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Have no self-admiration

Pinting thought to herself I'm afraid Your Majesty has ordered the whole country to arrest the people in the Jingan Mansion I can't expose my identity Eyes gently turned a circle "I wanted to sneak out of the city to meet the lover because of the beauty stole the young lady's clothes to change" The atmosphere of Guile country is bold and unconstrained and there are a lot of things that women meet their lovers privately Hearing this the man immediately frowned and lifted the curtain on the window and shouted "Lao Zhang come here!" " "Here we are" It seems that there is more than one human trafficker and another is on the other wagon Not a little industrial racking systems while a piece of fat round face stretched out to come in from outside curtain "Fu Er elder brother what do you have to order" It turned out that the man's name was Brother Fu Tell your head! Didn't you tell me that this woman looks like the runaway wife of a rich man and can exchange a lot of money Fu Erge stared at Pinting and said "She is a girl" Bah two days in vain Old Zhang shrank his head and glanced at the silent Pinting "Don't be angry Brother Fu" he said with a flattering smile If you don't catch it even if you don't you can at least sell it for a few yuan "What's the price of this stuff" Thick fingers unceremoniously pointed to Pinting's nose Indeed Pinting's appearance is not good Even in Jing'an Wangfu she can only be counted as medium at most and get a comely evaluation But the whole Jingan Wangfu but no one does not know the importance of Pinting I didn't expect to be pointed at the nose by a personal trafficker today and said he was worthless Pinting couldn't help rolling her eyes Fu Erge roared at Lao Zhang twice and had to show a look of self-admission of bad luck "Forget it how much to sell it for fifty yuan" The dead girl who stole the young lady's clothes made Lao Tzu think that there was oil and water and treated her to ride in Lao Tzu's private carriage for two days Go go take her to the carriage in the back and stay with the others

As soon as he entered the carriage behind him the stench came to his face and Pinting immediately understood why Brother Fu said that he had been given preferential treatment for the first two days Compared with the previous carriage these two carriages were shabby and crowded dirty and hot The carriage was crowded with seven or eight girls and like Pinting their hands were tied behind their backs their mouths stuffed with a pile of rags and their eyes were panicked Seeing that the girl who had the same experience was caught they all looked at Pinting with sympathetic eyes Squeeze in Here comes another one Lao Zhang pushed Pinting into the carriage and took out the rags from the other girls' mouths one by one "We're already in the wilderness so you don't have to gag Otherwise the weather will be hot and stuffy and two of them will be suffocated" Stay where you are you hear me! Shouting a few words Lao Zhang went out of the carriage probably to catch the carriage Pinting was pushed by Lao Zhang to stagger and finally found a corner to sit down Ahem Cough The carriage shook badly her throat suddenly became oxygenated and Pinting coughed twice A feeling of discomfort came up Haven't you recovered from the disease you contracted with the young master this time Pinting frowned closed her eyes and rested her head on the hard wooden wall A little more comfortable can not help but start thinking again Jing'an Wangfu automated warehouse systems the Jing'an Wangfu that grew up is already a piece of ashes Prince Su no he is the new king King opponent holding a large number of Jingan Wangfu suspicion day by day not long ago the young master once again made meritorious military service the king finally could not resist setting up a deadly trap in the young master triumphantly back to the city night framed young master rebellion Fortunately Prince Jing'an was somewhat wary of the king so that he would not have no power to fight back Now the young master should have planned the escape route I don't know where they're going If you can't guess the best way to escape is to escape to a place where no one can guess so that the pursuers won't find them A low sob began to come from all around and the girls who had just been pulled out of the gag began to cry softly for their misfortune Pinting opened her eyes and looked around slowly Yes as expected all of them are very beautiful They should be the ugliest of all right Traffickers have always picked on beautiful women sold to dignitaries as concubines the price can be raised very high Remembering that Fu Erge had set himself a price of fifty yuan Pinting smiled and apart from anything else the young master's reward alone was enough for Fu Erge to drown in the pile of money If the second brother Fu knew who he had caught devilishly he did not know what expression he would show

"This sister" Next to a timid girl touched Pinting shoulder "Are you also caught by them to sell it" What a lovely little girl No wonder she got into trouble with human traffickers Pinting nodded "En" "Are you afraid" "I'm not afraid" The girl looked at her in surprise "Not afraid" Seeing that the girl had to open her mouth to ask questions Pinting who had already had a headache asked first "What's your name" I My name is Xiaoqing Where's my sister "My name is Xiao Hong" He gave himself a new name casually You can't be sold under the name of Bai Pinting which is not famous but definitely not unknown Sister that "Do you know where we are going now" Cut off Xiaoqing's question in advance Pinting took the time to figure out the situation She's not afraid She's just a little excited Just like when you follow the young master to metal racking systems go to war you think of a plan to defeat the enemy for the young master But now it's a lonely battle Listening to the fat man chatting with the fierce man it seems that he is going to sell us to Donglin Enemy country Pinting frowned a little deeper Young master this time in the border defeat is the east forest army Pinting a lead the enemy into the mountains open the river flooding strategy is to let the east forest army defeat so that a complete retreat At that time the young master smiled and said "Now the whole army knows that we have a female strategist" Back in the capital I want my father to reward you What do you want this time If the identity is exposed in Donglin the consequences are really It seems that with the help of the human trafficker's carriage and horse to escape the king's pursuit this move can not be used to see when there is a chance to escape leave the human trafficker's carriage and then rely on legs to find the whereabouts of the young master After proper consideration the temple suddenly jumped up as painful as a nerve being pulled Tiredness hit the whole body took away all the strength Pinting began to cough again Cough "Sister" Xiaoqing looked at her with concern kingmoreracking.com

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