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Demon Lord of the Other World

"My dear Lord of Destruction" said Solomon with a smile "I will give Yizhou time to straighten out the problem I mean from the time you answered Yushi you will enter the work of fighting with the God of Raccoon Dogs Today's audience has become a meeting of strategic regulations After the meeting I will give each Protoss ten days to gather troops and prepare logistical supplies Ten days later there will be two spaces the human world and the divine world At the same time they launched a large-scale war of God "Only ten days" Zhang Wenlong said with a wry smile "My God is above me" There are still two months to prepare for the holy war in the human world in the past year Isn't ten days too short "Then you will not obey the rules of war of your own race!" Solomon looked up to the sky with a smile and said proudly "Our people tile profile factory have always been strong and weak fighting endlessly Any ethnic group is always in the environment of war As long as we gather them together and throw them into the battlefield they will be a tough legion Why should we do it step by step like the holy war" You should understand that jihad is a war environment jointly drawn up by the enemy and our two races just like a military exercise step by step how can it be compared with field operations My God thinks deeply and I worship him Zhang Wenlong was suddenly enlightened From the point of view of the Supreme God he suddenly understood why the Dark Demons were full of brave and ruthless fighting strong and weak killing everywhere

It turned out that everything was to create an environment for fighting and training all the time Once the divine war broke out they could pull up a legion at any time and participate in it without temporary training and preparation compared with the step-by-step light clan It's really awesome and much more efficient For example In addition to the destruction of the Protoss the other five clans suffered numerous casualties especially the two Dynasties of the Demon and Mo clans which were completely destroyed and only two dark emperors fled It seems that they need to recuperate In fact the loss is slightly larger similar small wars often occur so as long as the God war mobilization order issued the day the whole Dynasty of clansmen are still high-spirited assembly can be put into the battlefield in the shortest possible time This is the biggest difference between a battle-hardened veteran and a rookie The Demon warriors who have been trained in the environment of survival and death can throw themselves into the battlefield at the first time and start killing Ten days Only the date of large-scale assembly in addition to this "Ding" also needs a full month of interstellar flight across the vast buffer zone of unmanned airspace in order to reach the world of light gods to launch a war of the gods!

In this period enough of the human world of God war to the high Xiang Solomon sighed with regret his eyes full of a little yearning a little excitement to his level of super master in addition to the decision of the rise and fall of the Protoss what else can make him feel the heart surging heart yearning "In this battle we need to mobilize the strength of the entire Protoss The five main gods and the five emperors all need to obey Zhang Wenlong's command and there must be no mistake" tile trim factory The king of deep boiling in the human world also needs to obey your unified command This Zun authorizes Zhang Wenlong to administer ten billion demons for the "Supreme Commander of Darkness" and carry out the ultimate divine war! " "Zhang Wenlong obeys orders!" He had nothing more to say because it didn't matter what he said He could only take one step at a time The decision of the nine-level Supreme was made by the infinite divine consciousness It was not impulsive It was difficult for anyone to change it unless it was stronger than the nine-level Supreme Unfortunately there was no other person in the universe except Apollo And why would Solomon ask Apollo's opinion "We obey the order of the Supreme God!" The five main gods stood up together bowed to Solomon and then bowed to Zhang Wenlong "I will pay my respects to the supreme commander!" "I dare not Please unite in good faith in the future Be sure to eradicate the family of light and wipe out the angel bird people" Zhang Wenlong returned the courtesy without being overbearing or humble Then he asked Solomon "Then my God please give me the code name of the war of God" As far as I know every The war of God which shines in the annals of history has a corresponding resounding code word

"This is a decisive battle to decide the life and death of the two overlords of gods and demons I don't know how many strong gods withered in the battle of gods So this ultimate battle of gods is called" the twilight of the gods! " Said Solomon awe-inspiring his eyes looking as it were through the vast sea of stars in the direction of the celestial world of light far beyond the starry sky He had painstakingly prepared for this strategic decision for more than half a million years After numerous failures in the ancient war of gods and after more than half a million years of peaceful cultivation today the paper peace contract will finally be abolished by him The new raccoon dog pole mobilization order has been issued and the twilight war of gods is about to begin The heart sea which has long been in the ancient well seems to be filled with a trace of expectation and excitement Ah the vitality that has disappeared for tens of thousands of years seems to be possessed all of a sudden What a battle of the gods! What a twilight of the gods! My family will win! My family will win! The six main gods and the elite of the Department of Destruction were also infected by the ancient and modern terms of divine warfare One by one they were so excited that their blood boiled They stood up from the throne raised their arms and shouted and roared in the temple of the afterlife My God in addition to this clan and the other five Protoss soldiers the Supreme Legion does this commander in chief have the command Zhang Wenlong asked in a loud voice Now that he has been given the authority of the supreme commander he needs to understand his authority This divine war is a kind of honor but also a kind of wind team win everything is easy to say lose I'm afraid the end is too tragic to bear If you want to know how the funeral please visit the canthus than more chapters support tussah support genuine reading! Chapter 711 Strategic Plan Chuan Yi Er Luo Men is not a good stubble The importance attached to him at present Is it because Zhang Wenlong did not believe that Solomon did not doubt his way of rapid cultivation by using Yierpin to study him It has broken through the barrier of the nine-level power system created by the Supreme As an omniscient Supreme how can he not have the slightest suspicion There must be something Zhang Wenlong did not understand about the reason why he was entrusted with an important task instead of any investigation And that's where his value lies Ask a tiger for its skin With the wolf this is the biggest feeling of Zhang Wenlong at the moment! jecatrims.com

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