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Pharaoh's favorite concubine 123

But today when she appeared he was almost ecstatic to hear her voice! He still can't forget her he can't help caring about her! He could not suppress the ecstasy in his heart he looked at her expectantly as long as she said she cared about him as long as she said she missed him then no matter how bad the reason he was willing to believe he believed all But-she did not care that he was going to marry anyone else but looked into the war in a high-sounding way and said lightly 304 Stainless Steel Sheet that she had only come to see him This nonchalant attitude plunged him into the abyss of disappointment in an instant

That kind of despair made him hurt her mercilessly in his madness He stretched out his long fingers and touched her smooth and delicate face tremblingly The shallow tears were shocking and made him feel pain in his heart Did she love him Did she care about him Really Or once that beautiful everything is just a dream he had Guardian One The evening breeze was blowing gently and the tall plants were swaying with the wind making a rustling sound I don't know how long it took him to leave her in a coma If possible he wanted to look at her all the time always looking at her like this and never leaving an inch of his eyes But he can't He has an obligation to go on an expedition and fight for this God-given land When she wakes up if she doesn't see him will she worry about him Or after all the craziness just now only hate is left He turned his head Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet away gently and looked at the gold bracelet that was quietly in the corner of the room A deep crack ran through the bracelet He walked slowly over picked up the bracelet and stared at it for a moment Cruel woman she still wants to leave him maybe go and never come back Even if she hated him her heart did not care about him she loved The other guy He still wanted to keep her to keep her by his side to stay in Egypt He put away the gold bracelet and opened the door of the room The red-haired young man knelt respectfully in the doorway his green eyes looking stiffly at the blue and white stone floor When his monarch appeared he bowed his head more obediently and spoke steadily "Your Majesty everything is ready and the four legions are ready to go at any time" Amon Set Rai and Puttah Pharaoh's finest men The God of Amun is in charge of the universe representing the brilliance of the sun The dazzling golden flag belongs to the elite team of Pharaoh's direct line Set is in charge of destruction representing the power of the God of war The flaming red flag is the most aggressive and powerful team of terror Ra is another name of the supreme God whose deep orange-red flag and changeable formation make the enemy flinch The God of Putach is the God of protection the blue flag of quiet water and the powerful ability of defense and recovery makes it invincible

They swore an oath of loyalty to the Pharaoh and they made a blood oath to die for their country In addition there is the mysterious Fifth Legion a personal guard composed of Sitat warriors A warrior who has served the royal family of Egypt for generations Egypt's most important fighting force the country's most loyal force On this expedition Ramses will take with him all his troops except Ptah Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet The young monarch looked at the red-haired general in front of him and nodded slightly Montus you stay here Green eyes flashed and then gradually returned to calm "subordinates understand then subordinates will lead the Seth Legion to stay in Memphis to ensure the stability of the central city" "No" Ramses lightly denied his idea "The Legion of Seth will follow me on the expedition and I will leave my own guard to you to guard Memphis" "But" Ramses reclined on the stone pillar beside the porch The moonlight poured down his long dark brown hair He said without emotion "The Seth Legion is powerful I need them The pro-guard is good at [strange book] net in the city" Reason 'Mention Supply To fight I believe in their strength Besides it is very appropriate for you who are also the village of Sittat to lead them "Your Majesty in that case please allow your subordinates to go with you and lead the Seth Legion" I recommend my brother Buka to guard Memphis Ramses lowered his eyelids slightly and his long eyelashes were clearly reflected by the cold moonlight falling on the transparent amber eyes No you stay in Memphis Things here are more important Buka can lead the Sete Legion "Your majesty-" said Montus anxiously Memphis is important but there is absolutely no need for him to bring the most powerful personal guard to guard! The possibility of unrest has all been controlled as long as the preemptive strike there is absolutely no possibility of failure On the contrary the Hittite attack He raised a hand slightly motioned for him to be silent and then went on slowly I kept you because

No matter what happens you have to protect her with that person Mentus I care about Memphis because Egypt is my responsibility but I need her because she is all I have Guardian two Mentus suddenly looked up and saw a pair of slightly sad eyes and in an instant the fragile expression seemed to have never existed once again hidden under Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet his indifference Her The blonde girl Ten years have passed since she first appeared and she seems to control all the joys and sorrows of this great monarch No one can make his state of mind produce half a minute of fluctuation only she snap fingers can easily stir up great waves Maybe they shouldn't have brought her to him in the first place "All right Montus I'm off" The words of Ramses interrupted Montus's thoughts and he patted his beloved general on the shoulder "Thank you" Montus hurriedly knelt down deeply as always since he had given him the task in any case he would do his best to complete it Buka this time you will lead the Seth Legion and you must do your best to ensure the safety of the Pharaoh and win the first chance of victory! Ai Wei suddenly woke up opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling confusedly The morning sun shone through the pure white sand into the house She blinked her long lashes casting gentle shadows on her white skin She stretched out her hand and her white fingers seemed to become transparent in the sun sxthsteel.com

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