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All-round wizard

The zombies in these eight sarcophagi may have been specially arranged by him or his descendants endless swimming pool to protect his sarcophagus Qin Fang even felt that as long as he wanted to open the sarcophagus in the middle the other eight sarcophagi would immediately open automatically and all eight zombies would jump out Kill the person or all those who tried to rob the grave! As far as this zombie is concerned Defense is very terrible almost invulnerable as for the attack is terrible to the extreme even the puppet who has never been damaged have suffered a little loss if this is for others it is impossible to resist In the face of such aggression It's not worth mentioning the protective spirit of a master at the level of a large division I'm afraid all the strong people in the supreme realm will be seriously injured Qin Fang has been basically sure that these zombies are masters of the supreme realm if they are refined into zombies it is really a great joke I dare not say that the strength has doubled and whirlpool hot tub it is absolutely strong by several percent Eight zombies come out together Even if Qin Fang has a puppet as a helper there is absolutely no possibility of confrontation

With such a terrible attack eight zombies together even the puppet may be smashed So Qin Fang to avoid the discovery of this situation as much as possible this is to Song Yi three of them to stare at the other sarcophagus lest there is movement and Qin Fang here is too late to respond and suffer a great loss Or even die! Although Song Yi three people do not know the truth But they still withdrew from the Qin side one after another to stare at the seven sarcophagi over there Maybe they also noticed the weirdness of the sarcophagus in the middle They automatically avoided it! "It seems that everything is up to you" Song Yi they can not count on and the puppet side seems to be in the case of single combat it is also very difficult to kill the zombie then Qin Fang had to go on their own Hum ~ ~ Shadow sword in hand a sword gas galloping out above contains a terrible destruction of the sword Roar ~ ~

And the zombie over there who was about to start with the puppet man seemed to have sensed Qin Fang's destruction of the sword whirlpool bathtub and actually stopped his body staring at Qin Fang's side with blood-red eyes and making such a low roar in his mouth Then Directly gave up the puppet man the body quickly toward the side of Qin Fang Bang! But the puppet man obviously won't let the zombie break through its defense so easily and immediately hit the zombie in the back with a hard punch The violent force was completely released and the zombie flew directly somersaulting more than ten times in a row on the ground smashing several stone piers on the ground which could stabilize the body However the zombie received such a violent punch but still as if nothing happened climbed up from the ground in addition to the blood-red "color" eyes become more eerie it seems that there is really no injury Only Qin Fang noticed that there was a little depression on the back of the zombie However the zombie body of the material is not gold and jade clothes seems to absorb a lot of damage which makes its injury looks much lighter or even completely negligible! Poof ~ ~ ~ And at this time outdoor hot tub when the zombie was attracted by the puppet's fist Qin Fang's sword of destruction was also immediately roaring toward the zombie side to kill the violent sword gas bombarded on the body of the zombie A series of strange sounds like firecrackers bursting on the bodies of zombies Zombies on the other hand stepped back continuously at their feet as if they could not resist the impact of Qin Fang's sword However Qin Fang also noticed that its body surface is still not too much damage Qin Fang's destruction of the sword did not completely destroy the zombie At most there was a hole as big as a fist in the clothes on his body!

Through that hole Qin Fang can see the body of the zombie that black and blue body looks not eye-catching not flesh at all more like some kind of mysterious and powerful metal But above such skin Qin Fang's destruction of the sword is not even the slightest trace left "The defense is terrible" A sword failed to make a contribution Qin Fang could not help but sigh that the thousand-year-old zombie was terrible but also deeply understood the helplessness of the puppet man's fist! "Cover door!"! Be sure to find the cover door Want to be tough to kill this zombie relying whirlpool bathtub manufacturers solely on Qin Fang or puppet people it seems a little thin Qin Fang's attack is very terrible attached to the destruction of the sword it is equivalent to magnify his attack three to five times the appearance before Qin Fang has been able to leapfrog to kill the enemy now is the strength of a lot of skyrocketing power once again skyrocketing the power of this sword is absolutely comparable to the late bulk division level and even the fatal blow of the peak strong Unfortunately such an attack but even the skin of this thousand-year-old zombie is not damaged at all Obviously the storm is impossible this thousand years old zombie retained the strength of life not to mention but also become more powerful Qin Fang even if it is to eat "milk" strength is at most equivalent to the peak of the large division level from the supreme realm is a million miles away After thinking about it Qin Fang had to start looking for the cover door of this zombie Everyone has shortcomings and flaws even if they are masters of large divisions and supreme realms they are all yiy yiy 角ng However these masters know how to protect their own cover door which will give people a feeling of almost invincible But as long as you find the cover door of these masters then even if the strength is slightly weaker it can also be killed Of course massage bathtub manufacturers this strength is a little weaker refers to the gap within a level rather than that any one person can kill the supreme realm of the strong If it is a total of ordinary people even if it is a master-level master let him take a knife to stab the door of the Supreme Realm Strong the Supreme Realm Strong is not dead the master-level master is the first step to be shocked to death by the Supreme Strong Gangqi counterattack! Want to kill the strong in the supreme realm even if you find the existence of the cover door you need at least the strength of the large division level at least the attack power to reach this level Now for example Qin Fang can barely reach the standard monalisa.com

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