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The ancestor of all demons

Unless someone can break the power of the space wrapped outside 304 Stainless Steel Pipe otherwise no one can detect her information once there is danger the body can escape into the interdimensional space With the power of space Shuttle to escape In a moment you can appear in a very distant place This magical power It's the only way to save your life It's the white fox! The white fox hid by the side and took all the actions of Emperor Shitian who was chased by two emperor phoenix birds and had no way to heaven and no way to enter the earth into his eyes He followed him all the way intending to find a way to help him get rid of the pursuit of the emperor phoenix birds at the last moment But unexpectedly in the end Emperor Shitian had such an incredible means to disappear mysteriously Out of the track of the Emperor Phoenix What did Shi Tian do to make the two strange birds seem to have seen the enemy who killed their father with an implacable enmity so persistent how could he provoke such a terrible beast The white fox lowered his eyes secretly pondered she can not "Ming so extensive knowledge although the strength of the emperor phoenix is greatly alarmed self-indulgent even if their own injuries are completely recovered I am afraid it is difficult to match but still do not know its identity" In the heart the man tries to figure it out This strange bird must be the beast standing at the top of the tower She was a month ago Hearing the noise here he had a premonition that Emperor Shitian might be here so he hid his figure with his magical powers Came here carefully approached but also witnessed the power of the two emperor phoenix birds thousands of miles around the countless beasts All under his orders

A real king Just now she also saw the hatred in the eyes of the two strange birds when they saw Emperor Shitian It was hard to wash away the water of the three rivers It was the anger that wished he could raise his ashes Also not only secretly suspect emperor Shi Tian is how to offend them in the end If she knew it was because she ate their eggs I'm afraid it will also follow "Ming" Same It's either madness or fainting Uh Shi Tian in the end how to leave even I can not feel the slightest breath He hesitated for a moment Glance around He closed his eyes and explored it in a strange way showing doubts in his eyes and never felt the slightest breath from the body of Emperor Shitian As if all of a sudden really completely disappeared from the world She had to be secretly surprised Eyes twinkle After half ring secret way "Forget it" With the endless cards of Shitian it looks like At least my life can be saved here I'd better take advantage of the present to look around and look for the "Demon Pool" The whereabouts of Su Tianxiang thought of seeing the fierce battle between Emperor Shitian and Emperor Phoenix this time and she could not see it when she did not fight But in a fierce battle she also saw the cultivation of Emperor Shitian In just one month Intrepid no less than ten times a body for cultivation incredible step into the second turn of the demon Dan While this surprised him he also had doubts that he could not let go But also If you don't know what the Linglong Tower of Creation is such a degree of practice is really surprising Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe But at this moment the exquisite pagoda shuttles forward unceasingly in the underground in the pagoda the emperor releases the day to stand in the first heavy that courtyard exhales heavily a foul breath He said with a sigh "What a horrible emperor phoenix! Even the ancient demon king can hardly win in front of him No wonder no wonder that even after I just broke through to the second turn of the demon Dan the amount of game increased sharply Compared with the ordinary demon clan the powerful strength of the demon Dan's third turn is not different at all It is easy to be blocked by it" A few face to face let me spit blood at the mouth Even the internal organs were dislocated It's really dangerous this time Almost hovering on the edge of life and death he practices "Huang Ji Jing Shi Shu" a true force its quality is pure far from the ordinary demon clan for the tempering of the demon body the absorption of the power of heaven and earth and so on all occupy an undeniable great advantage all kinds of means cards It makes him have the ability to challenge at any time If just facing the emperor phoenix bird is the ordinary demon Dan two turn I am afraid that even the corpse is not left Fortunately there is an exquisite pagoda to cover up the breath otherwise I will be forced to use the most powerful card In his muttering he unconsciously reached out and touched the strange purple mark on his forehead Ming "you hurry to think of a way for me now how can I escape the feeling of the emperor phoenix bird" Although the exquisite pagoda can hide my breath

But I can't stay in the tower forever I have to think of a complete plan Emperor Phoenix I don't want to meet them for the time being Emperor Shi Tian asked "Ming" in his mind He was completely helpless On the way to be hunted down he had used all kinds of methods but the breath of the emperor's phoenix could Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe not hide it from them so he had to look at "Ming" Be well-informed Is there a good way Emperor madman you can't get rid of the breath of the emperor phoenix bird When you eat the egg and refine all the power inside it has been integrated into your emperor's true power and even every inch of flesh and blood It can't be abandoned any more Unless you can make another breakthrough in a short time and refine the demon's body again otherwise There is no way to do it "Ming do not shy away at all" "So" Is it true that I can't get rid of the Emperor Phoenix Emperor Shitian frowned slightly and his eyes flashed a strange light There is no lack of a trace of fierce "If so even if the king is fighting to lose both sides he will fight with the emperor phoenix bird" The purple mark between the eyebrows suddenly burst out a sharp purple awn purple light as if containing endless pressure If there is really no way he in any case play with the emperor phoenix bird to compete although the emperor phoenix bird is strong but he is not without cards seven sins divine comedy forehead purple eyes As long as it is displayed he is sure Dare to let go against it Madman what's your hurry I'm not finished yet "Ming" he shouted "It's hard to get rid of the breath that has melted into your flesh and blood but I didn't say there was no way to hide it" In those words to the back can not help but show a look of pride sxthsteel.com

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