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The ancestor of all demons

A kind of perfect Taoist rhyme nothing can stop its breath instantly touching the world Click! Rumble !! Almost in an instant over the land of chaos countless dark clouds emerged from the void out of thin air In the clouds billions of electric lights shuttled back disc air diffuser and forth like brontosaurs colliding together and stirring up a brilliant roar The pressure of Haota almost covered the whole land of chaos in an instant In the land of chaos all kinds of disasters broke out almost all the time but the Buddha could not bear the terrible pressure The wind was not blowing the thunder was not flashing the storm was not breaking out and the poisonous gas was deeply latent and even the flames were restrained from their usual fury The Buddha can even feel the almost terrible breath that fills the heaven and earth which is so heavy that it almost crushes the whole heaven and earth into powder Countless ferocious beasts in this once 1 but also Che has the slightest hesitation to lie on the ground the body constantly shaking sending out millet Look at the sky with fear The sky and the earth are dark enveloped by boundless darkness! In addition to the countless lightning can not see the slightest light unusually tragic the invisible depression of the glue can simply make any strong collapse as if to see the world's most irresistible existence of terror It is brewing a destructive force This pressure almost instantly fell on the magic dragon Boom! Boom! Around the magic dragon the void became eerily distorted under heavy pressure and it was the kind of tick distortion that was visible to the naked eye and clearly presented in the eyes Like the waves in the water they rise and fall The invisible pressure directly penetrated the body of the magic dragon and fell into the five absolute realms in the cave house Vast Xu pressure even heaven and earth can live in Bodhisattva

The spot was filled with all the heaven and earth and all of a sudden the countless ferocious beasts and young monks in the five great realms felt as if the space around them had suddenly solidified Even the movement is extremely difficult and there are countless mountains on the body What's going on here Pressure this is the salty pressure of heaven and earth in the end who caused such a terrible pressure of heaven and earth who is here to cross the robbery The way of heaven what kind of disaster can be so terrible It's terrible to let the whole world begin to imprison A large number of monks were frightened to feel the drastic changes in the world outside their bodies This is heaven and earth salty pressure with the breath of premature robbery however the eternal giant also can not provoke such a terrible heaven and earth pressure in the end what is going on Could it be that some earth-shaking treasure has been born Or who is breaking through the eternal giant to be promoted to the world's strongest to break away from the shackles of heaven and earth Against all heaven and earth Some prominent strong people are thinking crazily in their minds No this seems to be the punishment of heaven is there anything that touches heaven and earth is envied even heaven and earth can not tolerate to drop the punishment of heaven to destroy it Horrible Who is it What the hell is going on Some are more keen to find something different on the spot and immediately begin to guess crazily Especially in the golden realm where Emperor Shitian lived the vast salty pressure was more obvious countless fierce beasts lurked one after another and the altar of life blossomed with brilliant divine light under the infusion of a large number of life forces Yun of gas fine bubble diffuser interwoven together moving heaven and earth Crystal-like light in this world full of metal everywhere has become unusually conspicuous Almost the whole world saw the bright divine light here in an instant In addition the pressure is almost converging on this side As long as you are not a fool you will understand that this strange pressure of heaven and earth is caused by it This is a premature punishment who can cause premature envy so that heaven and earth can not tolerate ’ Just tens of thousands of miles away from Emperor Shitian Xuanming was cold all over For the pressure outside his body the ghost lamp on his shoulder burst into continuous light which unexpectedly resisted the pressure outside After a thoughtful meditation Xuanming slowly stepped into the air in the direction of Emperor Shitian Haha if there is a treasure there must be a treasure born Maybe it is a congenital Lingbao Otherwise it is absolutely impossible to cause the punishment of heaven Let's go quickly Maybe we can get a big benefit

When the black pupil in a gold-rimmed black robe saw it he smiled eerily waved the folding fan in his hand and rushed over excitedly with a group of black people At the same time there are a large number of strong coincidentally rushed past Boom! Boom! However over the chaotic land I saw countless dark clouds rotating eerily forming a deep vortex which condensed and split on both sides Suddenly the Buddha was like a sleeping God who opened his eyes Over the sky a huge purple and gold eye emerged In those eyes countless purple lightning ripples like running water with unparalleled majesty and even indifference to everything Chapter 663 the eye of punishment In this purple and gold eyes can not see any feelings as if can ignore all things in the world everything in the world Can't make it produce half a trace of pity If there rapid sand filters is a special day the day is also old! Even if heaven and earth are annihilated in front of them this son can be indifferent to them Eye of punishment Who is it Who has such ability Unexpectedly the punishment of heaven has been provoked Could it be that who has done something tragic about the anger of heaven and the resentment of man Or is there any treasure that cannot be allowed to appear in heaven and earth Even heaven and earth are jealous Will destroy it In the midst of chaos It's not that there are no strong people In the void originally with the help of the inner heaven and earth And the void phase fusion together of the strong have been eerily forced from the void out of the force Show the figure among them there is the figure of the know-it-all and the demon king To see that terrible sight rising out of the void Rao is a know-it-all with a wide range of knowledge and at the moment he could not help uttering a voice of horror Could it be that Wanjie Laozu set up a killing game in this cave mansion Now the layout has begun to operate attracting the attention of heaven and earth Provoke the punishment of heaven No it's impossible for Wanjie Laozu not to know the terrible punishment of heaven Will never easily provoke such a terrible existence Is it in the cave house What's so amazing The change of weeping ghosts and gods appeared Demon king in a pair of magic eyes There was a touch of amazement khnwatertreatment.com

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