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After probing the inside of the God-given plant with perception Huayun turned around and said to Lessant with a smile on his face "Your Majesty this God-given plant has been cured by me I have the confidence to curse the demon that endangers the kingdom and drive it out of the Kingdom's Planting Hall" "Cured" Nexant and others came to the plant given by God looking at the half-dead plant given by God in front of them How could it be cured at all Is it that Hua Yun can't cure it Find an excuse to play with us Although Nexant doesn't know the magic of the planter he also understands that no one uses fire to cure the plant Thinking of this Nexant can't help but fly into a rage Eh! Just as Nexant was about to lose his temper Rudolph next to him suddenly uttered a cry of surprise

As a sixth-order plant guide he was naturally Fiberglass tape measure able to discover the special features of the God-given plant in front of him Rudolph looked grave for the previous Huayun said he cured the plant Rudolph also felt incredible as a sixth-order planter he had never heard of anyone using this method to dispel the curse of the devil but at the moment in front of the plant's strange phenomenon in the body made him feel confused he could feel that the vitality of the plant was slowly recovering Although the recovery is very slow it is indeed recovering and the demon curse that could not be dispelled by itself in the body of the God-given plant seems to have disappeared With an obscure magic spell in his mouth Rudolph stretched his hands forward and a green light from his hands hit the God-given plant which was the magic of the sixth order planter! In the surprised eyes of the crowd the leaves of the God-given plant gradually changed from yellow to green and the withered and fallen stems slowly straightened up glowing with strong vitality Master Hua Yun is really a magic skill I'm really not as good as you! Looking at the God-given plant in front of him Rudolph's eyes were flowing and he turned to Hua Yun and made a deep salute his tone was very sincere and respectful Allen mainland is a world where the strong are respected He waited for a group of people to work hard for countless days and had no way to get rid of the devil's curse A teenager raised his hand to get rid of it He stood by and watched it all the time but he could not see how the devil's curse was removed

This shocked Rudolph and at the same time he also had a deep admiration for Hua Yun Some people may say is it a fire soon You will and so will I People who say such words I am afraid this life can not really reach the realm of the strong A holy warrior is nothing just a little more fighting spirit than you; a holy wizard is nothing just a little more magic than you; a person who can make a lot of money is nothing but has more business acumen than you A person who has no strength but can climb to a high position is nothing He is just more flattering than you Rudolf and others present will not think so Walking tape measure others can think you can not think this is the performance of others better than you stronger than you Ignoring the amazed eyes of the people next to him Hua Yun turned to the stunned Lessant and said "Your Majesty if you want to cure all the God-given plants in the Hall of Planters I hope Your Majesty will join forces with the fire magicians and water magicians above the fifth rank in the royal city as well as any planters who can release the magic of planters so that you can cure all the evil curses with such a wide range!" "Huh" Good Haha Master Huayun is really very powerful I will send someone to arrange it immediately I hope Master Huayun will pay more attention to the treatment of this God-given plant Seeing that the God-given plant really came to life Nexant's heart was full of joy because of the God-given plant these days and the big stone that had been pressing on his heart these days finally fell to the ground One side of the plant division also came forward to boast about Huayun plant division in a country is a special group the Sith Kingdom more than a powerful plant division not only for them these plant division temple plant division is not bad but if the Sith Kingdom can be more powerful it is good for them "Master Hua Yun how on earth did you save the plant given by God"

As the crowd gathered around Huayun Nexant could not bear the doubt and asked Huayun Of course Nexant understood that it was very private to ask such a question and it was likely to make Huayun unhappy but he had always heard Rudolph say that the devil cursed him so strongly that he was too curious about Huayuan's treatment Hua Yun smiled and said "Your Majesty this demon curse is also divided into different types Some demon curses like high temperature and can quickly cause the death of God-given plants in high temperature Some demon curses are afraid of high temperature When the temperature around them is high they will die This is the principle of saving God-given plants" "Oh I see!" Only then did they suddenly realize that Nexant and Rudolph admired Huayun's erudition Wheel tape measure and selflessness especially Nexant who was already thinking about how to keep Huayun and what kind of reward could be worthy of Huayun's great help to the Sith Kingdom In fact Huayun did not tell the truth the vast majority of plant viruses when the temperature exceeds 36 degrees the replication of the base particle will be blocked that is the virus can not replicate and reproduce in plant cells and when the temperature is a little higher the virus will die This knowledge is known to anyone who knows a little about plant pathology But on Earth this method doesn't work at all High temperature kills viruses as well as plant cells But in the land of Allen it's different With the magic of vitality phytoplanters can rejuvenate dead plant cells in time In this way because there were too many plants cursed by the devil for several days in a row Huayun and a group of kingdom court mages and the planters of the planter's temple were here to cure the plants In the evening Lysant wanted to leave Huayun to live in the palace temporarily but Huayun refused to live in Saha's house tapemeasure.net

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