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Love Sword Jinghua

"Monk don't meddle in other people's affairs" "After a hundred years the fairy scolded her coldly as if she didn't know the greedy monk" Monks are still in the world of mortals and they must enter the world before they are born There may be injury accidents in your busywork How can you ignore it Almsgiver is very aggressive and indignant Please have a rest and calm down first I will consult this young man first The reason for the dispute Childe what's going on The monk who is not greedy is smiling and amiable He is really a kind of eminent monk Poise and bearing pretending to stand in the palm of the chest and bow to the body to ask questions in a well-organized way It's nothing This sister-in-law's attitude is very bad If she doesn't agree with each other she will fight Forget it As the scholar spoke he noted He looked at the string of beads on the monk's chest but could not concentrate His eyes were attracted by the palm of the monk's chest from time to time and confusion appeared in his eyes A forlorn look What the monk said was quite an unusual voice which had already affected the scholar's hearing The hand standing on the chest also appears

The strange shaking further attracted the scholar's vision The six senses have been controlled The most important two senses are gone! The resentful ghost is a ferocious demon who is famous in Jianghu He is cruel and ruthless His martial arts are tape measure clip excellent His strength should not be bad and his knowledge is excellent Wait a minute However like a goose he bicker with the Great Heavenly Master of Heaven and as a result he almost became an old sheep waiting to be slaughtered The scholar's experience must be limited also like a fool and not greedy monk to deal with listen to the monk serious eight hundred row difficult to resolve disputes monk Intentionally he had no intention and it was expected that he would be taken in Childe please listen to my advice I The non-greedy monk slowly approached forward with an even weirder voice standing with his palm on his chest The shaking of his hand was also strange completely attracting the eyes of the scholar The scholar's eyes were in a mess and his feet were in a mess Monk be careful The hundred fairy on the side screamed and rushed up Call late see the flying object approaching and then voice a warning to the monk it is too late A stone as big as a small rice bowl hit the back of the monk's heart with a sound The monk could not stand the heavy illusion and his body protection skills were not carried and his fat and huge body hit the scholar with a bang The momentum was so strong that the two men fell into a ball and rolled apart again In her busy schedule the fairy clapped her hands and her strength was like an angry wave Far away she attacked the light earth blue that rushed out from under the tree with the stone Color figure It was the figure of the Great Heavenly Master who knocked out Gan Kun and this time I saw it clearly The earthy blue figure saw that she was going to kill her and suddenly turned back and jumped two feet and the strength of her palm was lost and there was a strange whistling sound of air flow It makes people hear that the hair stands up and this palm really has the power of fatal trauma Awesome let's go The earthy blue figure cried out and quickly retreated into the left side of the road It was so fast that it was difficult to distinguish the shapes and shadows again The scholar's mind was clear and he climbed up before the monk He kicked the monk's right rib bitterly Walking measuring wheel and the monk turned over The scholar also With a cry of surprise he was almost knocked down and immediately flew away

A hundred fairy Niang only chase into the forest 34 Zhangs disappointedly hurried out If the greedy monk disappears he may pursue the escaped scholar Two figures galloped here from the north like galloping horses The leading man is the great heavenly teacher with a terrible face The man who hit you escaped from the woods "Don't chase the poor bandits" cried a hundred fairies pointing to the woods on the left of the road "Chase!" The Great Heavenly Master Qian Kun was so strange that he cried like thunder when he was far away Li Jiyu ran south along the path beside the river and his earthy blue figure flew away The scholar uses the flying skill to lift the vertical skill and the vertical jump and fall is light and agile In a short period of time the speed of flying skill is almost the same as that of fleeing but it is far away Out of a mile and a half Qinggong is dwarfed by others Of course this means that the constitution and cultivation of both sides are equal and the comparison made can only be evaluated if they are equal to each other No matter what kind of flying skill any flying skill that requires vertical jumping and falling must have a radian which must be more than the original distance Some of them can never be equal to the speed of running in a straight line Running in a straight line is always faster than a vertical jump with a curve and it can last for a long time so it is impossible to use flying skills to catch up with long distances If you jump a hundred times you may lose 89% of your energy If the distance in a straight line is 100 feet jumping up and down is likely to consume 120 feet of energy Between two points plane The straight line is the closest

The vertical jump is a series of curves which must be farther than the straight line Split up and don't follow "He seems to be not touching the ground his feet are moving too fast and his upper body is slightly forward to maintain momentum" It's also like flying close to the ground "I'll lure them away and follow them to make sure you break your pink legs" He was still in the mood to tease knowing that he had the confidence to lead the strong enemy away without danger The scholar is Ouyang Hui how can he listen to him In a hurry in the heart also switch to scurrying to catch up with the tail Don't wait for me I'll scold you Ouyang Hui scurried and screamed out of breath faster than before The leap was faster but it was not easy to catch up with Li Jiyu who was fifty paces away Li Jiyu suddenly crouched down and disappeared into the dense bushes on the Han Bank She came galloping Li Jiyu grew up pointed to the front played the hand of the police in front then pointed to the other side and suddenly leaped up and flew over The stream which was more than twenty feet wide disappeared into the more dense bushes Without thinking she leaped lightly In front of them appeared three hurrying figures companions of the non-greedy monk who had come around from the other direction searching alertly for traces Trace a hundred paces away it seems that no one has been found to cross the stream to escape This side of the stream bank is higher hiding in the bushes you can see the movement of the path across the stream people walking on the path from Because of the growth of vegetation blocking the line of sight only the figure of pedestrians can be seen but it is enough to distinguish the figure and face The three men hurried past but how could they know that someone was hiding in the bushes on the other side of the stream It is foolish to follow the path of the escaped man It is true that he is not greedy for the followers of Shang Zhiyuan but Ouyang Hui has never seen these people and of course he does not know about the conflict between monks and ghosts Pass by Do you know these three people She leaned on Li Jiyu's side and watched the three of them walk north through a gap in the branches but their breath had not yet been reconciled Stable I didn't know them but I knew they were the woman's companions Li Jiyu breathed steadily and only sweated a little tapemeasure.net

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