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Time never owes me.

Intoxicated lying on the bed looking at the time thinking that my parents should jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers have boarded the plane She closed her eyes and felt a little upset It was a pity that she couldn't send her parents Today's work also made her exhausted It was not physical fatigue that she couldn't bear but more psychological She looked at the flooded fields the broken branches the doctors firefighters and armed police officers and soldiers who rushed to the front line and the people covered with mud and scars Suddenly I feel how small human beings are in front of nature But there are still so many people who hot tub spa manufacturers are desperate to go ahead for the lives of others Thinking like this I don't know when I fell asleep The next day work as usual Deep in the mountains there are still several families because the mudslide blocked the way to the outside world Seizing the opportunity of the rain getting lighter the workers from all sides rushed to start the rescue work The first step is to dredge the passage to the village Debris flow is in danger of happening again at any time so time is particularly urgent Everyone worked together to carry out their respective work intoxicated and conscientious broadcasting the disaster situation to the general station in real time After more than an hour the road was finally dredged a group of people finally walked into the outdoor spa manufacturers deep mountains and the villagers were finally rescued

There was only one bus coming in Considering the overall situation the villagers who were old weak sick and disabled and needed immediate medical treatment left by bus first and the rest took the next bus Except for the necessary entourage the remaining staff are arranged in the next car and intoxication is no exception It was five o'clock in the afternoon when the first car left and it would be two hours before it returned at the soonest Everyone was exhausted and sat on stone benches in twos and threes leaning against each other to rest Until a boom resounded through the sky everyone was awake in an instant Then came another round of torrential rain This means that the possibility of another mudslide has increased sharply Everyone looked at each other and the matter of whether they could go down the mountain today could only be left to fate By this time an hour and a half had passed since the last car left It was as dark as it usually was at eight o'clock and it was difficult to distinguish the twilight Finally the armed police captain received instructions because of the danger of debris flow vehicles can not pass must protect the lives of all people Which means they're spending the night If you pick a good time to come it may be a holiday resort far away from the hustle and bustle full of green But now there are only damp bedding cut off power and insufficient water What they need to face is a long dark night Captain Chen arranged for the soldiers to distribute water and bread to everyone while calming everyone's mood Together with his colleagues he soothed the villagers'emotions Captain Chen was worried that it would be cold in the middle of the night so he organized everyone to light firewood It is human instinct to tend to be warm As long as there is light no matter how long the night is Chinese spa manufacturer it can survive Because of one mind to the sun so we are stunned is the cold night decorated into a gorgeous bonfire festival If the fire is too small put on more firewood; if the evening breeze is getting cooler sing one more poem; if there is no wine or meat break off a piece of bread dig out the wonderful taste drink a mouthful of water and then drink together From the smiles of everyone we can see the endless hope She knew that no matter how long the night was they could resist it A plane flew over the mountains and rivers intoxicated and looked up suddenly thinking of Song Mufeng

If he were here would she have more courage Everyone is concerned about the sudden disaster in endless pool swim spa the suburbs of Beijing the news channel continues to report and the heat on social media continues to ferment Song Mufeng saw off his intoxicated parents On his way home from the airport he turned on the radio to listen to the news about the mudslide in the suburbs of Beijing From the stereo came a continuous follow-up report Song Mufeng knew the severity of the disaster When he got home he quickly turned on the TV and clicked back Sure enough she saw intoxication on TV wearing overalls holding a microphone standing in the mud on the ground behind her was the scene affected by the disaster Later we will follow the rescue team to the depths of the mountains and our reporter will continue to report for you Song Mufeng looked back again and could not find the intoxicated figure In fact because the signal in the mountains is not good the material is very slow so there is no follow-up report on TV But Song Mufeng suddenly panicked He took out his mobile phone to call intoxicated and the result was that it was turned off Only then did he promise his intoxicated parents to take good care of her Open the mobile phone address book to see if there is any other way to get more information about the scene His circle of friends is mostly colleagues and friends and there are very few acquaintances in the field of media

When he was about to turn to the end a name appeared in his sight-Xin Bei Song Mufeng suddenly remembered that Han Jingchen told him not long ago that Xin Bei had returned to Beijing and Hong Kong She should be a part of such endless swimming pool a big rescue operation Song Mufeng thought about it and pressed the dial button It's been six years since the last call Chapter 26 she ran to him with a sour nose Xin Bei returned to China this time originally for a vacation but such a big disaster happened in the suburbs of Beijing she could no longer be idle contacted the relevant departments and came to the rescue command center in the suburbs of Beijing ready to stand by at any time When Song Mufeng's name appeared on the screen Xin Bei thought he had a hallucination but the screen that kept lighting up reminded him that the call was Song Mufeng and it was not a misdial Xin Bei pressed the connect button and said "hello" softly Song Mufeng had imagined the scene of seeing Xin Bei again countless times but did not expect to really connect he did not have the mind to appreciate the thoughts of reunion after a long separation "Xin Bei are you at the rescue site in the suburbs of Beijing" "Yes" "Do me a favor" After a long night the dawn finally came The road was finally cleared and Xin Bei as one of the emergency rescuers got on the bus with the driver to go up the mountain After a long night all the staff and villagers were finally able to go down the mountain monalisa.com

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