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Goodbye, nameless

"Commander in Chief!"! According to the palace map that Cao Gonggong gave us before as long as we pass through the first bedroom after the inner garden it is the'Shouling Palace 'where the Central Plains Dog Emperor is lucky tonight The thousands of bodyguards in front of us are already unconscious The Central Plains Emperor is already in our pocket How can we retreat at this moment The rest of the elite echoed "Not bad!"! Nothing ventured nothing gained Commander in chief! Please forgive our disobedience! If you want to retreat you can retreat by yourself Let's go into Shouling Palace and take down the dog emperor first! As soon as the elites called out their morale was like a rainbow and they no longer paid attention to Ying Xiong's orders Suddenly all of them showed their bodies and jumped down from the top of the city like a rainbow through the inner garden to the gate of Shouling Palace! Seeing that the elites disobeyed the order Ying Xiongli jumped up and fell in front of the elites sternly shouting "Bold!"! How can you ignore military discipline "Your eagerness to save the gold is commendable but you lack the wisdom to save the gold"

"The present situation is surprisingly calm a prelude to the coming storm!" "With your little strength you may not be able to get away with it If you want to die you can withdraw immediately!" Even though more than a hundred elites are Jin people Ying Xiong doesn't want them to sacrifice in vain After all he himself is a Jin person not to mention that in his eyes the person who can do anything to save the nation is a rare person! But all the elites were already like arrows on the string Ying Xiong's words of good advice were like insults Some of them were not convinced by Ying Xiong who was only 19 years old At this time they became more and more angry and said angrily "Bah!"! Mu Yingxiong! We really don't understand why Mr Jiuluo appointed you as our commander in chief If we get cold feet is it the work of a warrior At present we must not fall short of success As they spoke some of the elite raised their legs and kicked at the giant gate of the Shouling Palace As soon as Ying Xiong's face changed he shouted in a deep voice "Stubborn!"! There will be danger inside the door! Don't be too impulsive Unfortunately he said this too late! A "bump"! The gate of Shouling Palace had been kicked open by the elites with heavy legs but everyone fixed their eyes on it There is no shadow of the emperor and his beloved concubine inside! There's only one inside Dead people who have been dismembered by five horses and whose bodies have been scattered all over the ground! Grandfather Cao! Ah Become an armpit! The event did not become should Cao father-in-law unexpectedly has broken and die don't He saw Cao father-in-law scattered on the ground of the body that more than a hundred elite immediately the morale of one!

At that moment everyone knew that something was wrong and exclaimed in unison "Huh" Grandfather Cao Are you dead That's not good! The plan has leaked out! "We fell into the trap" Before the exclamation was over a clear roar suddenly came from the inner garden of the palace steatite c221 saying "Yes!"! You have fallen into the trap! "Today all of you-" "It's hard to fly with wings!" The voice was extremely clear just like a dragon singing in the sky The elite of the Jin people who were already soul-stirring in the inner garden unexpectedly looked up at the source of the voice Although Ying Xiong had expected that all the people would fall he also glanced at the sound at the same time only to see that the source of the voice was the top of the city where all the people were just now! It turned out that the top of the city was covered with countless military forces of the Central Plains at least a thousand and each guard was drawing bows and arrows standing by in full battle array What was even more shocking was that thousands of guards who were thought to have fainted on the ground in the inner garden of the palace also jumped up at the same time and surrounded Ying Xiong and other elites in the center of the garden with bows and arrows in their hands at an unknown time! The man who had just spoken in a loud voice was now standing in front of the thousand archers on the top of the city and had the potential to reign over the world! And he is indeed a man who reigns over the world! Because he is the emperor of the Central Plains the Dragon Lord of the vast China and the vast land! The real dragon has finally arrived! Ying Xiong and the elite of the Jin people have been ambushed on all sides! And all the drastic changes are also in this lightning speed! The more than one hundred elite had not yet exclaimed had not yet regretted that he had ignored Ying Xiong's dissuasion and suddenly heard that the emperor of the Central Plains who was high above the masses shouted with a heavy thunder and ordered majestically "The golden dog of the Han people is irreconcilable!" "Those who offend me will be killed without mercy!" "All the archers in the field" "Put it!" "Arrows!" As soon as the word "put the arrow" came out the thousands of archers on the top of the city as well as the thousands of archers who had besieged the people in the inner garden immediately obeyed orders and all the arrows that had already been set up were put as they said!

Between the lightning but listen to thousands of powerful arrows shot out of the "Peng Peng" sound combined into a shocking soul-stirring loud noise! Thousands of extremely sharp and powerful arrows have been shot at the elite and Yingxiong who are more than 100 gold men The arrows are as fast as lightning and they come from all directions The people trapped in the core are like turtles in a jar and there is no way to avoid them! In an instant the inner garden of the palace which should have been peaceful and tranquil rang out on the spot with the sound of an arrow that was too horrible to bear to hear! And a series of howls and screams "Ah" I just don't know can there be Ying Xiong's screams among them Now that he has been defeated will he not even be able to fulfill his long-cherished wish of fame in World War I and will he die first under thousands of powerful arrows Can he be so lucky that he can wait until he comes with Xiaoyu to express his love for her No matter cordierite c520 how much he was reviled by the world how much he was condemned by thousands of people she also vowed to follow his unrepentant heart all her life The wind dare not blow Just because the wind is not as strong as them! The tree dare not move Just because the tree is not as proud as them! Ye dare not fly! Just because Ye is not as fast as them! Thousands of miles of sky also as if dare not have half a minute of change as if also holding their breath dare not harass the two of them! Just because one of them may always be "unbeaten" and the other may always be "the strongest"! Kensei who may never be defeated and Nameless who may always be the strongest have been standing in the dark trees for three hours and they have been on guard against each other for three hours! Confrontation! But did not move half a minute! Why aren't they moving I do not know I only knew that the wind the trees the leaves and the sky all dared not move as they did not move The huge forest was as quiet as a pool of stagnant water for a thousand years All the snakes insects rats and ants within a hundred feet had long been unable to bear the oppressive atmosphere of death and had fled in all directions two hours ago! Only the lonely and proud Kensei and the nameless compete in the infinite silence! global-ceramics.com

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