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Super Soldier King _ Ming Dynasty No Wine _ txt Novel Paradise

"Thank you I know how to do it Don't worry" Isolde Hampton nodded Replied However his expression clearly showed that he did not mean this Ye Qian secretly sighed in his heart and could not say much after all this is someone else's family affairs they can not manage too much After a pause Isolde Hampton changed the subject again "Brother Ye if there is any trouble next just let me know and I will do my best to help" he said "Thank you very much" Ye Qian said "I have put industrial racking systems the money into your EO account you don't refuse friendship is friendship I can't let you suffer right" Think of it as a settlement for my dead brother and some tea money For that matter Isolde The Hamptons can't say no again With a slight nod he said "In that case I'll take it" Then turned to look at Lin Feng Isolde Hampton went on It is my honor to cooperate with the world-famous Seven Kills this time Mr Lin if there is a chance I hope we can work together again "Me too!" Lin Feng held out her hand and Isolde Hampton shook it said "to know Isolde" Mr Hampton

It is also my honor to Lin Feng "Next time you have time you must come to South Africa with Mr Ye I am waiting for the good news of your great victory in South Africa" Isolde Hampton said .“ Sure sure Lin Feng smiled slightly and said "Brother Ye is strategizing so you can wait and hear the good news" Ye Qian helplessly looked at Lin Feng shook his head and smiled this boy seems to be in love with him always for no reason to flatter Ye Qian a few words make Ye Qian now a little complacent Fortunately Ye Qian has self-knowledge not the kind of person who listens to a few words of flattery this action against the eight mercenaries if not for the ghost wolf in the daytime the number of victory or defeat is unknown It is said in Jianghu that the Wolf King Ye Qian the Seven Killers Lin Feng and the Ghost Wolf Daytime Huai are the three stars who killed the Wolf and came down to earth Now I can see with my own eyes that the three powers join hands and they are really extraordinary I believe that the destruction of the Black Dragon is just around the corner Isolde Hampton said Although I don't like Ghost Wolf Daytime Huai I have to admire his ability However or that sentence brother Ye I hope you don't be too emotional the intention to harm people can not have the intention to prevent people can not be without ah The ghost wolf is always the enemy of the wolf tooth during the day and once wanted to kill you so I hope you can deal with it carefully Ye Qian also does not say much what the thing between him and ghost wolf daytime locust tree and the affection between ghost wolf daytime locust tree is not Isolde What Hampton understands .

For Ye Qian Teardrop Pallet Racking Isolde Hampton can only be a good friend But the ghost wolf is a brother who lives and dies together in the daytime No matter Isolde What does Hampton think of Ghost Wolf Daytime Ye Qian insisted on the obsession in his heart and believed that his feelings were not wrong With a slight nod Ye Qian said "I remember" All right it's getting late You should get on the boat early "Then" Goodbye Brother Ye Mr Lin! Isolde Hampton finished He began to order all EO disciples to board the ship After watching the ship leave the dock Ye Qian finally breathed a sigh of relief If there is no accident it won't be long before they can return to South Africa Looked at Lin Feng Ye Qian said "how" Think Isolde What's Hampton like ?” "He is a friend worth making but he is a little paranoid and stubborn" Lin Feng said "I also know something about EO If he doesn't listen to your advice and continues like that EO will be eliminated in less than five years" Neither the South African government nor the European government will allow them to exist Nowadays the anti-terrorism situation in the international community is becoming more and more tense but it is still so vigorous that it will surely become the first bird With a slight sigh Ye Qian said "There is only so much I can do My future still depends on him and I can't help him" But since Isolde Hampton is my friend Then I will never let them be wiped out "Things are unpredictable and no one can guess what will happen in the future Maybe Isolde" The Hamptons suddenly figured it out Let's not worry too much here Lin Feng said "after a night of tossing and turning it's time to go back and rest and go to Fuqing Gang early tomorrow morning" Alas it seems that I haven't had a peaceful day since I worked with you I can't even sleep well I have some doubts about whether it was right or wrong to promise you at the beginning Ye Qian naturally knew that Lin Feng was joking He smiled and said "I am skilled in industry and diligent in play This is for your own good You should thank me" Lin Feng gave Ye Qian a white look shook his head helplessly and said "Yes I should thank you Would you like me to invite you to drink" "You don't have to drink" When you are free please invite me to Mashaji I heard that the hot spring massage service in the island country is very good I have long wanted to try it Ye Qian smiled slightly As long as you're not afraid of your sisters-in-law beating you I don't care Lin Feng laughed and said Chapter 684 the decision of the mountain master

The next morning Ye Qian and Lin Feng got up early and after washing they rushed to the General Altar of Fuqing Gang As for the ghost wolf daytime locust tree naturally will not attend but also early warehouse pallet racks in the morning got up also did not say with Ye Qian and Lin Feng left the hotel alone However even if he did not say Ye Qian also guessed that the ghost wolf had gone outside to inquire about the news during the day After all the eight mercenaries were destroyed last night must know every move of the Black Dragon Society these actions by the ghost wolf during the day is the most appropriate thing because he knows the most about the Black Dragon Society and the most detailed jracking.com

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