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Drunken Flower Room

There was a strange silence in the hall and even the sound of breathing could not be smelled Old Mrs Luo looked at Luo Wuniang in disbelief never expecting her to say such a thing so shocked that she forgot to stop "Luo Suyi chuckled" It seems that the fifth sister has really grown up She knows all these things She thinks a lot about it Grandmother mother and sister are all sixteen years old Can you find a good family " "Yes our fifth sister hates to marry Grandmother and aunt should hurry up and choose someone for her sister or she won't be able to wait!" Luo yuan-niang was very supportive Her husband served in the Royal Guards At the end of the year he was promoted to a higher level Her husband's family all thought that it was thanks to Luo Su-yi Therefore the better her parents-in-law and husband treated her how could Luo yuan-niang not help Luo Su-yi Luo Wuniang couldn't stand such a run Suddenly she sat up and stared at Luo Suyi and Luo yuanniang Her eyes almost came out of her eyes "You close" "Heart!"

Old Lady Luo stopped what Luo Wuniang had not said and looked at her with a straight face "How did you talk to your third sister Those words are what you should say Why don't you apologize to your third sister" Luo Wuniang was frightened by Mrs Luo's rare fierce look and froze in place After a moment she said in disbelief "Grandmother!" Old Mrs Luo looked at her coldly and sighed to Luo Suyi "Your fifth sister has been detained at home all day since she fell into the water last year and she has some temper" With another sigh Mrs Luo did not finish "Don't take it to heart The child has a good heart but he can't speak" Seeing this Mrs Luo made up for her daughter "Yes my heart is spoiled by me I speak freely but there is no malice" Luo Suyi took one look at Luo Wuniang who had suffered a great blow and smiled "Grandmother mother can rest assured How could I not know my sister's temperament" Not without feeling really thanks to Jiang Shao's blessing if before Luo Wuniang more vicious words have been said Luo old lady and Luo big lady may have said anything but it is not painful to say a few words Mrs Luo's face changed slightly where she could not hear the edge of her words but the situation was stronger than others Luo big madam does not take a look at Luo Suyi behind the servant girl in addition to the snow goose there is a face presumably is the servant girl of the palace Not surprisingly every move in this hall can reach the ears of Jingjun Wangfu at night This Beidi surnamed Jiang as long as they are willing there are plenty of ways to make themselves and their daughter suffer It's okay if they don't want to When they think of Mrs Luo their mouth is full of bitterness Their eyes warn the angry Luo Wuniang "Xiner hasn't had a good rest these days It's better to go back to rest early Don't force it Your third sister knows your mind" It's better to be rude than the child can't help losing his temper After all the child was spoiled by her and could not stand any anger Yes you go back and rest Your third sister is married nearby warehouse storage racks There will be plenty of opportunities to meet in the future Old Mrs Luo also made a sound Luo Wuniang was stunned completely unable to believe her ears she looked at the old lady Luo then looked at the big lady Luo only felt humiliated bitterly stared at Luo Suyi shook his head and ran out crying as he ran very wronged Mrs Luo laughed and said "I'm spoiled by this child!" Luo Suyi smiled Luo big madam immediately has a kind of punch on the cotton feeling of powerlessness moved the corner of the mouth is unable to say anything! The world is changeable and I never thought that one day I would be humble to this stepdaughter But who told her to have a good life husband's honor and wife's honor! Everyone was talking about gossip and it was not easy to get to the time of lunch Men and women were separated

The women had finished their meals here and the men were still noisy there After the meal all the women gathered together to talk and laugh Until a servant girl came in a hurry and whispered in Mrs Luo's ear They saw the old lady Luo's face changed and finally turned into a gloomy suddenly the heart lifted up Old Lady Luo adjusted her expression and said "There are some chores to deal with You want to go down and rest for a while We'll talk later" He winked at Mrs Luo again Although the people who scratched their hearts with a hundred claws could not ask what had happened to make her turn pale they did not have the courage to retire Mrs Luo whose eyelids kept jumping looked at Mrs Luo several times but could not guess what it was and her heart beat like a drum Eyes happened to bump into Luo Suyi big madam heart palpitates squeeze out a smile Luo Suyi who twisted his eyebrows and meditated smiled and his mind was also on'chores' Unexpectedly he remembered what Jiang Shao had said last night and his eyebrows jumped # Master Luo's face was livid and he stared at Luo Wuniang who was shrinking aside and crying and his eyes were about to bite people Luo Wuniang could not bear the shivering the pain on her face and the panic and shame in her heart made her cry louder and louder Shut up you still have the face to cry! Master Luo glared at his daughter with his eyes about to crack "The family is unfortunate the family is unfortunate!"

At the banquet Jiang Shao was approachable and everyone could not help toasting him a few more cups He also drank with a good temper and the guests enjoyed themselves It was not until several people were drunk that they left and Jiang Shao was also a little drunk He ordered people to send him to the guest room to rest which thought Luo Wuniang actually lay on the bed in the guest room but also lit the aphrodisiac incense Fortunately Jiang Shao was not drunk and unconscious otherwise how could he explain to his eldest daughter He had always known that his little daughter was spoiled by his mother and wife but he had been away all the year round and could not control her at all How could he think that she would be so shameless that she would use such dirty means Master Luo was so angry that his eyes were red and the veins on his forehead were bulging just like a firecracker that was about to explode The people around him kept silent and did not dare to look up at him Prince I'm sure I'll give you an explanation "Master Luo just found it hard to say He stared at Luo Wuniang and said in a resentful voice" I can't fall into the hands of this rebellious girl Somebody send the five girls to the nunnery " Master Luo gritted his teeth and said "I lost my hair and became a monk" Jiang Shao with a frosty face slowed down a little and still did not say much With a cry of surprise Luo Wuniang swooped over to save Master Luo's leg and wept bitterly "No Dad I was wrong I was wrong I don't want to become a monk I don't want to!"  kingmoreracking.com

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