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Chen Qingyun, the prodigal son of Condor

The prodigal son Sanlang suddenly had an idea that whether it was Jiang Tianchi or someone else who really obstructed his rescue he might look back at the result which was an opportunity to catch the murderer Thinking he opened his mouth and said "Old boy you are born to be a hero and death must have a spirit You have brought the murderer and I will seek justice for you" Say that finish turn over to worship out of the temple gate fly on the tree branch high can see far anything that can move as long as close to nothing The chicken sings three times and the east is already white The prodigal son Saburo began to be disappointed Suddenly a dark shadow flashed in the distance The prodigal Stainless Steel Square Pipe son Sanlang's heart was greatly moved He rubbed his eyes to prove that he was not dizzy He was immediately refreshed In his heart he said to himself "You finally can't escape my divine calculation and die" The figure soon reached the old banyan tree facing the ancestral gate

The prodigal son Sanlang floated down like flying catkins silently deceiving the man behind him "Good boy" he said coldly "I'll wait for you" Words only export half sentence suddenly feel not good look at the figure is a woman The man suddenly turned around Saburo! "Ah!" The prodigal son Sanlang was surprised and stunned Unexpectedly it was Widow Zhao who came In his mind Widow Zhao doesn't know martial arts but judging from her posture just now she not only knows martial arts but also is a first-class master It seems that her experience in Jianghu is too shallow to see it By the way the old boy's name is Bitao He settled in her home They must have a relationship It's not surprising that she knows martial arts Saburo what's the result "Old boy he" His throat choked and he couldn't go on What's the matter with him "Dead!" The prodigal son's eyes are wet again What His old man has been Misfortune Widow Zhao was shocked but apparently not sad as if she had heard the news of the death of an irrelevant person in such a tone that the expression on her face was not strong The prodigal son Saburo's reaction was quite keen and he immediately felt strange I didn't know the aunt had such a good skill "I once told people that Dao Ma Dan was born with a few strokes" "There are not many people who can have such a few strokes!" "You're kidding" "What is the relationship between the old boy and the aunt" The prodigal son Sanlang's eyes shone brightly on Widow Zhao's face trying to determine how credible she was going to answer Widow Zhao hesitated Sanlang to tell you the truth he is my master uncle "Oh no wonder" "Where is my master uncle" "By the throne of God!" "Let's go in and have a look" The two men ran in The old boy was still lying so straight

The prodigal son Sanlang was silent He wanted to observe Widow Zhao's reaction again Widow Zhao crouched down and straightened up with her hand Saburo I see you are very sad "Of course people are not plants" "Don't worry the old boy won't die" "What" The prodigal son Sanlang was really shocked "People are already dead but they still say they can't die Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Auntie said this" What do you mean "It's a pre-game just in case" "Undead chess" "Yes!" Widow Zhao nodded "He and Jiang Tianchi did not formally fight do not know the depth of the other side in order to fear that you suffer losses so it is necessary to try first and Jiang Tianchi is ruthless had to prepare for the worst in advance before leaving he gave me a'magic pill ' want me to come here before dawn if the situation is as expected this move will not be in vain of course" This'Vertigo Pill 'may also be for you The prodigal son Sanlang understood and was greatly moved He really admired the wily old boy Since people can't die the grief in his heart will be swept away Then give it to him now "Oh!" Widow Zhao took out the "magic pill" from her bosom and put it into the old boy's mouth The sky was already bright and the birds on the old banyan tree kept chirping Uh With a long gasp the old boy stretched his limbs opened his eyes and sat up "Oh!" The prodigal son gave a cry of joy It's not a good taste! The old boy opened his mouth Admire it old boy! "Why" "I didn't expect you to have such an amazing trick" "What trick" "Play dead!" The old boy bragged and stared "Good boy my old man is desperate for you and you still say that the wind is cool" "It's the truth!" "Master Bo can't you beat Jiang Tianchi" Asked Widow Zhao Almost-a little bit "Saburo!" Widow Zhao slanted her face and said "If it were you" "Hey!"! I don't want to play dead I'll run away "Humph!"

The old boy stood up and said "Boy do you think your martial arts are invincible" Tell you under Jiang Tianchi you can't slip away If you don't die you'll be a fortune-teller Besides the purpose of beating Jiang Tianchi is to make a name for yourself in the martial arts world What else do you have to do "I don't care Once I don't succeed there will be a second and third time One day I will knock him down Anyway I'm still young and I have plenty of opportunities Hey hey hey!" "Boy don't put gold on your face You only have one life and you can 304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel only die once Now listen to my old man seriously After I fought with Jiang Tianchi I suddenly realized the way to cure him from his moves I'll pass it to you after careful consideration and I'm sure you can defeat him" The prodigal son Sanlang shrugged his shoulders Old boy why don't you beat him and get back your face "Ha!"! My old man's face will be greater if your little son defeats him "But you have failed" The prodigal son Saburo is not relaxed at all No one saw it and no one knew "My old man's disciple defeated him and he still has the face to show off" Even if he had the cheek to say it would anyone believe him Ha ha ha ha let's go! "Hi!"! I was going to do your old boy's funeral in style but now it's blown! "Boy if you have this intention you will get it sooner or later There's no need to rush at this time!" This is a joke but there is a serious truth people can not never die especially the sunset infinite old man although it is the law of nature but there is still a helpless sadness of fate Back to Widow Zhao's house sxthsteel.com

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