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A thousand mountains

"It's appalling" said the King of Jin First sighed with emotion he stared at the Empress Dowager Xie lamella clarifer and said "You're all right I'm relieved" Xie Moru said "Uncle Lao is worried" "I'm not worried about you I knew as soon as I heard about it that you would be all right" When the King of Jin was getting old he did not come to that empty man "I know you about our friendship over the years" he said I just ask does this have anything to do with the emperor Xie Moru was silent for a long time and said "The emperor's personal attendant is involved in it As for whether it has anything to do with the emperor I didn't order Sansi to ask the emperor" The King of Jin stopped talking He sighed for a long time and said "There is no reason to judge the emperor with a minister You have left face for the emperor" "It's really too rich to argue with your children and grandchildren" The King of Jin sighed with emotion and asked tentatively "So you won't say anything to the emperor" Xie Mo said "how about like this now" The King of Jin thought for a moment and nodded "All right" When the King of Jin was old his knowledge and experience were better than those of the King of Qin and others The King of Jin said "As long as the country is stable we can live up to our ancestors" You have to think more about rapid sand filters the future I heard that the emperor has a eldest son The late emperor also had these sons and daughters I'm old and I may not be able to see them If the children are not good you should think more about Laowu He has treated you well in his life Xie Moru said "a good man's life is always short"

The King of Jin looked numb for a moment and asked "Are you saying that my life is long" Xie Moru laughed and said "Uncle hasn't seen you these years but he's very careful" The king of Jin couldn't help staring at Xie Moru The king of Jin had a high seniority Xie Moru gave a banquet at Tangquan Palace at noon He also called Zhao Shiyu to come over and listened to the story of Shaanxi and Gansu Xie Moru also left Zhao Shiyu for dinner and talked with Zhao Shiyu about the arrangement of Shaanxi and Gansu After lunch at Tangquan Palace the King of Jin felt that Xie Moru had more respect for his uncle When the King of Jin came to the imperial capital he also went to pay his respects to his aunt Princess Wenkang Dachang He also went to see Princess Yongfu Dachang who was lying in bed He also advised Princess Yongfu Dachang once "The child's revenge has been avenged You should be more open-minded" Princess Yongfu Dachang is not open-minded This is her own granddaughter Princess Yongfu Dachang's red and swollen eyes rolled out tears again and said "I hurt the child" "No it's the child's life" Although the King of Jin also felt that Princess Yongfu was a little confused he was also a grandfather a grandfather and a grandmother and his heart must be looking forward to the child's good It's getting married Which child can get married and meet a bastard like the Cao family The King of Jin said "Think about the three clans of the Cao family and the barbarians What else can't be eliminated" Princess Yongfu was completely unable to pass her conscience She believed that she had chosen the Cao family for her granddaughter Her granddaughter died violently because her eyes were not good at the beginning which harmed her granddaughter Princess Yongfu and King Jin said Lamella Plate Settler "I'm so sick now that I can't go to the palace When you see the empress Dowager thank her for me" All my life I have disobeyed her and now I understand that she is a fair man The King of Jin looked at the always domineering Princess Yongfu Dachang so haggard the heart is also very sad all should be and persuaded Princess Yongfu Dachang once Princess Dachang of Yongfu was not in good spirits now Seeing her sleeping the King of Jin took his leave Wu's son-in-law saw the King of Jin off and sighed "She just can't get over it" "Take your time and comfort your elder sister After a long time it will be all right" This matter put who home also bad heart but who also did not expect Yongfu big long princess a disease is gone even this winter is not over When Princess Yongfu died of illness the vassal kings were all in the imperial capital and the King of Jin went to cry once crying very sadly Xie Moru also offered sacrifices to Princess Yongfu in the past There were many affairs in the court As soon as Wei Xiang went Liu Fufeng was promoted to the first assistant and the Minister of War was empty Xie Moru ordered Feng Feiyu to be the Minister of War After all Feng Feiyu had made great contributions to the preparation of the navy in the south of the Yangtze River The matter of the navy was handed over to Shang Yue to guard in the southeast Xie Moru and Jiang Xingyun said "Shang Yue is very loyal to Feng Shangshu At that time you were lost at sea Shang Yue was brought to the capital by Ning Zhiyuan He didn't know what to do at that time He was still thinking about Feng Shangshu"

Jiang Xingyun said with a smile "Shang Yue and he were friends when they were young They have been in the army for many years and their love is no better than others" Xie Moru raised his jaw and said "Princess Yongfu has just gone Let's put the marriage between Jiachun and Alie until next year" Jiang Xingyun has no opinion on this It was the residence of Princess Heshun Dachang that was moved out of the palace When the Li clan heard that Princess Heshun Dachang had returned to the imperial capital quite a few people came to pay their respects Princess Heshun Dachang treated them as close but there was also some distance The wind and frost of these years have been seen through by Princess Heshun The kindness of her flesh and blood relatives was also returned in those years when she married far away Xie Moru had lamella tube always been open-minded and had told Princess Heshun that if she was willing to remarry the royal family would have no problem with it Princess Heshun Dachang had married two generations of Western barbarian rulers and had little interest in such things as remarriage Years ago the old lady Tang passed away and General Manager Tang of the Department of Internal Affairs resigned to observe filial piety As for Cao Xuan who was locked up with Emperor Ning of the yuan Dynasty she died in the spring of the following year How exciting the feelings yuan Ning emperor for this woman in the case of knowing Xie Mo Ru unhappy again and again for this beloved woman intercede sad Xie Mo Ru thought their love lasted for a lifetime did not expect only lasted for a winter When Cao Xuan died he just went to the field to burn it In the spring of the second year several border generals began to take turns to come to the imperial capital to pay their respects They also knew something about the imperial capital They also knew that since the Cao poisoning case Emperor Ning of the yuan Dynasty had never appeared before the courtiers Who is in charge of this world They only knew that as soon as Emperor Ning of the yuan Dynasty was in power he had arranged many Cao clansmen in their respective armies Which of these generals who can guard the border is stupid At that time they were still worried but as a result the Cao family quickly fell and the clan was punished They have to admit that they have a better relationship with the empress Dowager Under the rule of the empress Dowager their position was more secure khnwatertreatment.com

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