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Go on a blind date, Dad.

"Hum I'll deal with you when I leave Zongmen" Obviously Eurasia still felt that he could easily clean up Yang Xiaoguang but now Zongmen could not let go of his hands and feet It is no wonder that Eurasia is so confident building nine layers of foundation even if it is Dzogchen but it is still building nine layers of foundation which is a whole realm different from the golden elixir nine layers Not to say sorry to me but to say sorry to my wife Leng Feiyan At this time Yang Xiaoguang said lightly Eurasia was a little angry but finally he took a deep breath looked at Leng Feiyan bowed and said "I'm sorry Sister Leng" Leng Feiyan also hurriedly ran over and pulled Yang Xiaoguang's arm and said "Xiaoguang forget it" She also does not want to let Yang Xiaoguang and Eurasia fight because how to look Yang Xiaoguang has no chance to win Only then did Yang Xiaoguang take back his sword Then he looked at Leng Feiyan and whispered "Let's go to the house I'll show you the wound" "Mmm" After entering the cave Leng Feiyan lowered his voice again and said "Xiaoguang you were so powerful just now that you scared Eurasia away" But it's too dangerous If Eurasia doesn't eat this and wants to fight with you then you won't be beaten up by him Yang Xiaoguang smiled and did not speak It's true that he has no chance to win against the nine layers of golden elixir but if he really wants to fight for aluminium edge trim his life it's not certain who will live or die Hundreds of years of Yang Xiaoguang's previous life are not in vain especially after the tragic war ten thousand years ago if you really fight for your life Eurasia may not be able to win Yang Xiaoguang Of course if Eurasia breaks through to yuan Ying that's another story Even a newly born monk can easily kill a monk who builds a foundation In front of yuan Ying Friar in front of the absolute realm gap any fighting skills and life experience are meaningless Of course Yang Xiaoguang is not completely without the ability to resist You know he's not fighting alone Not counting the panda who is lazy and makes a living by acting cute every day Yang Xiaoguang also has two small partners Qiuqiu and Ying Qiuqiu and Sakura are already in the realm of Jindan If one person one mouse and one bird join hands even if they are defeated by the strong yuan Ying they will not be defeated Therefore Yang Xiaoguang has nothing to fear in the face of Eurasia Where did it hurt I'll put some fairy water on it

A little later Yang Xiaoguang asked Leng Feiyan looked a little embarrassed "I'll do it myself" "Well good" Yang Xiaoguang then took a bottle of fairy water to Leng Feiyan and then left the cave Outside the cave Eurasia is gone but Sun Man is still here She sat on a bench in the courtyard her legs arched her face buried in her legs and she couldn't see her expression I'm sorry At this moment Sun Man suddenly said Uh what do you say I shouldn't have looked down on you before I thought you were just an ordinary grandfather Sun Mandao Yang Xiaoguang smiled "What about now aluminum tile trim " "A handsome old man" Yang Xiaoguang Chapter 660 Peach Blossom Sect I'm back! Yang Xiaoguang smiled and said "I heard that Elder Furong was going to choose between you and Feiyan to marry me but you got married first so Feiyan had to marry me" He paused glanced at Sun Man and said jokingly "Do you regret it" Sun Man did not look up and after a moment he muttered vaguely "a little bit" She is really a little regretful Sun Man was really shocked to see that Yang Xiaoguang who built the ninth floor of the foundation dared to force Eurasia who built the ninth floor of Jindan to apologize for Leng Feiyan In this world of the law of the jungle there is a monk who builds the foundation and forces the monk who is about to give birth to a baby to apologize Anyway this is the first time Sun Man has seen this kind of thing And what about the husband of his flash marriage Not to mention standing up to protect myself I have been married for several months not to mention the cold violence every day and now I dare to slap myself in public The more Sun Man thought about it the more aggrieved he felt Suddenly someone patted her on the shoulder Sun Man raised his head It's Yang Xiaoguang He held a small medicine bottle in his hand "There are some medicines that can cure wounds Just smear some on your face" How ugly it would be for a beautiful woman to keep a slap print Sun Man took the medicine held it tightly in his hand wriggled at the corners of his mouth and finally opened his mouth "Thank you" Yang Xiaoguang smiled "You're welcome" My wife said you were her best friend in the Sixiang clan Sun Man's mouth wriggled but this time he didn't say anything Moments later Leng Feiyan came out of the cave Sun Man walked directly over hugged Leng Feiyan tightly and then cried Some grievances some emotions only in the face of the closest people will vent out It can be seen that for Sun Man this huge four-elephant clan she felt that the closest person was also cold Yang Xiaoguang did not stay here he aluminum tile edge trim did not want to affect Leng Feiyan and Sun Man they must have a lot to say He went to the central square of Sixiangzong first

The square which covers an area of about 30000 mu is very wide At this moment many people have gathered in the square Everyone's mood is quite excited For many years the Sixiang Sect has continued to suppress Taohua Mountain in the meeting of the two sects so in the eyes of many disciples of the Sixiang Sect the meeting of the two sects this year will still be a great victory for the Four Elephant Sect However the elders of the Sixiang Sect were not as excited as the disciples but their faces were a little dignified Because they just got the news that Luo Yun of the Peach Blossom Sect had come back Luo Yun is the younger brother of Gu Qianyu's fiance Luo Feng the elder of the Peach Blossom Sect Seventy years ago when Luo Feng disappeared Luo Yun was only ten years old and they were brothers After Luo Feng disappeared 10-year-old Luo Yun ran away from home alone to find his brother Luo Feng who had not returned for 70 years Originally everyone almost thought that Luo Yun had suffered an accident after all he was only ten years old when he ran away from home In such a world where the law of the jungle and monsters often come and go the probability of a 10-year-old child encountering an accident during his wandering is too high He came back unexpectedly and he was already the ninth layer of Dzogchen Xiu of the golden elixir Because Luo Yun was registered in the Peach Blossom Sect when he was very young he was also eligible to participate in the two martial arts jecatrims.com

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