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Sit on the ground and become an immortal

"Why don't we make a bet and see if someone comes" I stroked the feather duster in my spare time then picked a stiff one on it and pulled it out ※※※※※※ Zhao Chengze swallowed a mouthful of saliva There was a wary gleam in his eyes I finally couldn't help laughing It's funny how he can't move Bend over in the hands of the chicken feather that end from his forehead has been down in his chest gently swept Zhao Chengze can not help but ah two but aftertaste over gritted his teeth If Wang Ye wants someone to watch this scene I don't mind I looked back at him and the chicken feather went down and swept over the critical area all the way to the soles of my feet and swept it gently Zhao Chengze's body suddenly pulled up You You you you The voice is trembling I'll sweep it again No ha ha don't do that! He cried out Wang Ye's call calcium ammonium nitrate price is really nice Come on call twice more to hear it Smiling I stroked the soles of his feet with great interest Zhao Chengze endured it at first but in the end he shouted hoarsely Unfortunately he did not shout out a key word "help" He can really stand it Sure enough Wang Ye's face is as big as the sky I saw that his breath was weak his chest was undulating his cheeks were watery red and even his eyes were watery It was because of the unbearable itching that he could not bear and shed tears.

I had a good time and saw him laugh so hard that the flowers trembled He covered his mouth and shook his arms and laughed until he couldn't stand it Then he stopped and stood up Elegant clothes! After the gasp it was his cry of pain I looked down "What's wrong" "You remember that" He looked at me with a look of hatred as if he wanted to cut me into pieces It's not a particularly beautiful thing Wang Ye remembers it alone and it's good to recall it from time to time I said with a smile Elegant clothes! He clenched his teeth and shouted relentlessly If you're not tired let's go on He shut up at once I leaned forward and looked at his face Wang Ye "stretched out his hand and wiped away the tears from his eyes" Are you crying " He still did not speak When Wang Ye kills people in the future think about doing it today Besides I turned and walked out "I'm not a very righteous person but" I also hate those who insist on making high-sounding excuses for themselves when they have done something wrong Hypocrites are more annoying than real villains ※※※※※※ He quickened his pace and jumped out of Zhao Chengze's house Take a long breath with your hands behind your back and feel that the air outside is fresher I stretched out my hand looked at the chicken feather in my hand and couldn't help giggling Hold it up in the air let it go suddenly puff out your cheeks and blow it The chicken feather fluttered and was about to fall but I blew it and it floated up again I looked up .

uddenly I felt something strange behind me I turned around I saw a figure slowly coming out from under the corridor At the same time the chicken feather was floating down between me and him calcium nitrate sol It was like a snowflake in the moonlight At that moment I saw his unusually bright eyes looking straight at me through the ambiguous night Chapter 027 what you want to say "Why are you here late at night" I was taken aback and ran over in a hurry ignoring the chicken feather of meritorious service Hold his shoulder and look up and down Is there anything wrong Just take the medicine It's time to have a good rest in the room What are you doing here His face was a little unusual I I looked at his face thinking that Zhao Chengze had just called so ecstatic a moment I understood what the child was thinking so I giggled and asked "What do you think I'm doing here" "I" He looked at me bit his lip and said "I-I don't know" "Mmm" I saw that although his face was still white and abnormal his whole spirit was fine So he let go of his shoulder looked at the direction and walked towards the direction of the bedroom There was a sound of footsteps behind him and it was Zhao Shenxiao who followed him Late at night "the night is still and I call his name in a low voice" Well I'm here Zhao Shenxiao promised Originally wanted to mention just now but he was young obviously had a misunderstanding of me but did not ask the heart can not help but a little angry so shut up again As he walked he had almost reached his residence so he stopped Zhao Shenxiao was still following him and when he saw me stop he stopped

All right I'm here Go back to sleep I stood at the door and blocked it and said Picking clothes As if to see my coldness Zhao Shenxiao opened his mouth Stop talking I'm sleepy I lowered my head and did not look at his face OK Fine He promised "Then I I'm leaving" "Mmm" Inadvertently look up see his complexion naturally will not be happy where to go eyebrows are still sad to wrinkle Can not help upset just teased Zhao Chengze's joy disappeared turned around and pushed open the door without a word into the door and then closed Lean against the door and prick up your ears to hear what's going on outside For a long time there was no sound Just when I couldn't help feeling really sleepy the footsteps magnesium nitrate hexahydrate at the door moved and then left step by step I sighed and went back to bed After lying down for a while I always felt uncomfortable The bed seemed to smell like a strange man I tossed and turned for a long time and finally I couldn't help looking at the window open my eyes lit up and I got up and flew out of the window Jump to the roof The wind blew in waves and the restlessness in my chest gradually receded a lot With a sigh I lay on the flat roof resting my head on my arms and looking at the bright moon overhead I think I should leave this place as soon as possible and get rid of these people After such a short time with Zhao Shenxiao I actually learned to be angry with him And worst of all the feeling of pique is not good not good at all I gritted my teeth "I must go back as soon as possible" Suddenly I thought of Jun Huai Xiu again stargrace-magnesite.com

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