's stomach was hungry so she began to cry Soon someone came in and fed something in something liquid I don't know what it was But Yu Ying feels that it is very suitable for infants and young children to eat what is going on After running around on the road for a period of time Yu Ying finally arrived at a place that the client was familiar with In this way Yu Ying lived in the small courtyard where the client lived Soon when she was one year old Yu Ying was able to walk and run Of course the people who served in the small courtyard were all mute so no one talked to Yu Ying There is usually no one around the baby until the time of eating drinking and other necessities Everything in Yu Ying's view should be raised as a pig and then the pig fattened just to be sent to feed the snake Yes Yu Ying has seen the beast that ate her in the memory of the original owner which is actually a huge snake jracking.com

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