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Undead keeper

Slightly closed his eyes silently experiencing the feeling of hearty Wang Ming's heart gradually melted Wang Ming is very clear he has fallen in love with this gentle and kind girl! The first time we met what attracted Wang Ming was Yaxin's devilish figure with infinite temptation her slender white thighs her soul-destroying triangle and her great fullness! With the contact between the two although the time is not long but Wang Ming can feel that Yaxin is an optimistic cheerful reasonable girl gradually Wang Ming began to appreciate the girl However the surprise that Yaxin gave Wang Ming is far from over Today it is a love lunch box followed cantilever racking system by buying food and carrying water which reflects a woman's cantilever racking system gentleness carefulness and consideration! No matter what kind of woman as long as she has one of these three qualities she is already a perfect woman but now these three qualities are perfectly reflected in Yaxin at the same time how can Wang Ming let go

A beauty like Yaxin as long as she nods the suitor can be discharged a few miles completely unnecessary is to buy food for Wang Ming but also to buy food for Wang Ming no matter how to say she should also pay attention to everyone's views on her ah! But the reality is not the case originally should Wang Ming do things but now by Yaxin to do careful considerate thoughtful it can be said to be meticulous everything so that Wang Ming can not help but feel ashamed a man a real man unexpectedly not as brave as a girl! This is so embarrassing! This kind of thing how can a girl take the initiative it is not pleasant to say ah! Patter Just as he was thinking there was a sharp sound behind him At the same time a voice quietly gnashed its teeth and said "This" This kid is so mean! How can he drink from Yaxin's cup! How can Ugh! Hearing this voice Wang Ming realized that the cup he used did not seem to be his own but the one Yaxin usually used so this is not a kiss by borrowing things!

Remembering the touch of drinking water on the edge of the cup just now and thinking of the scene of Yaxin holding the cup and drinking water on the charming bright red mouth for a moment Wang Ming's face could not help turning red! That's right Wang Ming knew that his lips and Yaxin's lips had drunk water in the same cup in the same position! For a moment Wang Ming's nose seemed to smell the fragrance of the breath! Looking at the empty cup Wang Ming blushed and went straight to Yaxin's side He handed the cup over and said "Thank you thank you for your water" Huh Doubtful looking at Wang Ming rose into the big face of pig liver color Yaxin a face puzzled to put the cup into the desk she did not know how Wang Ming's face rose like this! Click Thump shuttle rack system A puzzled Yaxin will never know how tempting her expression is especially the kind of expression that knows nothing about something which can lead people to collapse on the spot this is not The two guys in the back row who had been paying attention to Wang Ming and Yaxin after seeing Yaxin's expression lost their balance at the same time fell backwards and fell in a daze

Afternoon time Wang Ming spent in a feeling of extreme happiness when the school bell rang Wang Ming found that the original afternoon time so quickly passed! Wang Ming thought all afternoon he has thought very clearly some things can not let girls take the initiative say out too ugly a girl like Yaxin crazy to chase themselves Yaxin to bear the pressure really too much! Thinking of this Wang Ming clenched his teeth fiercely and said to Yaxin who was about to walk out of the classroom but turned back three times a step "Yaxin please wait a minute I have something to say to you!" Hearing Wang Ming's words Yaxin stopped with a smile on her face carrying a small bag in both hands and looked at Wang Ming with a smile! Dare not face to face with Yaxin Wang Ming perturbed walked to the front of Yaxin for a time Wang Ming only felt uncomfortable all over where is not right! To be honest Wang Ming has not taken the initiative to pursue one is afraid of being rejected in that case really hurt self-esteem very hurt face! On the other hand Wang Ming is afraid that once he opens his mouth Yaxin will change his face on the spot I'm afraid he won't even have friends to do in the future That's what Wang Ming doesn't want to happen anyway Third Wang Ming is actually in the inferiority complex he is too poor there is no ability to make a living all rely on grandma's meager pension to live even the meal is almost impossible to eat how to make a girlfriend ah Although he had never had a girlfriend before he had never eaten pork and had seen a pig walk Wang Ming knew that it was expensive to have a girlfriend but he was a pauper! Generally speaking Wang Ming thinks that he is a toad while Yaxin is not only a swan but also the most beautiful one of all swans! He didn't think there would be any relationship between himself and Yaxin!

However after the last few days of contacts I do not know if it is an illusion Wang Ming felt that Yaxin seems to have a special feeling for himself seems to be particularly concerned about themselves! Especially after today's incident Wang Ming is unable to sit still in any case he does not want to let Yaxin suffer even a trace of grievance he does not want outside rumors that Yaxin is chasing himself for a high school wire mesh decking girl that means what everyone knows! Basically those who chase boys in high school will be crowned with such cheap names as slut and nymphomaniac! As for boys there is no problem in this respect the pursuit can not can change the goal to pursue indomitable spirit is also admired by everyone can not catch up with no shame so Such a thing should be initiated by a man! Think of here Wang Ming perturbed raised his head took a look at Yaxin although very afraid but Wang Ming knows that some things in any case must be done even if she lost can not put all the pressure on her body otherwise he will be a man in vain! Cut jracking.com

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