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Morals cultivate immortals. Chuan Jing proofread edition

Then under another small tree more than ten feet away from the pit a figure slowly emerged The man was covered with black cloth all over his body showing only a pair of dark and shining eyes with a yellow mask outside But as soon as the man was completely unearthed the yellow mask immediately faded and then disappeared completely without a trace After the man came out he looked around and in the sky warily and then said in a deep voice; "Come out the man is really gone!" As the words fell several places around the ground at the same time convex and concave up once again drilled out three people dressed in the same way the same yellow mask the industrial racking systems same black mask Only one of them was so slender that she seemed to be a woman Brother what can I do But they ordered us to be captured alive or killed in the future But now we let this man go will it be all right A slender man who had just come out could not help asking anxiously Listening to his accent he seems to be not very old The man who came out first could not help trembling when he heard this which was exactly what he was worried about Some of them had a deep understanding of the ruthlessness of those who gave them orders It should be all right! When they ordered they did not say that the person who came was a monk in the period of building the foundation

This is something far beyond our ability Even if we do it we just want to die The man said with some diffidence Hum! The eldest brother is right Why should we keep the monks in the period of building the foundation I still don't believe those people They really don't make any sense! The only woman of the three said with some anger Hearing this the other three people could not help looking at each other with a wry smile Their little sister to now is still so naive life is hanging in each other's hands people will not reason with them ah! "However the younger sister said is not unreasonable it is estimated that they did not expect to come will be such a big fish otherwise will not only give me this matter" And at least one of the monks who built the foundation should be sent to help The last tall and thin man also spoke Yes if we explain things clearly we should not be punished too much! The slender man seemed to be in high spirits and hurriedly echoed But how to listen to this how to like the meaning of self-consolation It's a little weird though I always feel that this young monk in the period of building the foundation seems to have seen it somewhere before and he looks familiar! The man's eyes suddenly showed a trace of doubt and he said softly to himself This sentence so that the other three people are stunned greatly surprised The woman in particular had a flash of curiosity in her eyes and opened her mouth to ask about it But the man who was called eldest brother suddenly interrupted with a wave of his hand All right let's get out of here If there's anything let's talk about it later Seeing this heavy duty cantilever racks the woman had to swallow the words on her lips and nodded in agreement Recommend Shan Chunxiu's new book "Tao Fa Void" is worth a look TXT download all in the http//wwwhunhunnet/ of Hun Hun Novel Network Chapter 298 capture alive Recommend Shan Chunxiu's new book "Tao Fa Void" is worth a look TXT download all in the mixed novel network http//wwwhunhunnet/ ~ date ~ September 18 ~ Where do you want to go Would you like me to give you a ride When these people were just about to take out their flying instruments and leave suddenly there was a cold voice in the sky The sound was so cold that the four masked men all turned pale with fright cast spells almost at the same time to protect themselves and then scattered before they dared to look over their heads Han Lizheng stood on the kamikaze boat with his clothes fluttering in the sky of tens of feet looking at them with an expressionless face and a chill in his eyes The hearts of these four people sank at the same time coincidentally thought when did this person come back here how can we not notice "Scatter!" Led by the eldest brother without hesitation shouted Then he took the lead in shooting back and at the same time a disk-like instrument flew out of his bosom and he stepped on it and left

And the other three people each choose a direction scattered These people knew very well in their hearts that it was impossible for them to fight against the monks in the period of building the foundation so they might as well fly away immediately and the hope of escape was even greater The young woman was the weakest in several people's magic power so even in the imperial weapon galloping she couldn't help looking back at Han Li in the sky As a result to her surprise the scene appeared in front of her eyes Han Li stood on the boat and did not move there was no move to get up and chase the four of them When this lets the woman astounded in the heart secretly pleased unceasingly felt this time the whole body and gets away should have the hope greatly But at that moment a shrill scream suddenly came from in front of her Startled the woman turned her head hurriedly only to see a dazzling arrow-shaped red awn coming from the opposite side and heading straight for her in a threatening manner The masked woman raised her hand in shuttle rack system horror and only had time to throw out an ice gun amulet in her hand As soon as the glittering ice gun touched the red light a white fog burst out which failed to stop the red awn so that the light of the arrow still hit the water shield of the body Suddenly red and blue lights were shining in front of her eyes As soon as her body shook she was abruptly repelled several feet away but finally the shield did not break open which made the woman breathe a sigh of relief At this time Only then did she look ahead angrily and at the same time she was still beating a drum in her heart Could it be that the friar in the period of building the foundation still had his companions ambushed around After waiting for her to see clearly the "person" who attacked in front of her the masked woman's eyes were stunned and the black cloth was full of unbelievable color In front of them were two dolls dressed as soldiers floating in midair in iron armor One of them was holding a big bow on which there was an identical arrow-shaped red awn which was gradually being pulled apart The other on the other hand held a long knife with a thick back emitting yellow light Is slowly flying towards her jracking.com

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