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Fugue _ Xu Gongzi Shengzhi _ txt Novel Paradise

I admitted that Feng Junzi was my master at the opening ceremony of the Three Dreams Sect I'm afraid all the practitioners in the world will not harass him any more Isn't that making myself uncomfortable But I'm afraid the powerful thousand-year-old monster in this world won't care about these things and he will always make up his mind when he learns that there is an immortal furnace tripod This kind of thing is rarely encountered in the world but it is not without it Didn't the immortal in the clouds come out of the dragon after eight hundred years of practice I must find out the origin of this monster If it is really in the wind gentleman's idea I will certainly show no mercy-this is to kill the chicken to respect the monkey can not let the same thing continue to happen! It seems that I have to pay attention to Feng Junzi for a period of time and don't have another accident like Mangdangshan As for the matter of accepting Xiaobai as an apprentice I had planned to see him in my dream but now I still put it aside The child's situation push back racking system is a little complicated Wait until he really grows up and walks around the world to observe Rest in the farmyard in the evening Xuan Xingzi was arranged with a group of women and I was in a room with Feng Junzi When I was sleeping Feng Junzi asked me "Where did the child grow up" I saw it at dinner She barely moved her chopsticks and she only eats vegetarian food!

Why are you so picky about food at such a young age "This child is in a special situation He suffered a lot when he was very young and now lives in a mountainous area" Her eating habits are different but there's nothing wrong with it You see she looks very healthy Feng Junzi Poor child Where do you live Not really not even meat to eat! Won't she eat the spiced donkey meat tomorrow "She won't eat it I advise you not to eat it either Be careful of your stomach!" …… In the middle of the night in a residential area behind the Xinhua Bookstore Building in Wucheng City a tall magnolia tree spreads its branches and leaves quietly in the dark The crown of the tree was facing the balcony of a family on the third floor and in the bedroom next to the balcony Feng Junzi was already asleep There was no sound all around and if someone looked into the sky at this time he would see a dark shadow falling silently This is a man in his forties He had a shaven head that was not very clean a black cloak and a pair of triangular eyes shining with a gloomy light He stopped in the void outside the balcony peeped through the window and suddenly turned his head to look at the crown of Magnolia grandiflora I saw a clump of thick branches rolling silently A figure floated out holding an ancient bronze mirror This man of course is my Ishino who has been waiting here for a thousand As I expected he still came for the wind gentleman The man saw me show up I turned around and wanted to fly to the balcony but there was a man on the balcony just like me Ishino Holding two feet of light feather I turned into a doppelganger on the balcony to block his way and the monster turned sharply and flew back As soon as he flew obliquely into the air a thin and almost invisible hundred-foot filament rolled towards him head-on-in the night sky behind him stood an Ishino holding a dancing Tencel Automated warehouse systems I turned into three and blocked his way from the top middle and bottom The man's spiritual practice was also very good When he was ambushed he raised his hand and made a piece of black light to meet the dancing roll of silk

The dancing roll of silk was divided into virtual and real by the black light The virtual silk was blocked and the real silk split the black light and still drew it to him With a sneer a shining bead flew out of the man's mouth and hit the dancing-roll silk Not only was the filament rolled back but the beads shot out three sharp cold lights that pierced my three doppelgangers On the balcony and in the air the two Fen Shen offered a light feather and a dancing roll of silk to greet each other while I stood on the tree without moving and suffered a hard blow This thousand-year-old monster is not bad I want to hurt him as soon as I meet him I have to pay the price yuan Shen only attacked but did not defend and a dark beam of light from the Green Destiny Mirror also hit him directly The man's black cloak burst open and turned into a black mist and then he ran away wrapped in the black mist leaving only a deep groan of pain Feng Junzi seemed to wake up in the room He opened his eyes lazily and looked out of the window Then he turned over and went back to sleep I was hit by the man's magic and my whole body was cold and my mind was in a trance I quickly took back my body and adjusted my breath With my cultivation today plus the golden dragon lock jade pillar to protect the body one blow for one blow the thousand-year-old monster will only hurt more than me I'm not in a hurry to chase him Don't forget that he was hurt by the Green Destiny Mirror I can sense his whereabouts The encounter only took place in a very short moment and it ended almost silently I just want to hurt him and get rid of him I don't want to take him down here This is the downtown area of Wucheng once the real fight of life and death affects too much Three days later at the Zhiwei Building in Feishui I issued an order to the leader of the alliance There have been evil things in the world for thousands of years and I have hurt the tripod of a gentleman who is greedy for the wind and an immortal I will punish him personally and make an example of him! In the future if there is a similar trip all the practitioners in the world will follow this path

This time I want to personally and did not ask others asrs warehouse to help even if the leader of the alliance to give you a demonstration I have fought with that thousand-year-old monster and his cultivation is not low not even under the cloud immortal who made trouble in Liqiaowei but I am still sure to deal with him I announce that I want to do it in person and deal with a thousand-year-old monster in the world which is more or less a kind of attitude Think of me Sanmeng Zong Ziying is a sorceress Liu Yiyi is the life experience of Yin Shen a Xiu is the incarnation of Wangtian roar saying that none of the elders in the door is a real human except me Although nine turn purple golden elixir has become but the origin of a Xiu and Ziying is not a person after all others do not say that the heart will inevitably have ideas And my attitude of publicly eliminating demons this time is very obvious-whether people or demons I Mei Ye Shi or San Meng Zong have no intention of favoritism I don't ask where I come from I only ask what is good and what is evil I didn't set out for Henan alone and I had an entourage with me Dan Zicheng the first disciple of Sanmeng Sect Zicheng now has some foundation in his spiritual practice Not long ago I just passed on to him the pithy formula and mental method of "Neizhao" the first building of the four-door twelve-storey building He has already peeped into the door Taking him to get rid of the demon this time is also a kind of experience kingmoreracking.com

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