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Ultimate intelligence

Du Cheng just smiled but did not answer anything but the meaning is obvious Du Cheng for the 30 million euros is not interested Kenny Girard looked at Du Cheng's indifferent look gritted his teeth and said "Fifty million euros" Du Cheng just looked at it lightly and then said "If there is no sincerity you can go back" "One hundred million euros" By Du Cheng Kenny Giral's face was obviously a little ugly but his heart was crossed and he raised again Money I'm not interested in two What Du Cheng said is very simple He really has no idea about money now Moreover what Du Cheng lacks most is not money With his 70% stake in Kaijing Energy and the hot sale of electric melting liquid Du Cheng's hidden assets have actually reached a terrible figure Kenny Girard didn't expect to raise the money to 100 million euros but the other metal trim manufacturers side was simply moved which made him feel a little discouraged but he still asked Du Cheng "What do you want" "I want a few people and if you promise I'll cancel the charges otherwise your son will be ready to stay in it for decades" Du Cheng said lightly that this was his real purpose Want someone Kenny Girard was stunned at first then looked obviously pleased and said directly "You can say who you want as long as you can say it I can help you find it" 。 Kenny Girard is very confident Compared with money people are much easier His son's life is not comparable to others Du Cheng saw Kenny Gilal's look smiled faintly and then said slowly "That's what you said Well give me the Berthham development team of Burr Electronic Technology" "What do you mean you want my Bosehan development team" Kenny Gilar was obviously stunned and then asked Du Cheng with some anger

If Burr Electronic Technologies is a person then for Kenny Girard the Boschan development team is absolutely the soul of Burr Electronics which is a first-class development team even if it is placed above the world It can even be said that this Bosihan development group on the water is where Kenny Girard's efforts lie is his lifeblood if there is no Bosihan development group Burr Electronics will definitely be badly weakened and even gradually decline However George Girard is also his lifeblood Now Du Cheng's choice for him is undoubtedly very simple whether to have a son or a company Didn't you hear what I meant This Bosihan team was learned by Du Cheng from the news when he learned about Burr Electronic Technology Company The overall evaluation was very high Therefore this is also the reason why Du Cheng made things bigger aluminium tile trim profiles His goal is only one that is the Bosihan development team Looking at Du Cheng's indifferent look Kenny Gilal's face was a little pale and soft on the seat This is not a choice that anyone can make easily It is obvious that Kenny Giral can't make a choice for a while At this time Kenny Girard must have scolded George Girard in his heart

Why did he offend such a person because of a woman Moreover the other side obviously came prepared and George Girard just ran into the muzzle of the other side's gun I'll be in Paris for a few days Take your time and call me when you've made up your mind Du Cheng did not pay attention to the meaning of Kenny Gilal left a word and left directly In this kind of thing Du Cheng needs to show absolute strength the kind of strength without the third choice of course Du Cheng also needs to give the other side time to consider When Du Cheng returned to the Flange Hotel Li Enhui and Gu Sixin had already come back After all Li Enhui only needed to pack up some of her usual daily necessities and cosmetics and it didn't take long to pack them up Of course Li Enhui's design paper was also brought along When Du Cheng first entered the hall he saw Li Enhui designing her unfinished princess skirts on the glass square table in the hall while Gu Sixin sat aside and gave some of her own opinions Because the glass square table is a little short so Li Enhui's body is a little bent a pair of beautiful legs to pull straight the upper body is bent into a beautiful arc very attractive Especially Li Enhui that slightly low neckline with Du Cheng standing position although the distance is a little far but Du Cheng's vision is so amazing almost can be said to be very obvious to see the round spring between Li Enhui's neckline as well as Li Enhui's white sexy Q This makes Du Cheng's mind can not help but think of the last time in Li Enhui's home that scene as well as Li Enhui that can be called the perfect tender white body Li Enhui apparently also found Du Cheng's return and when she raised her head she just found Du Cheng's eyes which seemed to be falling between her skirts and her pretty face suddenly turned red She stood up hurriedly but there was no sense of anger in her heart Instead there was a strange feeling Du Cheng you're back Gu Sixin also found Du Cheng's return at this time

When she saw Du Cheng Du Cheng had already moved his eyes away or Du Cheng's eyes only stayed for a moment and then moved away just as he met Li Enhui's eyes and left Cheng's face did not change but walked toward the two men with ease Li Enhui also quickly calmed down his face also recovered a lot after all she was seen by Du Cheng enough and then so eyes what is there but she still white Du Cheng one eye but this one eye but some amorous feelings Sister Enhui is designing it Would you like to come over and give some advice Gu Sixin pointed to the position beside him and asked Du Cheng two Li Enhui is also a bright eyes Gu Sixin said is obviously very much in agreement but she has seen Du Cheng's design level naturally is very much looking forward to jecatrims.com

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