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I don't know where spring is deep

When she fell asleep she looked very quiet just like the little girl in those days But when he thought of the moment when he took her out of the box and touched the softness his heart still trembled involuntarily

At the beginning the little girl who loved to act like a spoiled child had grown up and become a woman but she had stayed at that stage and stubbornly refused to move forward He sighed heavily in his heart reached out to touch her hair touched the hairpin on her temples and could not help but be stunned It was the hairpin he sent out with his own hands waiting for her arrival with great expectation but finally he was disappointed and failed After Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer that he returned to Beiliang let his mother decide and Yinshan married He felt that his life had probably come to an end but fate played a joke on him and sent her to him again Touching the familiar face he took out the bottle of antidote poured out a pill and was about to put it into her mouth Suddenly he seemed to remember something and took it back with a meal in his hand He knows his mother very well and the more straightforward she is the more problems she has He thought for a moment then walked quickly outside the door and told the attendant "Go to the kitchen and look for any living thing" The attendant went away and soon returned with a rabbit in his arms Wei Yun put the antidote into the rabbit's mouth and within a moment the rabbit's limbs turned up and his whole body stiffened His hands trembled a little and sure enough if he hadn't been more careful Fu Qingning would have been the end of the rabbit at this time

That attendant sees his calm face did not speak for a long time ask "How is this rabbit handled" Wei Yun came to his senses and waved his hand "find a place to bury it" The attendant left and he was still standing there feeling cold in his heart This was his mother who was always testing his bottom line Just because he was her son he could not help her because of the single mother-son blood relationship But such a change even the only good thing in his heart she wanted him to destroy it with his own hands Feng Sheng went into the room and whispered in Chenghu's ear Before Chenghu opened his mouth Wei Yun rushed in With a shake of his sword he stabbed Chenghu Lake Chenghu turned his body to one side and dodged The tip of the sword went straight into the back of the chair she was sitting on not against it apparently with all her strength His action was obviously beyond the expectation of Chenghu "Yuner what are you doing" "Why is there such a crazy person as you You want me to kill her myself" Chenghu smiled "Oh it was for this little thing that Fengsheng took the antidote by mistake" I hope you haven't given it to her yet Otherwise it would be a pity "Don't worry she's not dead yet Don't rejoice too soon" As soon as Chenghu's smiling face closed "It's good not to die but Yuner you are much more alert than before" Yes very progressive worthy of my son She saw the cold light in Wei Yun's eyes which she had never seen before but she knew very well what her son's heart was and that was probably the limit of his anger so her tone softened again Magnesium Oxide powder You can rest assured that I will give you the antidote as long as you promise me one condition "What conditions" "You send her here to keep me company and I will give her the antidote on time" Wei Yun laughed "sent to accompany you this is to send sheep into the tiger's den" "If you're worried you can move in with me" Chenghu smiled slightly "I think the silver fir will probably not mind" That was her purpose to slap the disobedient princess's daughter-in-law Wei Yun finally opened his mouth and said "She is the daughter-in-law you chose yourself" "So what" Yeah so what As soon as Yinshan entered the door she discovered that the princess who had always been careless and unsophisticated was actually a master of playing the role of a pig and eating a tiger Choosing her as her daughter-in-law was probably the most eye-catching one in her life How many times she wanted to kill her but there are many scruples no matter how she is also a princess not an ordinary person who can let her play with applause

It was not difficult to kill the silver fir but in that case her good days in Beiliang were over and she could not take the risk "Give me the antidote" said Wei Yun word by word "I promise I'll move back in with you" "No I can give you half first" Wei Yun shook his head "I'll say it again for the last time Take out the antidote and I'll move it back" He paused "No bargaining or I'd rather die with her" Speaking of this Chenghu stopped as soon as she got better Originally this was her purpose to let her son move back Since he agreed it was enough that he would be her own son in the future no longer someone else's husband the princess's son-in-law She took out a small bottle from her bosom and threw it over Wei Yun took it took a look opened the bottle cap took out one and put it Magnesium Oxide price in his mouth Chenghu's face changed slightly "Yuner do you trust your mother so much" Wei Yun did not speak after swallowing the certainty he said "I will come back in seven days" When Fu Qingning woke up she saw Wei Yun sitting beside her She opened her mouth subconsciously "Wei Yun" I can actually make a sound although it's still a little vague She was so ecstatic that she raised her hand again It was good to be able to move Wei Yun helped her up "Xiao Ningzi it's great that you woke up" Fu Qingning moved his hands and feet but he was still very weak but he was not a living dead man She couldn't help crying with joy "Wei Yun I can move" Can you help me and Wen Rong deliver a letter quickly He must be worried to death these days Wei Yun's face changed slightly got up and poured her a glass of water "Xiao Ningzi you drink water first this matter later you are still very weak to have a good rest when you recover I will send you to a safe place" That is not willing to help also Chenghu is his mother mother and son nature no matter how will cover up for her stargrace-magnesite.com

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