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A thousand mountains

"That's not true It's better to buy a cliche book called" The Story of the Human World "in the bookshop ceramic welding tape outside I think the children all know the play It's very lively" Xie Song never liked to listen to the opera and he had no way to socialize He was just pretending so he didn't know much about the popular script of the imperial capital Aunt Ning smiled and brought a cup of lotus dew and said "You've never been able to bear to see a play Naturally you don't know that this play is really good" Don't say the children like it I like it too Xie Song slowly drank a mouthful of lotus dew pulled Aunt Ning to sit beside him and asked with a smile "What's the story" On a cool summer day Aunt Ning gently shook the round fan in her hand and said softly "It is said that in a certain Dynasty there was a son surnamed Su who loved peach blossoms most in his life There was a century-old peach blossom in his ancestral home Su took good care of it every day and cherished it to the extreme" Once Mr Su went to the mountains to collect herbs Unfortunately he was injured by a poisonous snake When his life was in danger he happened to be saved by a girl named Peach Blossom When Miss Peach Blossom untied the snake venom for Mr Su it was already late and it was dangerous to go down the mountain again so they spent the night together in a desolate temple nearby During the conversation Mr Su knew that Miss Peach Blossom was the beloved daughter of Lin the shopkeeper of the medicine shop at the foot of the mountain

Miss Peach Blossom had been practicing medicine with her father since childhood She had profound medical knowledge so she could detoxify strange poisons The two of them got to know each other and began to talk in detail Mr Su found that the peach blossom girl was not only gentle and beautiful but also proficient in piano chess calligraphy and painting They were in love with each other and fell in love with each other In the early morning of the second day when Mr Su and Miss Peach Blossom went down the mountain Mr Su said that he would come to propose marriage in a few days The peach blossom girl waited at home for three days but the news came that Mr Su had married someone else Hearing this Xie Song could not help saying "a lonely man and a widowed woman spend one night together which spoils the reputation of other girls and saves their lives It's really time to give them an explanation but why do they go back on their words" "Listen to me What's the hurry" Auntie Ning said angrily and the candlelight reflected in her beautiful eyes glittering and translucent and with a sense of anger Although Xie Song had never liked these things he could not help but hear some consciousness at the moment He said with a smile "OK say it" Aunt Ning smiled and continued "Miss Peach Blossom was heartbroken When she went to the Su family she found a strange thing

The new wife of Mr Su was also called Peach Blossom and Mr Su seemed to have never met her" As soon as the peach blossom girl saw it she turned pale with fright It turned out that the fake peach blossom that married Su Gongzi was made by the poisonous snake that had bitten Su Gongzi in the mountains Su Gongshi was confused by the snake demon The peach blossom girl wanted to save Su Gong-zi's life but was injured by Su Gong-zi who had been manipulated by the snake demon Thanks to the rescue of shopkeeper Lin she saved his life When Mr Su was newly married he became emaciated day by day his face was pale and he was sick On the contrary the snake demon became more and more beautiful People in the town felt ominous and quietly invited the eminent monk of the ancient temple to come over As soon as the eminent monk saw it he knew that there was an evil spirit at work When he subdued the snake demon the snake demon was so cunning that he led the eminent monk to the medicine shop Naturally shopkeeper Lin and Peach Blossom Girl were not ordinary people The eminent monk mistakenly thought that shopkeeper Lin and Peach Blossom were also in a group with the evil spirit at work In this battle between people and demons Kamado bbq grill shopkeeper Lin escaped by luck but Peach Blossoms Girl was trapped in the Bodhi beads by the eminent Fortunately the eminent monk rescued Su Gongzi to regain his sanity but at that time Su Gongzi had been taken by the snake demon and his life was in danger The peach blossom girl begged to turn out her own spirit to save Su Gongshi's life and then died After the eminent monk killed the snake demon Mr Su returned to his house and saw that the peach blossom tree had withered Shopkeeper Lin told him that the peach blossom was the tree which had been transformed into a human form after years of practice Su Gongzi's life expectancy is limited according to the number of days that day in the mountains will die because of snake venom peach blossom because of the irrigation of the Su family for generations can not bear to see Su Gongzi died so rescue in order to repay the deep kindness Aunt Ning wiped the tears from her eyes after she finished "I've heard it several times but every time I hear it I feel sad" Xie Song did not understand the amorous feelings and said "What is there to be sad about The peach tree seeks benevolence and gets benevolence and the kindness has been repaid" Even if there is no fate if this is the will of heaven there is no alternative Even though he and Ning had known each other since childhood Xie Song occasionally could not understand a woman's heart Aunt Ning reproached "Grandpa is always like this When I was a child when I listened to the opera others were happy or sad in the play but you didn't react at all" ” "It's really nothing to listen to" Xie Song tells the truth see love concubine does not like busy smile "Oh this is different this is good" Aunt Ning chuckled The two of them talked for a while about "The Story of the Human World"

It was getting late so they rested It is said that since Xie Mo Ru bought the book he would read a few pages when he was free One day Xie Bai came to visit and saw Xie Mo Ru with the Human World at hand He asked "Is it really so beautiful" Xie Mo ordered the maid to serve tea and said "The rhetoric is beautiful and the plot is tortuous It's just so so It's a little reluctant to say that it looks good" Then he said to Jingwei "I've finished reading this book You send someone to the two girls and tell them that they don't need to return it It's not very good-looking Let her keep it" Jing Wei took the book Xie Bai laughed "you are too straight" It's not pretty I don't like it Here you are Xie Moru said "I don't like it not necessarily Moyou doesn't like it" It's a good deed to give a book to someone who cherishes it It doesn't matter whether it's straight or not She is not always euphemistic but the Peony Courtyard is If she is euphemistic the Peony Courtyard Ceramic Band Heater will be polite to her and send her back But in fact she really didn't like the book Xie Bai said "I also made an appointment with Su Buyu to go to another courtyard in the suburbs of our house It seems that you are not very interested" Xie Mo said "Uncle Jieshi just goes to entertain the guests and it's the same for me to go shopping myself" Xie Bai's eyes curved "I'm teasing you There will be Su Buyu's cousin Li Qiao Don't you like his paintings and calligraphy very much" Xie Moru suddenly said "is it Jiujiang Jushi" The two paintings she bought were signed by Jiujiang Jushi Xie Bai sipped the fragrant tea and nodded with a smile When Xie Moru was ready to do something he asked "Su Caizi is the younger brother of the second aunt over there Is this Mr Li also related to our family" Xie Bai smiled "That's not true He and I are classmates in the Imperial College We have some friendship" Xie Moru glanced at Xie Bai and said "I'm afraid my uncle and Li Qiao don't have a deep friendship" Think again "also not be to ask me to go to another courtyard designedly think two uncle is to have other intention" 。 global-ceramics.com

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