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You are a little old. Author: Taboo

Song Xi reached out to try the temperature on his forehead again although he knew that the medicine would not work so quickly but he still couldn't help testing it Nie Yi silently let her try he lay on the bed with her eyes when the eyes are shallow rare gas field is a little smaller showing a bit docile and dependent Song Xi immediately regretted what he had just accused him of and said in a low voice of guilt "It's all my fault otherwise you wouldn't be cold and sick" "What a silly thing to say" Nie Yi's voice was deep and hoarse and when he spoke Song Xi's hand on his forehead also felt the vibration of his voice which made her hand itch Unnaturally Song Xi withdrew his hand and changed the subject and said "Are you hungry" Haven't you eaten yet I'll make you something to eat She said she was about to get up but Nie Yi pressed her drive in racking system hand "I'm not hungry" The bedroom was quiet and private Although Song Xi had lived here for a period of time it was the first time she had entered his room When she sat beside his bed she felt that her breath was full of his familiar refreshing breath Just now because he was ill and anxious she didn't feel anything

At the moment he stopped holding her hand and looked at her with dark eyes Song Xi's fingers were weak and trembled gently She quickly drew back her hand Why don't you get some sleep Song Xi has no words to ask "I'll cook some porridge for you and you can drink it when you wake up" "No" Nie Yi said "talk to me" Song Xi nodded feeling that chatting was better than sitting "What are you talking about" Nie Yi raised his eyebrows slightly "Tell me why you don't like me" Song Xi stood up from the bed and said in a panic "I'd better go to cook porridge" Nie Yi raised his hand and pulled her back He clasped her hand and said "I'll go after that" "I have already said that" Song Xi lowered his head and felt weak in his heart "We are not the right age" Her words did not fall Nie Yi has made a clever hand a pull to the front of the body Song Xi instantly threw himself on Nie Yi's chest and after reacting he struggled to get up with a red face but Nie Yi stretched out his other hand and embraced her waist His palms were big and strong and the temperature was so hot that it came through her thin sweater as if to burn her Song Xi stammered "You what are you doing" Nie Yi glanced down at her and said "It's not easy for you to talk nonsense like this" Song Xi "" Song Xi lay on his chest and dared not move She remembered that the last time she went skiing she fell down from the ski track and lay on him like this At that time they had no idea nor did they feel so inappropriate

Now their posture has not changed but their mood has been completely different Especially in Nie Yi's bed Song Xi's nervous and shy mind will not turn Nie Yi asked her "When are you going to hide" Song Xi steeled himself and said "No" Hey! Don't mobile racking systems don't strangle me! She just said two words by Nie Yi across the waist of the hand hoop a few minutes although separated by a quilt but still can clearly feel the shame of lying on a tight tall man "Tell the truth" said Nie Yi in a low voice Song Xi can't say it Since you can't tell a lie don't say it at all Stubborn to death Nie Yi looked down at her silence sighed in his heart and slowly opened his mouth "Song Xi we are really much different in age I am already thirty-four" "If time can be traded through money I would like to spend all my money to buy ten years and when I am ten years younger I will accompany you to struggle and think about when you come to your senses and when we will be together" "But the reality is that I am old" Song Xi's drooping eyelashes trembled and shook his head gently Nie Yi said calmly "I was not in a hurry before I wanted to let you accept it slowly You are sensitive so I don't urge you" When you mentioned the age gap that day I suddenly felt that I couldn't wait any longer not because I couldn't afford to wait but because I was worried that when you figured it out I would be old and have no energy to accompany you "No" Song Xi shook his head and looked at him his eyes eager and self-reproach "I don't think you're old you're not old at all you're fine I just said casually" I know "Nie Yi reached out his hand to brush her hair in her ear and said in a gentle voice" Song Xi I have lived to this day Although I am not so outstanding I have some abilities Have you ever thought that the worries in your heart are nothing in my eyes If you are interested in me and I am determined to win for you instead of wasting time to struggle why not speak out your ideas and leave them to me to solve Song Xi looked up at him Nie Yi's eyes are deep "You just need to tell me whether you like me or not" Chapter 43 Song Xi lay on Nie Yi with his four eyes eyes staggered only to feel the heartbeat with his shallow breathing with the ups and downs ripples swing has been rippling to the fundus with bursts of waves Does she like Nie Yi How could you not like it

But the reality is that you can't like it Song Xi has been taught by Song Shi for many years She works hard and makes progress Although she is not lively and cheerful she is also sensible and does not rigidly adhere to the conventional old principles There's only one thing I can't do She sometimes thinks that there are thousands of children born of extramarital affairs in the world and they all live an ordinary and happy life and she can certainly do the same Therefore she has more expectations and yearnings for life than ordinary people Expect to be an ordinary person go to work and get off work if there is fate maybe you will find an ordinary person and an ordinary family who don't care about her identity so much he likes her a little she also has a good impression on him then get married have children and heavy duty rack manufacturers live a plain and long life until you are old Ordinary families consider each other's character and background not to mention those with prominent family background Jiang Man has a word to say let her not wishful thinking Shen Xingzhou's father in front of her and Song Congan praised her for her beauty and generosity That was because he was well-educated but it did not mean that he could accept her Jiang Man and those people in her circle have given her a dirty look for so many years so that she clearly knows that her family background is not good and is particularly sensitive and concerned about these Not care about the strange look they have to bear but care about the pressure Nie Yi has to bear jracking.com

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