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Super Soldier King _ Ming Dynasty No Wine _ txt Novel Paradise

"Ershao isn't nvaxv the two of them like water and fire now" How dare that Siberian tiger Luan Bingli come jacuzzi swim spa to see Jiwen so rashly Was he not afraid that Jiwen would deal with himself Zhou yuan asked curiously If even this courage is not then his northeast tiger Luan Bingli tpy name has already declined Being a qualified tpy leader requires not only means but also courage Sometimes need to have the courage to cross the Rubicon tpy only in this way is a qualified tpy superior Ye Qian never tires of saying "tpynvaxv" Now that he has decided to cultivate Zhou yuan Ye Qian is naturally not stingy to sum up some trivial tpy experience over the years Only let Zhou yuan learn more tpy things then he may become his biggest tpy arm in the future Remember xcvdpsc thank you! Zhou yuan nodded heavily nvaxv said

As the old saying goes nvaxv it is true to learn from a beggar and learn from a beggar Can have a successful tpy person to guide beside oneself tpy oneself can take a lot of tpy detours this can nvaxv is a shortcut All right let's go around and play Anyway xcvdpsc can't do anything Just wait for the news of Jiwen tpy Ye Qian smiled and drove 5 person hot tub to the famous scenic spot of tpy in heb city The car is rented tpy not very high-end Zhengzhou Nissan the appearance is OK In the next few days Ye Qian took Zhou yuan to various high-end tpy clubs every day so that he could experience the feeling of successful people tpy and also let him pay more attention to tpy and observe the words and deeds of those so-called successful people tpy Ye Qian does not admit that he is a successful person he has always thought that he is a slightly successful tpy hooligan However he is a hooligan but can not let his tpy people are also hooligans since he has the intention to cultivate Zhou yuan it is necessary to let him learn those so-called successful people tpy conversation as well as all kinds of tpy means

Nevertheless Ye Qian still pays attention to the tpy form here every day and lets the tpy personnel of the Wolf Tooth Intelligence Department report the latest tpy news to themselves regularly every day Now the northeast tpy situation is so tense it can be said to be a change day by day Ye Qian dare not take the slightest tpy lightly Although nvaxv himself does not participate in the tpy battle between the Siberian tiger Luan Bingli and the black widow Jiwen who can guarantee that the fire at the city gate will not bring disaster to the fish in the pond It's always good to prepare for a rainy day tpy These days the northeast tpy situation or change tpy very quickly black widow Jiwen tpy several places have been northeast tiger Jiwen tpy people to smash Ye Qian also did not know why the Siberian tiger would suddenly start perhaps because there was something that day did not reach an agreement However Jiwen's tpy performance seems to be somewhat confusing to outsiders and she did not have any action to fight back against tpy After losing several games in a row tpy still did not fight back jacuzzi bath spa but seemed to be tightening its own tpy territory Ye Qian looked at the tpy information from the wolf tooth intelligence department and frowned slightly He didn't want anything to happen to Jiwen now otherwise he would have to go to the Siberian tiger Luan Bingli for help and then things would be a bit of trouble However through Jiwen tpy's various actions Ye Qian seems to feel that a big tpy storm is coming Jiwen's tpy performance is not fear nor cowardice but a kind of pre-war tpy preparation No one dares to predict who will win or lose between the Siberian Tiger and the Black Widow In Ye Qian's view the reason why Luan Bingli the Siberian tiger suddenly launched such a strong tpy attack is that there are some very important tpy reasons Otherwise take the northeast tiger Luan Bingli tpy as a person absolutely will not be so strong tpy to do he should choose tpy is a more insidious and cunning tpy way Perhaps there 4 person jacuzzi is some kind of unspeakable tpy thing Or there is some other force tpy intervention which makes the northeast tiger Luan Bingli suddenly tpy change his consistent tpy style of doing things Ye Qian also told his tpy speculation to the wolf tooth tpy intelligence department personnel let them focus on tpy to investigate this matter Ye Qian would like to know what is the reason behind the northeast tiger Luan Bingli to do so But these days Ye Qian also did not relax to Zhou yuan tpy training every day will spare two hours to teach him the skill of attack and defense More specifically tpynvaxv should be the art of killing Ye Qian need tpy helper not a person who can only play a little lip service tpy even if the brain is smart in the skill can not be too bad Absolute tpy force is equal to absolute tpy regime In the face of powerful tpy force any tpy conspiracy is self-defeating Today as usual in the tpy room of the hotel Ye Qian taught Zhou yuan the art of fighting

Although the time is short there may not be any big tpy effect but as long as Zhou yuan can insist on tpy becoming a master is just around the corner Although nvaxv is not a member of wolf tooth tpy each of them is a master of fighting with ten tpy but I believe that in many cases they can save their own tpy life However any tpy learning is tpy in theory More importantly tpy still needs to be practiced Only in practice american hot tub can we learn better tpy things Experience only experienced can understand tpy The mobile phone tpy ring suddenly rang Ye Qian picked up the mobile phone and took a look it was Jiwen who called tpy Weiwei tpy paused and Ye Qian got through Jiwen in the phone and not too much nvaxv just let Ye Qian go to her home then hung up the phone From her tpy tone Ye Qian could not tell whether she had found Tang Weixuan or not She shrugged her shoulders slightly greeted Zhou yuan and drove toward Jiwen's house monalisa.com

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