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Hachifu Linmen full text reading, novel Hachifu Linmen full text free online reading

No I can't go like this so I did something that Feng Qingya never thought of in her life I was the one who kissed her Just the cheek of course However she was petrified I used to kiss her when she was Xiao Jiu You You She pointed at me unable to speak and blushed "Get out of here!" "Hey hey!" I immediately left Feng Qingya did not say that I also ran otherwise when Nangong Qiu came back I could not run As for Xuanyuan Yifei I'm not worried According to my understanding Alumina Ceramic C795 of Nangongqiu once he found me missing he would first suspect Xuanyuan Yifei and ask him for help After confrontation they would find the truth Maybe they would join hands to find me

They can make up which is what I hope most Suddenly a person appeared in front of him it was Xiao Ruo After a little thought I stopped Xiao Ruo was obviously waiting for me intentionally She stood quietly in the moonlight then slowly turned around and brought out her gentle words "We" I miss you very much Miss me My heart is touched they are like my family if not for different positions we will get along very happily 16K Computer Station www 16K CN。“ Madame has a bad attitude towards you because she is jealous of you jealous that you are always so casual Casual Since I entered the palace I forgot the word "casual" No one played with me Later Houxian was driven home Finally all the books were burned However she still wants to be a person like you can cause Xuan Mingyu's attention to her she got into a dead end because of you "In fact just be herself" "Madame is also changing You have changed her Thank you" This sentence warmed my heart After thinking about it I still asked "Will Qingya be involved in the matter of distant dust this time" "Can Madame get away" Xiao Ruo asked in reply Yes even if she has the heart to get rid of the lady who protects the country it is not a matter of overnight As for Feng Qingya I deplored more "By the way do you know when yuanchen will start" "It should be five days later It's the queen's birthday" "I see thank you" "What are you going to do" I laughed "We are enemies now" Also be careful to leave the song "Song of departure" "Well just be careful" I turned and my cloak flew in the night Where are you going "I don't know" Raise your feet Wait you Is it a man or a woman Under the body why does Xiao Ruo ask so By the way I used to tease Feng Qingya that he was a man Unexpectedly this question has puzzled them so far Madam I always thought you were a man Ozone generator ceramic plate Xiao Ruo's faint voice came from behind I smiled "That's it" It's also good to let this misunderstanding continue With all my strength I rose from the ground and flew out of the Huguo Mansion Looking back at Nangongqiu's courtyard I'm sorry Nangongqiu I still abandoned you because you are more dangerous than Xuanyuan Yifei The night is frighteningly quiet In the darkness there will always be a pair of dark and strange eyes At the door of the Rujia Inn a man in black appeared with a strong smell of wine on her body She knocked on the door of Rujia Inn When the door of the inn opened a bunch of orange lights were cast on her body She only said two words "Stay at the hotel" Children looked at her for a long time because she buried herself in the depths of the cloak can not see her appearance and her body is a strong smell of wine Taking off the cloak covered with yellow wine I lay on the bed

In order to get rid of the Dragon Emperor I had to cover up my smell with the wine in the Huguo Mansion so as not to be tracked by it Without Nangong Qiu around it should not be smart enough to see through my tricks Here is an entrance and exit on the map of yuanchen Tunnel I have a plan which can be said to be idealistic but I feel vaguely that it will succeed There are still five days to go and everything is in time But get some sleep first

This night is the most reassuring and comfortable night for me to come to this world after I was reborn again No Nangongqiu no Xuanyuan Yifei no three husbands and four attendants in the palace no one queen and two concubines in the palace nothing but myself It's like returning to my own world lying on my own big bed smelling the faint lavender incense on the bedside table and sleeping peacefully with the warm ancient herdsman happy No dream to dawn wake up the sun has been sprinkled on the world a new day will begin again I'm not idle for the next few days I changed all the notes into boxes of silver and carried them back to the inn Of course no one knew that there was silver in them I wear a cloak and a bamboo hat all day long and my clothes have a strong fragrance of powder As for yuan Chen I knew something about him when I was a lady protecting the country His rebellion was due to hatred and there were not many remaining subordinates otherwise he would not have dug a tunnel As for Wan Yu it should be the power to support him after he seized the palace Wan Yu would not send troops to help him At most he would pay for his weapons yuanchen was put under house arrest in Huguofu and all the original houses were confiscated How could he get military funds A lot of rebels led by only a few people followed by soldiers in fact blindly follow if my bad idea can succeed it will completely disintegrate the rebellion of the distant dust Actually this method "Outlaws of the Marsh" also uses moreover the effect is very good Mobile phone asked http//WAP l6K. CNhttp//wwW. l6K. Cn The net friend uploads the chapter three chapter 63 to pick the flowers of Shanshan Recommended ticket 600 plus more third more sent to Book the tickets for next month Please leave the pink tickets for Wu Liang Thank you In the inn for a few days I almost ceramic sandblasting nozzles stayed indoors because I wanted to find the entrance and exit Since it was the secret passage set up by yuanchen there must be some clues For example the waiters in the inn always looked suspicious If I hadn't guessed that these waiters might be rebels I would have thought I was living in a black shop One night I followed a few guys to the woodshed As a result they never came out of the woodshed again At that time I understood that the entrance and exit of Rujia was in the woodshed global-ceramics.com

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