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Crime of fraud 1 _ Yue Yong

Xia Qingqing was a little strange She remembered that the cleaner in the unit was an aunt who was nearly fifty years old How did she become a big girl She stepped on the high-heeled shoes and deliberately walked past the cleaner Looking sideways she saw that the girl outdoor endless pool was about the same age as her with short hair and thin face and her skin was dark and rough When she saw her appearance clearly Xia Qingqing could not help but change her face The high-heeled shoes slanted and almost sprained her foot The cleaner however seemed to know nothing and still concentrated on sweeping the floor without even raising his head Xia Qingqing was almost defeated and fled Turning into the office building I happened to meet Lao Zheng who was in charge of sanitation and asked "Brother Zheng when did our unit change the cleaner" Lao Zheng nodded and said "Aunt Li quit her job and went home When she left she recommended this fellow villager to us to take over her class" Don't tell me this girl works very hard After all she is a child from the countryside and can bear hardships By the way her name is Qiaoyun When your office indoor endless pool is dirty ask her to clean it Xia Qingqing has the title of deputy director of the office in the unit and has an independent office of her own on the fourth floor of the office building She got off the elevator walked quickly into the office slammed the door ran to the window opened the curtain and looked downstairs The cleaner named Qiaoyun happened to be sweeping the fallen leaves under her window as if she felt someone peeping at her Qiaoyun looked up at this side her eyes were cold and sharp like a steel cone and plunged into her heart Yes it's her! That's her!

Xia Qingqing could not help but shiver a burst of colic in her heart covering her chest and leaning against the window squatting painfully on the ground Xia Qingqing was born in Beijiang City which is separated from Qingyang by a river His father is the Standing Committee of the Beijiang Municipal Committee and the Minister of Publicity Department Xia Qingqing has not been an obedient child since childhood She is rebellious and very self-willed When she was in high school in Beijiang No1 Middle School she was a famous "little sister" in the school She smoked drank fought and found a boyfriend She was proficient in everything On one occasion in order to fight for a handsome boyfriend she fought with a girl in the next class Without saying best whirlpool tub a word Xia Qingqing pulled out a dagger and stabbed the other side For this matter she was also dragged into the juvenile detention center for a few days but thanks to her father's guarantee she was released After that her father had a long talk with her Her father told her that if she did not work hard now her fate would be no different from that of the female hooligans on the street waiting for her either in prison or with a gun "What's the use of my hard work Anyway my grades are so poor that I can't get into college no matter how hard I work" she said garden jacuzzi tub Her father assured her "As long as you study hard and be a good and obedient child I can guarantee that you will go to a famous university" She looked up at her father whose temples were graying at some point In fact he was just forty Her heart was sour as if she had grown up in an instant and she looked at her father and nodded sensibly From then on she quit smoking and drinking broke off relations with her former bad friends studied hard and became an obedient girl

In the college entrance examination although the score was not ideal with the help of her father she finally entered a famous normal university After graduation she returned to Beijiang City to work as an English teacher for a year and was recruited as a civil servant Later at her request her father changed her to two better units Until the beginning of this year she simply left Beijiang City and applied for transfer to the neighboring Qingyang Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau Because of her excellent work she was recently promoted from a deputy section to a regular section cadre with the title of deputy director of the Bureau office Four years after her graduation she changed five units Others thought that she was "water flows to low places and people go to high places" but they did not know that the reason why she frequently changed units and even left her hometown to work in another strange city was that she was forced by a person who is now a cleaner named "Qiaoyun" downstairs In fact Xia Qingqing's father's surname is Bai and her original name is Bai Xiaoman Although Bai Xiaoman had studied very hard in the third grade of high school because of endless swim pool his weak foundation and poor foundation the college entrance examination was not satisfactory and he did not enter his ideal famous university At this time a girl in the same grade was admitted to Normal University but because her family had no money to go to college in the countryside Bai Xiaoman's father got the admission notice and changed Bai Xiaoman's name to that girl's name at the police station After a series of operations she finally became that girl and entered the university campus smoothly The girl's name was Xia Qingqing and it happened that Bai Xiaoman's mother's surname was Xia She changed her name and outsiders did not suspect her And that real Xia Qingqing has been living in the remote countryside until his first generation ID card expired to the Public Security Bureau for the second generation ID card only to find that his ID card was stolen under false names After a period of secret investigation she vaguely understood the truth of the matter she made a phone call whirlpool hot tub to Bai Xiaoman

Only then did Bai Xiaoman know that his father had deceived him It turned out that Xia Qingqing did not give up the chance to go to college but did not receive the admission notice at all The admission notice was intercepted by Bai Xiaoman's father and turned into Bai Xiaoman's admission notice Xia Qingqing a rural girl who understood the truth began to complain everywhere but was suppressed by Bai Xiaoman's father who used all kinds of relationships After graduating from university Bai Xiaoman went back to her hometown to be a teacher She always felt that a girl in charge of meals in the school canteen looked at her a little strange Later she accidentally saw an expired ID card falling out of her pocket and realized that the girl was the real Xia Qingqing But when she went to the school canteen to do temporary work she used a fake ID card and changed her name to "Qiaoyun" Bai Xiaoman thought it was just a coincidence at that time so he took the opportunity to take the civil service exam and left school Unexpectedly Qiaoyun also applied to her new unit as a flower and plant nurse Later she changed two units and Qiaoyun followed her like a ghost Although Qiaoyun did not confront her directly or even speak to her Bai Xiaoman saw endless resentment and hidden murder in her eyes Finally Bai Xiaoman gritted his teeth and decided to leave Beijiang City to work in a neighboring city not wanting to be found by this ghost-like woman monalisa.com

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