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Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world

Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world

Hsiao Yueh-sheng said with a smile "There are a lot of people and it's lively I met an stainless steel tile trim old friend in a foreign land" It's fate It's no big deal to sit down and have a meal "All right" Xiao Ruyu is helpless With a sigh he turned away from Tuobasen ,, Tuo Ba Sen smiled stiffly the sunlight flashed a few times said no more and came to the table with Xiao Yuesheng Sitting opposite Xiao Ruyu Xiao Ruyu glared at him with displeasure and turned his head Talk with Xiao Yuesheng "Gentleman this person looks serious it is not what good thing however why to touch him" Xiao Yuesheng smiled and looked at Tuobasen He sighed to himself "This man's heart is firm If he does evil he must be a great evil If he does good he must be a great evil" It's Yingjie but it's a pity "I don't know where Mr Xiao is from" Tuo Ba Sen turned his head and asked Xiao Yuesheng with a smile Xiao Yuesheng smiled and said "I am from the Central Plains" "Mr Xiao is actually from the Central Plains Is he from the Song Dynasty" Tuo Ba Sen was greatly surprised Xiao Yuesheng nodded "Yes I was originally from the Song Dynasty I heard there was excitement here so I came over to have a look" Tuo Ba Sen said "So Mr Xiao must recognize Xiao Guanlan the first master of the Song Dynasty" "Yes I do" Xiao Yuesheng nodded Smile The corners of Tuobasen's mouth were slightly turned up as if he were sarcastic "Are you a friend" He asked with a smile "It's a friend" Xiao Yuesheng pretended not to see it and nodded Difficult to be Xiao Guanlan's friend presumably Mr Xiao is not an ordinary person but we are ignorant ashamed ah Tuo Ba Sen laughed

The smile at the corners of his mouth spread apparently in disbelief but without exposing it he showed his grace Xiao Ruyu heard his sarcasm and felt harsh "Who is Mr Hsiao" He sneered "It's none of your business Tuobasen do what you have to do" She was extremely rude to Tuobasen frowning coldly as if she were an enemy Xiao Yuesheng looked over curiously although she was cold and arrogant But usually treat people politely joy anger sorrow and joy convergence will not be so impolite "Drive him away sir" said Xiao Ruyu Xiao Yuesheng nodded gently and said "In that case the words are not congenial" Tuoba Shaoxia if you offend me please! " His eyes sparkled and naturally he knew who this Tuobasen was and since Xiao Ruyu and his reaction were so intense he didn't want to make any more promises Tuo Ba Sen's face sank and he looked over coldly He did not expect that Xiao Yuesheng would suddenly change his attitude and drive himself directly If Xiao Ruyu is like this she is a woman naturally can not care but a man so to oneself but is the relationship Zunyin Not to be outdone He stood up and said in a deep voice "Mr Xiao" Are you serious! Xiao Yuesheng smiled and said "Since Miss Ruyu hates you so much stainless steel tile edge trim it's boring to sit here It's better to sit separately" Everyone is comfortable how about it ,,,, "It seems that Mr Xiao despises me!" Tuo Ba Sen sneered his eyes twinkling like essence showing a good cultivation Xiao Yuesheng smiled and said "I didn't mean that" "I'd like to ask for some advice!" Tuo Ba Sen sinks his voice Xiao Yuesheng sat firmly smiled shook his head and did not pick up the ballast Tuo Ba Sen said in a deep voice "I won't take your life It's just a comparison" Xiao Yuesheng said with a smile "Even if I lose please leave Shaoxia" "I have offended you!" Tuo Ba Sen suddenly leaned forward and punched Xiao Yuesheng in the chest Xiao Yuesheng did not move but Monk Xiao Ye stepped forward Vertical palm like a knife straight cut down This palm is like a real knife out of the "sniff" a light roar such as split clothes and silks but it is cut Tuo Ba Sen's face changed Suddenly step back Avoid the palm knife "Who are you" He asked coldly 。 Monk Xiao Ye stood in front of Xiao Yuesheng and said in a deep voice "Don't use an ox knife to kill a chicken I want to compete with my master" Go through me first! Chapter 699 down! Old Ba Sen frowned and turned to look at Xiao Yuesheng with a faint smile Daxia Xiao you have a habit You don't do it easily but once you do it you never leave your hands! Xiao Yuesheng smiled and said "Isn't it boring to keep your hands Don't mention it brother Just give me some advice" "Good!" Tuo Ba Sen's face sank "In that case" he snorted coldly "I won't stand on ceremony Let's make a move" Monk Xiao Ye clasped his fist suddenly punched it kicked it and went straight through Tuo Ba Sen's chest just like an arrow leaving the string

Tuo Ba Sen's horizontal arm makes a "block" formula and the corners of his mouth are slightly warped with sarcasm Monk Xiao Ye knew at a glance that his martial arts were not high and his internal force was not deep He naturally chose to take over the enemy's weaknesses with his own strengths Xiao Ruyu hugged his arms looked on coldly saw his arms blocking each other the delicate corners of his mouth turned up showing a sneer and shook his head by the way Bang! The fist hit the outside of the arm the hardest part Tuo Ba Sen's handsome face was covered with a sneer As soon as his fists met his arms he suddenly smiled hard his body flew upside down his feet did not leave the ground and he slipped out flat "Bang!" The dishes flew up and the vegetable juice splashed all over the sky He slipped back and bumped into a table and the whole table flew The flying bowl stainless tile trim splashed the hot soup with vegetable juice The guests at the table screamed to avoid it One middle-aged man avoided it and was drenched in the hot soup screaming again and again The guests around followed the chaos and stood up one after another dodging vegetable juice and hot soup for fear of splashing on their bodies and those who were not sensitive were affected Suddenly the sound of shouting and scolding was heard all the time and people stared at each other Tuo Ba Sen's face was gloomy as if covered with a dark cloud staring at Xiao Ye monk unable to hide his surprise looking him up and down Monk Xiao Ye stepped back and snorted Big is not satisfied and then a kick a fierce rush straight punch out and the previous one is exactly the same with a sneer on his face If even a little young man can't take it it's too humiliating to practice master's martial arts in vain Besides this is in front of Miss Xiao the future teacher's wife losing the face of the master how can there be good fruit to eat! With this idea in mind he was determined to operate on Tuobasen to show off his power and prestige to add glory to the master's face and to sweep the face of this small white face Fist wind whistling instant to the front of Tuo Ba Sen lightning speed jecatrims.com

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