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"This" What is this yuan Qianglong who was still proud of himself was dumbfounded His water was alumina c799 sucked away so quickly by the other side as if it was sucked into another world and with the water sucked in he felt a suction himself You do don't you I'll electrocute you yuan Qianglong shocked the heart is also a ruthless urged the hands of the thunder wing lightning knife the huge current is once again moved with the water that is toward Yang Haoxuan left hand Ha ha devour can ignore everything you just thunder and lightning also want to shake me Chapter 229 Wan Jian Yun Fei (for collection)

Thank you for the students who support tofu these days You are so lovely Tofu likes you If you support tofu you can give alms to the temple Whoa whoa whoa! Sure enough when the thunder and lightning produced by the thunder wing lightning knife reached Yang Haoxuan's left hand it did not turn up any big waves and obediently followed the current into space And when the water is less and less the suction of swallowing begins to make people feel terrible First the hall below begins to shake and the whole peak seems to be shaking gently Then the whole palace was sucked up from the ground and flew into the air quickly The huge hall looked like if it was hit how scary it was to think about it But something unexpected happened to Yang Haoxuan The hall closer to the left hand was getting smaller and smaller Finally it became a mini house and was sucked into space Looking at the cosmic space the hall was restored to its original state and parked inside Yang Haoxuan was stunned and laughed "After the original devouring evolved into a God there are still additional abilities In this way I can build everything I like 7g Ozone Generator in the cosmic space in the future!" Think of these Yang Haoxuan is in a good mood and then look below yuan Qianglong is relying on the thunder wing lightning knife to keep himself from being sucked up but it is also a spent force sweat on his face like rain struggling to support Hum Yang Haoxuan disdained a smile left hand toward the back of a pull suddenly suction greatly increased the ground above the land is disintegrated into a piece of suction up the whole peak as if an earthquake had occurred Even the people of Niujia Village in the distance saw the changes that had taken place in the yuanzong Hall The fire dragon and the flood had attracted their attention for a long time After watching it for a long time they finally found that two people were fighting Who dares to fight against yuan Zongdian As soon as the people of Niujiacun thought about it they remembered the young man during the day

Although he was a little arrogant he seemed to have said that he would kill them They could not help but stretch their necks and expect something Xiaofang shouted loudly beside the window at home while Xiaoli was silent and did not know what she was thinking Damn damn you son of a bitch trying to take away my treasure You're dreaming dreaming! On the mountain yuan Qianglong seems to be crazy the body has been slowly pulled up so that he is extremely unwilling to attack Ha-ha your treasure You don't have the ability to refine it and you don't have the ability to awaken the spirit of the sword 10g Ozone Generator How to say it is your treasure I'm afraid your treasure won't be yours as soon as it leaves your hand Yang Haoxuan floated in the air disdained to say increase the suction attempt to pull the thunder wing lightning knife into space ahead of time so that yuan Qianglong is not a problem However Yang Haoxuan still underestimated yuan Qianglong's persistence clinging to the thunder wing lightning knife and was finally sucked into space

The battlefield is also transformed into space Yang Haoxuan closed his eyes and sure enough he saw water everywhere in space a palace and a lot of gravel and soil yuan Qianglong also looked at everything around him blankly but the hand that grabbed the lightning knife was bleeding There is still water in space Yang Haoxuan can not let him continue to gain power inside so he released the water again although the water is controlled by yuan Qianglong but space is his domain everything is up to him Ha-ha what else do you have now Yang Haoxuan's voice was conveyed to yuan Qianglong's ears in the void yuan Qianglong like a frightened rabbit was startled He couldn't see Yang Haoxuan Then he said loudly "Good boy good boy you have such magical powers I'm convinced But I have a knife in my hand You want to kill me You don't want it to be so easy Now let's see if you can break your field!" With that he inserted the thunder wing lightning knife below and then input the internal force to urge only to see the thunder wing lightning knife again showing infinite lightning and then spread rapidly the whole space suddenly thunder and lightning Yang Haoxuan also felt his whole person a shock Yang Haoxuan wanted to attack but also helpless the lightning dragon drill can not get close to yuan Qianglong's body as if he was protected inside No if it goes on like this

I'll lift a rock only to drop it on my own feet Forget it Use this trick Yang Haoxuan thought in his heart and then controlled the cloud star sword into the space and then urged the sword array to recite the pithy formula silently About a few seconds later Yang Haoxuan displayed the first sword array of the Star Sword Array Wan Jian Yun Fei Wan Jianyunfei is the first time that Yang Haoxuan used it to fight against the four demons He did not use it because of the lack of conditions He urged more than nine thousand treasures Although he had the knack of sword array he still needed huge internal force support Moreover Wan Jianyun flies 3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate in the cosmic space displays the effect is more only sees a cloud star sword also is the fast circle rotation but moves cuts off the electric pole is also relaxed slowly all cloud star swords flashed suddenly turned into the popular meteorite rotates in the cosmic space confuses the real with the fake Immediately a cloud star sword is to begin to combine to attack see people dazzled but the power but not to be underestimated Bang bang bang! Cloud Star Sword and Thunder Wing Lightning Knife's thunder and lightning quickly clashed resulting in a huge collision but still dominated by Cloud Star Sword who called it a large number soon Thunder Wing Lightning Knife's thunder and lightning was suppressed revealing yuan Qianglong below At the moment his face is like a blank sheet of paper he does not have Yang Haoxuan that kind of realm urges the Tao implement almost overdraws all the internal force and energy but still can not win the other side global-ceramics.com

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