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Rebirth of holding a golden thigh

Gu Zhaoqing will not take the initiative to make friends with others Yang Lan's character is even more cold the only enthusiastic Xu Tingting because Meng Jiaqi said that her voice was noisy and did not want to talk to Meng Jiaqi so now the three of them feel that this is enough The three of them walked and chatted all the way to the playground where many of their classmates were waiting In addition to their class there are many other classes including their college and other colleges Gu Zhaoqing saw Zhuo Yu but she did not wear this kind of clothes obviously the counselor does not need to participate in training she probably came here to see if there is any problem Then Gu Zhaoqing they also saw Meng Jiaqi she and several other girls chatting together it seems to get along very well When it was time to gather they finally saw the instructor in charge of their military training a man who looked about twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old Although he was also dressed in camouflage clothes he looked very imposing Line up stainless steel edging strip all the students are arranged from left to right according to their size Zhuo Yu opened his mouth and said "The boys are behind the girls"

Although Gu Zhaoqing is young she is not small She is about the same size as Yang Lan only Xu Tingting is shorter So after the whole team Gu Zhaoqing and Yang Lan were next to each other and Xu Tingting was assigned to the other end sadly Short people really can't afford to be hurt! "Students this is the person in charge of your military training during the criminal instructor please obey all the arrangements of the criminal instructor after the time" Zhuo Yu introduced Hello drillmaster! The students shouted in chorus Criminal drillmaster nodded "I hope everyone can improve their physical fitness through military training during this period!" " Criminal drillmaster's voice is very penetrating but also with an indisputable temperament many people in the bottom of their drillmaster is really too cool After a brief introduction the formal training began The content of military training in universities is the same as that in junior and senior high schools and the most essential thing is the uniform goose-step So for the next two hours all the students began to walk back and forth and stand still which lasted for two hours Dismissed and free for ten minutes The drillmaster opened his mouth and said "You can go over there to drink water" With the rest instructions of the criminal instructor everyone felt relieved in an instant Gu Zhaoqing and Yang Lan went to get water together Of course I also saw Xu Tingting with a tired and miserable face Ting Ting are you all right Gu Zhaoqing looked at her face as red as it was about to explode Yang Lan also looked at her with some concern Xu Tingting took the mineral water bottle and poured half a bottle of water down feeling that his life had been saved It's okay it's hot and tired and I feel like I'm going to lose five pounds Xu Tingting gasped Hold on hold on Gu Zhaoqing patted her on the shoulder in fact she is also very tired if put in the previous life her body certainly can not persist now this life her constitution is still relatively good Don't try to be brave If you can't hold on say it stainless steel edge trim Yang Lan said that Gu Zhaoqing was young and the same intensity of military training should be more burdensome for her Gu Zhaoqing smiled and nodded for Yang Lan's concern she is still very useful

After a short break the training began again but maybe the weather was too hot and some girls could not hold on Probably the criminal instructor also felt that the intensity was too great so after another half hour of training he asked everyone to sit down in a circle Now we begin to learn to sing military songs and all the training teams will sing in the evening The criminal drillmaster sat in the middle and said Instructors teach us we can not sing! It was their new monitor who opened his mouth Criminal drillmaster nodded "First sing the simplest" "Unity is strength" Unity is strength unity is strength this strength is iron this strength is steel! Although the singing of the criminal drillmaster is not very pleasant to listen to it has the unique strength of a soldier Unity is strength unity is strength this strength is iron this strength is steel Everyone repeated it "Harder than iron stronger than steel!" "Harder than iron stronger than steel" Gu Zhaoqing followed everyone to sing this should be the most familiar song almost as long as there is military training this song is indispensable especially during each military training before eating Then he spent his time learning to sing until four o'clock in the afternoon The next arrangement is that you can move freely rest freely after dinner in the evening and gather on the playground at seven o'clock Said the criminal drillmaster Everyone could not help cheering and finally they could rest for a while Come on let's go back!

Xu Tingting ran over and said Gu Zhaoqing and Yang Lan nodded After Gu Zhaoqing and Xu Tingting and Yang Lan walk back together but do not know whether to go to dinner or go back to the dormitory to rest first If you go back to the dormitory first you will have to come down later which is troublesome but it's only 430 now and the canteen has a meal at 500 I think we might as well buy some bread or something so that we don't have to come down one more time and go straight to the meeting at seven o'clock Xu Tingting suggested Gu Zhaoqing and Yang Lan feel that this is good But they were just about to go to the supermarket downstairs of the dormitory when they saw Lin Shijin who was carrying two big bags in his hands Gu Zhaoqing rushed over "Didn't I send you a text message Why did you come here" Lin Shijin handed her the bag "I bought you a meal Don't eat anything that is not nutritious" The portions are adequate and there should be no problem for the three of you to eat There are also snacks to eat when you are hungry at night but don't eat too much "Yes I know" Gu Zhaoqing did not expect her dear boyfriend to be so considerate It's really sweet to the heart! Chapter 325 a boyfriend who can make money "Wow the school grass is so considerate!" Xu Tingting looked at the bag in Gu Zhaoqing's hand and exclaimed Gu Zhaoqing hurriedly bumped her lightly with her body "Don't shout you have to call all the people in the dormitory building over!" Xu Tingting pouted jecatrims.com

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