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Pure Yang is really immortal

Huang Fuhao's thunder and lightning cover was smashed by the magic amulet in an instant Huang Fuhao's body was hit by many magic amulets Suddenly his body flew back and spurted a big mouthful of blood He was seriously injured and dying See the fire phoenix rushed over Liu Qingyi in the diammonium phosphate fertilizer eyes of the color of horror Gu Chen unexpectedly under the attack of the two of them instantly turned defeat into victory the strength of the strong completely beyond her expectations In spite of the forbidden silk in the air Liu Qingyi's hands were sealed to form a mana shield which protected her body The fire phoenix was as big as Zhang Yu's double Zhang and fiercely grabbed Liu Qingyi's mana shield The mana shield suddenly broke Liu Qingyi with Huang Fuhao behind him flew back together spitting out a blood in the air which was already injured In the blink of an eye two people hurt the hand of Gu Chen but Huangfuhao was seriously injured and dying Liu Qingyi was only slightly injured Gu Chen turned his palm into a claw A huge ice palm grabbed the sky and grabbed the forbidden God silk in his hand The forbidden God silk was frozen by purple flame and suddenly became smaller

It cut off the connection with Liu Qingyi and turned into a frozen small cloth You dog men and women die! Will be forbidden God silk into the Qiankun bracelet Gu Chen eyes a cold cold voice way As soon as he opened his eyes the magic flying sword flew out from between his eyebrows Huang Fuhao and Liu Qingyi looked at Gu Chen's magic weapon flying sword out of the body suddenly face ashen their lives are in danger suddenly a feeling of terror enveloped their dap diammonium phosphate hearts However Gu Chen's magic weapon flying sword did not come to them Suddenly Gu Chen's face changed Without saying a word he stepped on the magic weapon flying sword His body turned into a tiny awn and quickly escaped As soon as Gu Chen released his magic weapon Lu Yinxiong dressed in black appeared at the head of the passage Lu Yinxiong was extremely difficult to entangle Gu Chen did not care to kill Huang Fuhao and Liu Qingyi again and immediately escaped Anyway two people fall into the hands of Lu Yinxiong also have no way out Seeing Gu Chen's expression Liu Qingyi and Huang Fuhao immediately felt bad knowing that there must be a great enemy coming Liu Qingyi was still able to move and immediately released a magic weapon the body also turned into a light chasing the direction of Gu Chen's disappearance and quickly escaped Huang Fuhao was seriously injured has been difficult to move Liu Qingyi just escaped Huang Fuhao around a flash of shadow Lu Yinxiong appeared beside him Without saying a word Lu Yinxiong lifted Huangfuhao up with one hand and chased him forward Gu Chen in front of the constant flying escape let Xiaobai spit out the magic fog the body enveloped the front appeared a fork Gu Chen escape speed unchanged then entered the right channel However who ever thought only after two snap of the finger time the front of the passage to the end this is a dead end Now it is impossible to go back Gu Chen immediately stood against a concave place next to him just to be able to rely on the magic fog of Xiaobai to survive the disaster in case it can not it can only use the treasure amulet and a war with the Lu bear Gu Chen just stood still behind a flash of light but Liu Qingyi also ran here see no way ahead suddenly pale bloodless face eyes full of panic Liu Qingyi just wanted to turn around and run away again but as soon as he turned around he stood on the spot Lu Ren Xiong Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP carrying Huang Fuhao had already chased him He laughed and said "Ha ha" Little bitch run away again ha ha You have no way to escape ha ha Lu Ren Xiong laughed for a while eyes swept again did not see the figure of Gu Chen eyes slightly disappointed but capture one catch up with one such a record still let him very happy Lu Ren Xiong is a monk in the later period of leading the soul Huangfuhao and Liu Qingyi join hands which is not enough for him to step on one foot Huangfuhao has lost his fighting capacity Liu Qingyi alone is not a threat to Lu Ren Xiong Liu Qingyi looked at Lu Ren Xiong with only fear in his eyes Lu Ren Xiong looked at Liu Qingyi's eyes full of lasciviousness and said with a smile "Do you want to die" Liu Qingyi shook his head Lu Ren Xiong laughed and said "If you don't want to die take off your clothes and kill you" The eighty-ninth chapter suffered from the explosion of chrysanthemum Huang Fuhao listens to Lu Yinxiong's words his eyes flash with anger Liu Qingyi is his lover now he is in front of him but Lu Yinxiong wants Liu Qingyi Liu Qingyi face bloodless originally already desperate ready to fight a desperate heart listen to Lu Yinxiong a word immediately restored a bit of hope

Liu Qingyi asked hopefully "Really" Really Won't you kill me "Mother-in-law" Lu Yinxiong burst out and said "If you cooperate with me I will not kill you If you put on a bitter face and don't cooperate with me I will still take you away Do you want to kill you or not" Liu Qing Yi Nuo Nuo said "Cooperate" Don't kill me "Then don't put on a bitter face smile ha ha" Lu Yinxiong laughed Liu Qing in accordance with Lu Yinxiong's words showed a smile that was uglier than crying Lu Yinxiong raised his eyebrows and said "I told you not to put on a bitter face Do you want to put on a bitter face to die" Liu Qingyi's body trembled frightened to tremble closed his eyes restored his mood and then showed a fairly qualified smile That's right Lu Yinxiong nodded and said "Take off all your clothes first" Liu Qingyi nodded in silence and potassium sulphate fertilizer untied his coat belt Huang Fuhao's eyes were red "Don't listen to him Elder Martial Sister" he shouted "What's the noise" Lu Yinxiong burst out let Liu Qingyi who was taking off his clothes tremble again and his hands move faster Lu Yinxiong pinched Huangfuhao's face and said with a smile "Don't worry I'll treat you well later" Soon Liu Qingyi had only one bellyband left Liu Qingyi grabbed his bellyband and glanced fearfully at Lu Yinxiong saying "Belly" Do you want to take off your bellyband "Take off" Lu Yinxiong roared without saying a word Can Is that all right Lu Yinxiong nodded with satisfaction and pointed to a waist-high boulder next to him "Take your hand away and support this stone" he said Liu Qingyi has been completely shocked by Lu Yinxiong dare not have any disobedience immediately bent down the hand on the stone stargrace-magnesite.com

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