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The obligation to recommend [fantasy] elders

"It was given to me by the women of the clan All the girls from the grandmother of Yaden to Asa who just learned to weave all their works hang here" Although the eyelids were thick and long covering the eyelids the scar could clearly see He noticed that the palace shop and the stream were observing the tapestry on the wall and then he introduced it His own guess is probably right the palace shop thought to himself the line of sight to meet the old man again he simply medium duty racking came straight to the point "Hello I would like to ask you just called that name" Who is it Does my user stream look like him This year the device and the user are bound together in a community of destiny and his questions are equivalent to stream questions without any difference Palace shop asked then looked at Yaden he thought he and the old man probably need medium duty racking a translator do not want Yaden was about to open his mouth the old man suddenly opened his mouth "Er" It is the name of a person I respect very much

When I was very young he was like my elder brother When many tribes were still ignorant living in chaos and being driven by gold diggers to find new habitats everywhere he appeared and took us to preserve our civilization learn to smelt and learn the different functions of various plants It took us to find a safe place to live and survive on this land He's not fluent but he speaks the common language! The lingua franca outside the mainland! The palace shop was fine but Yaden's face was obviously surprised-apparently he didn't know that the elders of his tribe knew the language outside before This kind of outside words was also given to me by him In order to sell the things found in the tribe and buy things from people outside we had to learn what people outside said We went out to learn by ourselves and then taught us what we learned on the same day Arden's mouth opened but his translation work was not over The patriarch and two other tribesmen next to him did not understand the common language and he still had to translate for them Ignoring the whispers between Arden and them Scar and Gong and others continued to talk His face was facing the direction of the stream and the palace shop Although the palace shop and the stream were sitting together he obviously felt that the other party's line of sight was falling on the stream's face He was looking at the stream carefully and his face showed a trace of nostalgia that is this trace of nostalgia In addition to what he had said before the palace shop was barely relieved

At first when the other party called that name his expression was very serious Plus the name At the end of the law to translate for him how to listen that name is not auspicious ah! Do I really look like that person Uh That uh The stream smiled and looked at the other side When he read the word "Er" he also used the local language that is the stream He had a good memory and a good language talent He could pronounce it like a native after listening to it only once Then the expression on Scarface was in a trance again Look carefully your appearance is not quite the same but the color of your hair is the same your eyes are not very similar and your nose is not quite the same I looked at it for a while and thought I was wrong but when you smiled I thought you were almost the same and even your voices were very similar As he spoke slowly the scar looked down one by one from the facial features of the stream shook his head pallet rack shelving and nodded again Well my hair is dyed My original hair is black just like his Said the stream pointing to the palace shop next to it Scar Leng Leng "If it is black hair then you will probably look more different however it may be that time has passed too long I have not seen him for too long will be mistaken" After careful calculation he has been away for more than seventy years The old man gave a long sigh However it is this sigh Hearing the old man's words for more than seventy years Gong Wu suddenly turned his head and looked at the stream At the same time the stream was stunned At this time it seems that I can't hide it If I don't say anything the old man named Scar will probably wave them away Although he has no interest in who his father is at this time he always feels that he doesn't know about it Quite a loss There was a moment of fighting in my mind and the stream quickly calculated and then stretched out his hand forward "Wait a minute although I look very young but if calculated according to the age of birth I am almost seventy" In his seventies Finally the stream revealed its biggest secret in front of everyone Apart from the fact that the palace was not surprised at all the others whether they were Arden Juno or even Uncle showed a surprised expression on their faces Especially Juno He was surprised at first then raised his eyebrows curved the corners of his mouth and turned his surprised expression into an ambiguous smile "Ah you are really well maintained!" He also sighed With a rare twitch at the corners of her mouth the stream said to the old man "My mother came to the Black Earth Continent a few years ago

It was here that she had me Then she went back to Ji Zhou and gave birth to me She didn't mention anything about my father But if you say I look like him and he is from the Black Earth Continent I want to hear more about him" Hearing this the scar's eyes actually opened although only a small gap but he was obviously surprised by the heavy duty rack manufacturers news up and down left and right left and right carefully looked at the stream again then he waved to the side "You all go down the next thing I just want to and him" And his instrument Leaving the others alone the scar left only the stream and the palace No one dared to disobey the words of Elder Scar the supreme power holder in the tribe and Juno was pulled away directly by Uncle Gong Soon there were only three people left in the tent Scar Stream and Palace Motioned for the two men to sit closer to him and when he was surrounded by the palace stream the old man looked at the stream carefully and said slowly "I don't know who you are but my intuition tells me that you are connected with me A kind of connection is between you It is a kind of connection Therefore I decided not to think too much" I will tell you what I know about Er kingmoreracking.com

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