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Little bookworm takes the imperial examination

"Your Highness your Majesty does not seem to be in a very good mood!" Without waiting for Prince Li to ask Liu Dajian told Prince Li about Emperor Wu's feelings Is it But what's the matter This is some speculation on the holy meaning Liu Dajian face suddenly some dignified Liu Dajian relax and don't say anything! Compared with Prince Li's ignorance Jin Muling grew up in front of Emperor Wu and naturally knew that he could not speculate about Emperor Wu Thank you for your understanding Liu Dajian a face of gratitude but this gratitude did not enter the heart of Prince Li Prince Li's face hung a warm smile but the heart has been slightly dissatisfied with Liu Dajian My son pay his respects to Your Majesty! "Grandson pay your respects to Your Majesty!" Prince Li and his son knelt down but the usual voice seemed to disappear and the ground without Diameter tape measure the charcoal basin was a little cool Is it cold on the ground "Emperor Wu did not raise his voice but was concerned about whether the floor tiles were cold" Grandson implored Grandpa Huang to raise a charcoal basin in the palace Jin Mu Ling's face was dignified and his knees were beginning to feel cool He knew that this was Emperor Wu's punishment but he did not understand where he was wrong "Father the palace is cold why not the charcoal basin" The price of Beijing charcoal has dropped more than enough and the father should take care of the dragon body! Prince Li looked at Emperor Wu with a gentle face and he looked like a filial child I have read a chapter today but I have a deep feeling My good children and grandchildren how about reading it Emperor Wu had a smile on his face but his eyes were cold My son received the decree! With these words Prince Li would stand up and take it Wait a minute you can read it on your knees! Emperor Wu stopped Prince Li's action and handed the letter directly to Liu Dajian asking Liu Dajian to hand it to the kneeling father and son Selling charcoal cutting firewood and burning charcoal in Nanshan "The poor man's clothes are straight and his heart is worried about the low price of charcoal May the weather be cold!"

When Prince Li and Jin Mu-ling saw this they felt a chill in their hearts Read then read "Emperor Wu listens again the heart is very uncomfortable" My son has done something stupid Please punish him! Prince Li kowtowed directly to the ground and Jin Mu Ling looked at the same action hurriedly In the morning I received a memorial to the throne from the ministers for my two good descendants Now it's on my imperial case but I still can't send it Tell me what people have you benefited The more Emperor Wu said the heavier his tone became which directly made Prince Li and his son feel overwhelmed Do not say these say you take the lead in burning charcoal how about the people who make a living by collecting firewood What about the people who burn charcoal for a living Which one eulogizes you Emperor Wudi suddenly patted the imperial case and said "Which people do you know" Jin Mu-ling's back was wet with cold sweat and such a question was not stingy in the face of his grandson It's all my grandson's fault I wanted to share my grandfather's worries but I didn't Want to make the people suffer grandson When Jin Mu-ling said this his face turned a little white How about you horse weight tape Emperor Wu looked at Jin Mu Ling but Jin Mu Ling was already in a panic because of Emperor Wu's rebuke After all he was still a young noble son who did not eat the sufferings of the world The son minister this lets the person stop firing charcoal asks the father emperor to rest assured Prince Li immediately decided that although he had spent a lot of money to build a charcoal kiln factory he had now been rejected by Emperor Wu and Prince Li could not care about those losses Yes Grandpa Grandson let the servants under the palace stop burning charcoal Jin Mu Ling echoed his father and said to Emperor Wu together When Emperor Wu heard this his face was full of disappointment but Prince Li and Prince Li did not dare to look up but did not see the faces of the emperor's father and grandfather

A strong man's wrists Emperor Wu shook his head as the supreme ruler of the country where can casually at will change or even do not have their own ideas At this moment Emperor Wu really felt that he had abandoned a grandson What is benevolence and righteousness The king needs the wrist needs the emperor mind but the most should not have is the gentleman benevolence and righteousness especially the character is soft In the past he saw how pleasing Jin Mu Ling was but now Emperor Wu is disappointed when he sees Jin Mu Ling Your Majesty Liu Dajian looked at the little eunuch with a charcoal basin outside and hurriedly called Emperor Wu in a low voice which was also a relief for Prince Li's father and son "Why" Emperor Wu was so angry that he felt a little weak in an instant He didn't like any of the adult princes so he planned to raise a grandson himself Unexpectedly the grandson now showed that he was not familiar with the world which really gave him a headache Your Majesty the black treasure offered by the King of Fengcheng has been burning up Liu Dajian bowed and said Only then did Emperor Wu's eyes light up "Xuan let me see if it's as Pinger said" Liu Dajiankou said yes and then waved a few small eunuchs to place the charcoal basin a few corners soon placed do not know if it is the illusion of the people Jin Mu zero felt as if he was not so cold But Prince Li's face is a little dignified he fired charcoal your father has not tried that thousands of miles away Fengcheng King in the south is not too cold what to do with charcoal

All of a sudden Prince Li's face was blue and white and his conspiracy theories were flying But when he thought that the King of Fengcheng had no mother and concubine in the palace and that Adhesive fish ruler there was no courtier outside to support him he was not liked by Emperor Wu all the time so he thought there would be no conspiracy Pretty good But after a while the whole Hall of Health became hot and Emperor Wu had to take off his waistcoat Your Majesty be careful not to catch cold Liu Dajian exclaimed hurriedly admonished Emperor Wudi waved "I am not old and incorrigible Look my forehead is sweating" Dragon crown in the head winter with soft velvet the hall is a hot can not wear it Prince Li and his son were better off The room was warm and the hard floor tiles didn't seem so cold Let's get up! Emperor Wu looked at no smoke the temperature is still very high it seems that the burning is still very strong thinking about the production of this black treasure can not help but happy Prince Li and his son breathed a sigh of relief that they were no longer punished to kneel down Thank your father "Grandpa Xie Huang" 。 tapemeasure.net

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