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Not daring to hesitate Chu Tianming said directly "Dear Mother Tree I'm just curious about why there are such creatures as elves in the world so I'm going to come and have a look I also heard that you created the whole family of elves so I asked Elena to bring me here" The mother tree looked at Chu Tianming for a moment then opened her mouth and said "Human you are very honest so what do you want to know after you see me now" Chu Tianming smiled and from the words of the mother tree he understood some hidden meanings So Chu Tianming opened his mouth and said "I want to know why the world is changing now whether these changes will disappear or stop and whether our world will disappear in this starry sky" Asked a few questions in one breath Chu Tianming looked straight at the tall mother tree waiting for his answer The mother tree was silent for half a time and then first turned back all the elves leaving Chu Tianming alone Then she opened her mouth again and said "Human I can't give a definite answer to your question I 304 stainless steel wire can only tell you that the world will not be destroyed The world has been reborn The world will stand on the top of the whole starry sky because of this change" "The world has been born" Standing on top of the stars Chu Tianming said these two sentences over and over again until he had a guess in his heart

Then he raised his head to face the mother tree and asked "Mother tree do you want to tell me that the world will become the center of the starry sky and the king of everything in the starry sky" The mother tree smiled without a word but looked mysteriously at Chu Tianming who had goose bumps Mother tree I wonder if I'm right The mother tree smiled and said "Right or wrong right or wrong it's up to you" After saying this the face of the mother tree disappeared leaving Chu Tianming alone standing in place silently thinking about the words of the mother tree Is it up to us Do we mean human beings or all living things on the earth And before the mother tree said that the world has been born does this mean that the world has changed completely and is moving in another unknown direction or does it mean something else Chu Tianming had a myriad of thoughts in his heart and the mother tree's words made his heart restless for a long time The rebirth of the world whether it can stand on the top of the starry sky and become a king Chu Tianming needs to think too much so much that he can not sort it out So standing in the valley no one disturbed Chu Tianming's thinking and the mother tree did not want to expel Chu Tianming to leave Outside the sky is getting dark the day is going to pass again and the night stars are beginning to fall

In the valley Chu Tianming suddenly raised his head his eyes through the layers of obstruction as if to see the whole universe starry sky Standing on the top of the starry sky and becoming the king of the starry sky does it mean that the whole earth will become the center of the universe But why look at us What can we do to change the result Thinking for a long time is not without results at least Chu Tianming has some clues Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet Chu Tianming has his own understanding of the rebirth of the world If the earth is compared to a life then the earth has been sleeping in the past but now he has awakened he has revived so he can become the center of the universe the king of the stars Chu Tianming only dares to think about this sentence in his heart if he really says it to others he may not be treated as a mental patient! Is there life on earth Will you be the king of the stars This sounds like the Arabian Nights compared with this what mutant creatures what zombies are weak! If you mutate again you will not be able to live on the earth No matter how powerful you are don't stay on the earth if you have the ability! Compared with the whole earth these mutants zombies and even evolutionists are just floating clouds If as Chu Tianming guessed the earth became a living body the result would be unthinkable at least before Chu Tianming had the ability to survive in outer space he would not dare to think about it any more Chapter 135 Xiama Wei I went home early Here I would like to thank you for the monthly tickets of Feixue Qianye and Tannin At the same time I hope that more readers will subscribe to this book and vote for the monthly tickets Even if they really can't subscribe it's a little token of my appreciation to vote for a few recommended tickets every day! …… Late at night when Chu Tianming returned to the villa area it was already very late

As soon as he entered the door Chu Tianming found everyone waiting for him in the living room Why don't you go to bed so late Chu Tianming sat down and looked at a few new faces "Who are they" He asked casually "It's the survivor found in the city today" Father Chu Tianhua pointed to the new faces and said "This is Fan Bin He is an evolutionist He has the ability to shake He can shake space and objects" Fan Bin glanced stiffly at Chu Tianming and shouted "Hello captain!" Nodded Chu Tianming stood up and said to the crowd "Go outside let me see your ability" No one objected and they left the living room together and went to the open space outside the villa Fan Bin appears a little nervous in front of Chu Tianming's face he only feels that he is dyspnea even the courage to stand opposite him is almost worn out Nodded with satisfaction Chu Tianming put away his momentum for Fan Bin can support under his momentum for so long is very satisfied All right 304 Stainless Steel Wire use your powers to attack me! Chu Tianming said to Fan Bin Fan Bin hesitated and said nervously "Captain this will hurt you" He shook his head with a smile "Don't be afraid You can't hurt me" This is not Chu Tianming's big talk it is Fan Bin's ability he has already understood clearly through detection the reason why he has to go outside to let him demonstrate again one is to let others familiar with the ability of these new evolutionists and the other is to give these new people a blow Fan Bin heard Chu Tianming's words and no longer hesitated in fact he was angry for Chu Tianming said that his ability did not hurt him at all so he was very angry Shock wave! 。 sxthsteel.com

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