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The dumb wife is as sweet as honey & strong lock marriage: Fu Shao's dumb new wife.by a deep lake

Red Sticky blood red In the distance the police car roared in and the media from all sides who got the message swarmed in and her safety fortress collapsed from this day Su Xiang's body suddenly shook opened his eyes and his body was still trembling The blood red in front of us slowly faded and it was a cool green Are you awake Qin Zhou came over and looked at Su Xiang showing a look of relief "if you don't wake up I'm going to send you to the hospital" "You've had a high fever for a day and a night but fortunately it's gone" Qin Zhou handed her a cup of warm water and sat down on the chair next to her Su Xiang held the cup and looked around Qin Zhou knew she had doubts and said "This is my home When I came home the night before yesterday someone suddenly appeared on the road I didn't think that person was you" He's a doctor and a psychiatrist so cattle weight tape a fever is not a problem for him Qin Zhou smiled "But it's all right You fainted because you were too nervous" Su Xiang pursed her lips Her dry lips were already peeling She took a sip of water and her thirsty throat became more comfortable Qin Zhou looked at her and said "Why are you walking alone on the road in the middle of the night" Su Xiang has a high fever unconscious not just a simple cold but what makes her very painful Qin Zhou as a psychologist look at her micro-expression will know Su Xiang lowered his eyes fingers suddenly clenched the cup in his hand Qin Zhou looked at her stood up and walked out of the room came back with two mobile phones in his hands

One was broken and the other was intact He handed the phone to Su Xiang and said "Your phone is broken I can't contact your family" You can use my mobile phone to tell him that he is safe He should be very anxious Su Xiang lowered his eyes looked at the two mobile phones and finally only took his own one Qin Zhou looked at her "Did you quarrel with him" "You can talk to me if you like You know I'm doing a good job of relieving people's mood" Su Xiang looked up at him his fingers moved but he quieted down again Some things even if the heart again uncomfortable can not say to people She can't tell others what kind of family she has what kind of husband's family she has she has a name but she can't tell others who she is Su Xiang raised his hand to finish the water and squeezed out a laugh I'm fine It's just something happened In order to prevent Qin Zhou from asking questions she changed the subject By the way why haven't I seen you at school these days Qin Zhou knew she didn't want to talk about her so he said "I've been dealing with some things in Liangcheng during this period I just came back the day before yesterday" Who knows on the way back I met her who was out of her mind He took a look at Su Xiang in addition it is also to sort out some things After knowing that she was married fish measuring tape he admitted that he felt sad for a while so when he was assigned to work in Liangcheng he agreed to go Su Xiang nodded so this is the case Qin Zhou looked at her and slightly twisted his eyebrows and said "But I heard that you don't teach at school anymore" Su Xiang nodded his head Something has happened and I won't go back to school to teach for the time being Her fingers slowly rubbed the broken screen of the mobile phone Qin Zhou looked at her preoccupied sighed lightly I can't put it down "I'll take you back" he said again 072 Is your sister crazy 6000 + recommended tickets plus 1000 Qianqian the fastest update of strong lock marriage the latest chapter of Fu Shao's dumb new wife! She just woke up the spirit is still a little trance but the heart clearly knows that she does not want to go back do not want to face anyone of the Fu family Since they all hate her so much and hate her why should they poke their eyes It's better to be out of sight of each other Su Xiang Qin Zhou saw her in a daze and called out Su Xiang came to his senses and looked at Qin Zhou I'm fine Can I wash my face first Qin Zhou nodded "Of course" ” He pointed to the direction of the bathroom Su Xiang walked over Qin Zhou looked at her figure thin like a straw a gentle push can break her down He still remembered the day when Su Xiang invited her and her husband came to pick her up

That person's temperament is noble a look is not an ordinary person Su Xiang married that kind of person life should not be easy I can see that she doesn't want to go back so much Su Xiang went in to wash his face and came out Qin Zhou looking at one side of her cheek The side of her face was red and swollen when he bumped into her and he applied a swelling ointment to her which was now completely invisible Qin Zhou wants to speak again and again she should not be hit by that man so just ran out in the middle of the night But this is someone else's private affairs the parties do not say he cares should not speculate After Su Xiang came out he did not stay any longer thanked Qin Zhou and left by himself She did not let Qin Zhou send her he took a taxi to the mobile phone store to buy a new mobile phone and then went to the old house of the Su family on Chonghua Road After the death of Su Mingdong and his wife only Su Run's family lived here This is the first time that Su Xiang has returned here in three years Through the guardrail she looked at the garden inside the villa which was almost the same as in her dream and she could even look up and see the study that used to be filled with smoke She did not know why she had come back here but she did not know where she should go Qin Ma the servant of the Su family came out to dump the garbage She was stunned when she saw the man standing at the door After a careful look she opened her eyes wide and was taken aback "Two two young ladies" Su Xiang did not come back for three years but his appearance had hardly changed but he was thinner Qin Ma hurriedly ran up two steps to confirm that it was Su Xiang "Why are you back Miss" She asked She glanced behind Su Xiang and saw that no one was following her She said "Two two young ladies everyone has been looking for you crazily these two days I I will call my husband and wife right away and ask them to come back" 。 tapemeasure.net

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